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Nighttime Weight Loss


Does BPI Sports Nite-Burn Work?


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When we think of fat burners, we usually think of caffeine or other stimulants as the main ingredients, providing energy and motivation for workouts as well a solid base of metabolism boosting. And these are great. But there are a few drawbacks. Some people can’t or don’t want to use stimulants, and even if you’re okay with stimulants, you don’t want to take them anywhere near bedtime, or you’ll never fall asleep. So you’re left with no overnight fat burning help at all. At least, that’s the way it was before BPI Sports Nite-Burn.





What is BPI Sports Nite-Burn?


BPI Sports Nite-Burn is a specially formulated fat burning supplement that promotes the rest and sleep you need while also providing metabolic enhancement to encourage fat loss. The truth is, as much as losing weight is about eating less and working out more, you can’t lose weight without sleeping. Sleep is when your body takes stock and resets for the next day. And it’s when recovery takes place, synthesizing the metabolism boosting muscle that you worked so hard during the day to create.


By encouraging both a good night’s sleep and fat burning, BPI Sports Nite-Burn helps you take advantage of the nighttime to help you reach and maintain your goals.


How BPI Sports Nite-Burn Works


BPI Sports Nite-Burn works on 4 fronts to get you where you want to be:


  1. It stimulates metabolism for increased fat loss.
  2. It helps balance blood glucose which can prevent the storage of new fat.
  3. It promotes rest and relaxation for better post workout recovery.
  4. It improves sleep patterns so you’re rested and ready for the next day.


BPI Sports Nite-Burn Review 2BPI Sports Nite-Burn Ingredients


Some of the ingredients in the BPI Sports Nite-Burn formula promote weight loss directly, while others are more focused on getting you the sleep you need.


  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (1) , Raspberry Ketones, White Kidney Bean (2) , and Dandelion Extract make up the fat burning part of the formula. All have been shown to improve on your efforts in that area.
  • Melatonin (3), Tryptophan, Saffron, and Lemon Balm all contribute to your rest and good night’s sleep.


How To Use BPI Sports Nite-Burn


The recommended dose is simply one capsule taken before bedtime.


BPI Sports Nite-Burn Review 3


BPI Sports Nite-Burn Before and After Reviews


BPI Sports is a pretty popular supplement company so we found quite bit of customer feedback on BPI Sports Nite-Burn. The one thing that stood out about the feedback is that it’s very very mixed. We heard from people who love it, and we heard from people who hate it.


One reviewer said: “Great product!! Not only it helps you sleep, it sheds off the fat while you’re sleeping!!”


Another concurred: “There is no question this product works. I am very satisfied.”


One customer was a little more specific with: “This product is awesome because you helps me suppress my appetite at night. Normally I get really hungry in the PM and just want to eat dirty, but ever since I have been taking this, that is no longer a problem.”


But there are plenty of dissatisfied customers as well.


One said: “Nite Burn is supposed to be nighttime weight loss support. The first two days I took this I couldn’t fall asleep and was hotter than normal. Luckily now I can fall asleep a little better than before but this stuff definitely doesn’t make me sleepy. Worst part is every morning since being on this I wake with a headache.”




Where to Buy BPI Sports Nite-Burn


BPI Sports Nite-Burn is very easy to find. You can pick some up at your local GNC, or you can find it online at specialty shops as wells as Amazon.com and Bodybuilding.com. Prices vary depending on where you go. At GNC it’s on sale for $44.99, while Amazon is letting it go for $18.50. Bodybuilding.com’s price is much closer to the Amazon price.


BPI Sports Nite-Burn Pros


  • It doesn’t contain stimulants, which is a plus for those who just don’t like the way stimulants make them feel.
  • It suppresses your appetite.
  • It comes from a reputable company.


BPI Sports Nite-Burn Cons


  • It’s easily available.


BPI Sports Nite-Burn Cons


  • Lots of customers just aren’t satisfied that it’s effective.


Our BPI Sports Nite-Burn Conclusion


BPI Sports Nite-Burn is a great idea, but in the end, it’s a little disappointing. If you want to pick some up on the cheap at Amazon, you might find it helps you sleep, and you may even get some appetite suppression out of it. But the evidence just isn’t there to call BPI Sports Nite-Burn anything special.




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