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Fat Burner fro Women


Does OxySelect Pink Work?


Note: This is a review. Click here to visit the OxySelect Pink website.


OxySelect Pink Review 1


It’s rare that we review a supplement specifically designed for women, but we’re making an exception for OxySelect Pink, the fat burning weight loss supplement made for women. It claims to be simple, to the point, and to contain all the necessary components for you to lose weight and feel great while doing so.




OxySelect Pink Benefits


The primary benefit of taking OxySelect Pink is weight loss, but you can say that about all fat burning pills. What’s unique about OxySelect Pink is that they use only a few select ingredients at potent levels, and they include a probiotic to encourage gut health and comfort while you’re losing weight.


OxySelect Pink Review 2OxySelect Pink Ingredients


The complete ingredient profile for OxySelect Pink is available and includes:


  • Chromium (1) which can reduce appetite and cravings by reducing insulin resistance. It also encourages the use of fat deposits for energy.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract with 50% Chlorogenic Acid (2)  which has been shown to increase fat burning.
  • Raspberry Ketone which helps regulate your metabolism.
  • Coenzyme Q10 which helps increase cellular energy.
  • Ginger Root which helps regulate the digestive system and increase fat burning.
  • Irvingia Gabonensis which may also decrease appetite and burn fat.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (150 mg) which provides energy, increases metabolism, and burns fat. It can even help reduce your appetite.


The formula also includes a compliment of vitamins to help keep you healthy while you’re dieting.


OxySelect Pink Before and After Reviews


Here’s where things start to fall apart. Because OxySelect Pink is sold on Amazon.com, there are tons of reviews from customers sharing their experiences while using it, and the news isn’t good. A full 37% of the reviews were given only 1 star. That’s a very high percentage for the lowest rating, and it doesn’t bode well for the effectiveness of a supplement.


The two main categories of complaint are side effects and simple ineffectiveness:


Kimberly says: “These pills do not suppress the appetite at all. I might as well as took M&M,s . Dont waste your money on these pills.”


Margorat says: “Like others, I bought these just hoping they would work. And like others, they made me jittery, sick, I got terrible headaches and didn’t lose weight!! I thought I was smarter than this, I am embarrassed to even write this review, but it is only fair to let you know just what a waste of time and money these are. Mine are going back, the company said they would give me a refund on the unopen bottle….I guess it’s not a total loss.”


OxySelect Pink Review 3Kristine says: “No difference after a months use. Don’t waste your money. It doesn’t work. I tried it everyday for a month, as directed and nothing changed and now I’m passed to 30 days only 6 days and they won’t refund me. I should let have tried if for the 30 days they recommend . Waste of time and money.”


And this customer experienced both side effects and nausea: “I honestly wish I could rate this product with no stars… This product didn’t make me shed a single pound, in fact, I gained 4 pounds. I cut back what I ate, had a healthy diet and still no pounds shed . Granted, I didn’t work out on a daily basis, but I just don’t have time. The pills also made me quite nauseous. I got headaches all day and sometimes they made me shake and become all jittery. I know these supplements have caffeine in them, but I usually have a very high tolerance and am a big coffee drinker. . . And these still made me sick!”


Where to Buy OxySelect Pink


I haven’t seen OxySelect Pink in stores, but you can buy it through several online retailers, including Amazon.com where you can buy a bottle for $43.95. At their official website, you’ll pay $49.95. There is confusion, however, over how long one bottle will last. The label says a serving is one pill and you take one serving per day. But the FAQ section of the website claims you should take 2 pills at a time.


At the website, they’re currently offering a special where you get a free bottle of 3-Day Slimming Pills along with your order of 2 or more bottles.


They claim to have a money back guarantee good for 90 days, including 1 used bottle and all unopened ones. Though plenty of customer reviews talk about difficulties actually getting the money back.


OxySelect Pink Pros


  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • There are some well thought of natural weight loss ingredients in the formula.
  • There’s a money back guarantee.


OxySelect Pink Cons


  • No clinical studies have been performed on the supplement as a whole.
  • The reviews are very negative for the most part, with customers claiming that OxySelect Pink is either ineffective, causes side effects, or both.
  • There are several areas of confusion on the official OxySelect Pink website. We already discussed the dosing discrepancy, but also of note is the fact that in explaining how each of the ingredients work, they simply repeat the explanation for caffeine over and over instead of explaining what the other ingredients do. Clearly this looks like a website error, but this is not a new product. We would expect they would have fixed the issue by now.


Our OxySelect Pink Conclusion


Without clinical studies, and with all the negative customer feedback, I wouldn’t bother with OxySelect Pink. The website errors add yet another reason. There are plenty of weight loss pill options available. Skip the OxySelect Pink in favor of something else.




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(2) The Effect of Chlorogenic Acid Enriched Coffee on Glucose Absorption in Healthy Volunteers and Its Effect on Body Mass When Used Long-term in Overweight and Obese People. E Thom. Journal of International Medical Research November 2007 vol. 35 no. 6 900-908.



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