Cellucor NO3 Chrome Review

Cellucor NO3 review- P90X and Crossfit pre workout supplement

Cellucor NO3 chrome

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What is Cellucor NO3 Chrome?

A integral part of enhancing your P90X workout is using supplements that can increase the intensity of your workout and Cellucor NO3 can be part of that arsenal. Many people do not want to take supplements, but even more people do not want to take certain kinds of supplements.


What Cellucor NO3 chrome is not

If you are concerned about the supplements you take for P90X or Crossfit, Cellucor NO3 Chrome is not:

  • Androstenedione

    Cellucor NO3 Chrome can help you kick butt at Crossfit or P90X

  • Creatine supplement
  • Steroid
  • Stimulant


With that out of the way, let’s talk about what Cellucor NO3 Chrome is and how it can enhance your P90X or Crossfit workout. Cellucor NO3 chrome is a Nitric Oxide supplement sold many chain stores and online.

 Ingredients and Dosages in Cellucor NO3 chrome

Cellucor NO3 Chrome boasts 2500mg of Arginine Nitrate in a double dose, or 1250 mg of Arginine Nitrate in three pills, which is the recommended dose starting out.It contains proprietary Extreme Vascularity Complex, L-Norvaline, L-Argenine and Pycnolgenol.


In order to make the bottle last a little bit longer, I would take three pills 30 minutes before your Insanity workout,  P90X or Crossfit workout.

Once your body is used to the Cellucor NO3, these are the suggested dosages for your P90X or Crossfit pre workout supplement



 Regardless of weight, if used with Cellucor’s C4, NO, or M5 (do not take with any other nitrate products)………3 Capsules
Body weight less than 160 lbs………3 Capsules
Body weight between 161-180 lbs………4 Capsules
Body weight between 181-200 lbs………5 Capsules
Body weight greater than 201 lbs………6 Capsules


 What to expect from Cellucor NO3 Chrome

I have tried NO3 chrome by itself and it also stacks well with Cellucor’s other products such as Cellucor P6, which is a testosterone booster. What you can expect from Cellucor NO3 Chrome is a focused rush that can enhance your workout.


Taken about a half hour before your P90X workout or your Crossfit workout, arginine nitrate, the active ingredient in Cellucor NO3 Chrome, will help your body pump out more reps, increase the weight of your curls in your P90X Arms & Shoulder Workout, do more Crossfit Burpies, and give you a greater pump. You will experience higher levels of energy and increased focus. When you include arginine nitrate as part of your workout, you’ll experience some solid strength gains along with ferocious pumps, and well-defined vascularity. Arginine Nitrate supplements, like Cellucor NO3 chrome, can best be described as giving you a pump like when a fire hydrant gets pressure. The muscle is ready to work.

Cellucor NO3 Chrome side effects


Of all the side effects of Cellucor NO3 Chrome that could be researched, the only side effects that could be found is some bloating or stomach, cramping or diarrhea. The only side effect I noticed is that I felt somewhat warmer than usual. I thought there was a chance an intense supplement like Cellucor NO3 would make me jittery, but it did not. So basically, you can turn the thermostat a little lower because it will bring the heat.


P90X Pre Workout Supplement Review – Cellucor NO3 Verdict

Does Cellucor NO3 Chrome Work??

I was skeptical of all Nitric Oxide pre workout supplements for my P90X and Crossfit workout, but I have been humbled. I have used Muscle Development’s Extreme NO for my P90X workout and I was happy with it. I would also suggest Cellucor NO3 Chrome. I would strongly suggest stacking Cellucor NO3 Chrome with a Creatine supplement like Muscle Development’s Creatine or with Cellucor’s C4 Creatine supplement.


Cellucor provides samples.  I spoke to a representative at a sports nutrition conference and he was so impressed that I knew as much as I did about Cellucor that he told me about a coupon code my other police friends can use.  I am not sure how long it will work, but if you type the coupon code “intense”, you will receive 20% OFF and FREE SHIPPING on your ENTIRE ORDER.  So instead of a sample, just get  CLICK HERE to get your Cellucor NO3 Chrome Now.  Just do not forget to type “intense”  the coupon code window since you support law enforcement 😉buynow

If you have used Cellucor NO3 chrome for P90X, feel free to leave a message


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