Common P90X and Crossfit Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid these P90x and Crossfit Common Mistakes


There are some common Crossfit and P90x mistakes that can be avoided. It is inevitable, you successfully do a 90 day round of P90x and but day 570, you notice the results from P90x are not as pronounced. This article here is designed to get you back to being focused on your P90x results. You see the P90x before and after results in your mind, and start to wonder where you deviated. Deviation for Tony Horton’s P90x workout is not necessarily bad, but is has to be constructive.


P90x Mistake #1 – You skip the P90x legs and back workout


Wrong move! That is a common P90x mistake to skip the P90x legs and back workout. It is also the most understandable. Lets say you have booked a vacation to Florida and you want to get the mirror muscles ready for display at the beach or pool. P90x is designed as a synergistic system and each workout compliments each other. Doing the P90x arms and shoulder workout four days a week while skipping the P90x legs and back workout is not going to help your overall physique. Neglecting the back workout will make you prone to back injury and your abs will not look as healthy since the P90x legs and back workout compliments the core muscles.


P90x Mistake #2 – You lift to slowly


Aside from the few exceptions, such as the P90x exercises that require you to use slow, deliberate, movements, P90x exercises are explosive. A common P90x mistake is to do slow movements without really feeling tired. You should feel that muscle fatigue in your P90x workout. You should feel the energy being expended in your P90x exercises. Speed does not necessarily matter, but the movements should be explosive so you feel like you are really taxing those muscles. You need to activate the fast-twitch muscles when you do your P90x exercises to stimulate muscle growth. For example, when you do the P90x arms and shoulder workout, lift the curls with and explosive movement and lower them slightly slower.


P90x Mistake # 4 – You stay in your comfort zone


A common P90x mistake is doing workouts that you are comfortable with and skipping the ones you are not. We all know that the P90x program specifies basically six day of workouts. And I am sure many of us can only spare about three or four days of P90x workouts. I have made great gains modifying my workouts to four days, but you can not do only the P90x workouts that come easy to you. You have to push your self to do the P90x Yoga workout if you hate that one, or the P90x Legs and Back workout if that one challenges you. Many people who do P90x use 25 lb dumbbells because they have not bought the 30 lb dumbbells yet. Make the move and get a heavier weight so you have a goal. Better yet, get an adjustable dumbbell or kettle bell.


P90x Mistake #5 – You fail to take advantage of supplements


If you do P90x often, then a common P90x mistake is to not take advantage of P90x supplements. There are many P90x supplements that can

  • increase gains
  • replenish nutrients
  • and take your game to the next level.                                                                                                                                                         You are doing a disservice by not taking P90x supplements. That does not mean it has to be Beach body’s own supplements. There are many great supplements on the market that can help you achieve better results. Perhaps its is weight loss for women. Then a fat burner or nitrous oxide product may be in order. Or perhaps muscle building for men. In that case Extreme NO or Creatine Monohydrate can increase strength and muscle mass without the jittery effects of some supplements.

Do you know some other P90X and Crossfit mistakes? Tell us by leaving a comment!


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