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Does BPI Sports Anabolic Elite Work?


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When you’re trying to bulk up and put on muscle weight, and you want to do it naturally, a testosterone boosting supplement is often the first help you’ll look to. It’s a good choice because the higher your testosterone levels are, the easier it is to gain muscle, lose fat, and even have the energy to work out hard and successfully. While deciding to use a testosterone booster may be easy, choosing which one can be a much more complicated process. That’s why we review them for you, giving you a better idea of what’s likely to work for you. Today, we’re looking at BPI Sports Anabolic Elite.




What is BPI Sports Anabolic Elite?


BPI makes several workout and bodybuilding supplements in several categories. BPI Sports Anabolic Elite is a natural testosterone booster that claims to increase your body’s production of testosterone. There’s no actual testosterone in the supplement, so no worries about side effects or drug testing, but at the same time, you’ll get the effects of boosted testosterone levels like:


  • Increased lean muscle growth and retention.
  • Greater fat burning.
  • Improved stamina and endurance.
  • Boosted Libido.


One of the standout points with BPI Sports Anabolic Elite is that it blocks the conversion of excess testosterone to estrogen, called aromatase. With excess testosterone, there is always the concern that it will convert to estrogen, which is why taking testosterone can cause gyno, or manboobs. BPI Sports Anabolic Elite takes care of that potential by including components that prevent it.


BPI Sports Anabolic Elite Ingredients


BPI Sports Anabolic Elite Review 2The formula looks a lot different than what we usually see in natural testosterone boosters. The active ingredients are put together to form 350mg of their proprietary Anabolic & Muscle Building Matrix, which includes:


  • Gentiana Lutea (1) which uses improved digestion to ensure an increase in iron for healthier red blood cells, meaning better oxygen delivery to your muscles.
  • Blepharis Edulis which can open up your bronchial tubes, increasing airflow and oxygen intake, leading to your muscles getting more of the oxygen they need for stamina and endurance.
  • Cestrus Nocturnum which comes from the potato plant and is thought to increase free testosterone levels naturally.
  • Ficus Hispida (2) which is an ancient herb commonly used for its antioxidant properties.
  • Coffea Arabica which provides caffeine for energy and a metabolism boost.


The blend’s ingredients can potentially improve workouts, but there’s very little that boosts testosterone and none of the claimed anti-aromatase ingredients.


The recommended dose is 1 BPI Sports Anabolic Elite capsule taken 3 times per day only on workout days. It should be cycled and not taken for longer than 8 consecutive weeks with a 4 week break in between.


BPI Sports Anabolic Elite Before and After Reviews


Because BPI Sports Anabolic Elite was once available at Bodybuilding.com, there’s quite a bit of customer feedback posted online, and the truth is, it’s very mixed. Here’ a good example:


Constantine says: “As promised, an increase in muscle, tone, and hardness. Strength kept gaining, and the pills were small. The only downside is it really messed with my stomach. Using with Snytha-6, I gained 17lbs, and increased every single lift on the first cycle.”


So he’s happy with the results, but not with the side effects.


And there are lots of very happy customers, including this guy who says:


“I’ve been taking anabolic elite for a few weeks now and have already noticed a change in strength/libido. Couple more weeks left in the cycle until I find out the full results. Great product so far.”


Where to Buy

BPI Sports Anabolic Elite Review 4



BPI Sports Anabolic Elite has been discontinued by BPI Sports in favor of some of the other anabolic products in their line. Most retailers have run out of stock, but I did see it on eBay not too long ago. The vendor was selling 60-count bottles for $15.99.


BPI Sports Anabolic Elite Pros


  • The all natural formula had a reputation for increasing appetite and helping to build significant muscle mass.
  • You can get it pretty cheap on eBay.
  • The customer reviews are generally pretty favorable.


BPI Sports Anabolic Elite Review 3


BPI Sports Anabolic Elite Cons


  • It’s been discontinued by BPI Sports, so it won’ t be available forever.


Our BPI Sports Anabolic Elite Conclusion


BPI Sports Anabolic Elite was good while it lasted. I’m not sure how effective it was as a testosterone booster, but it helped mainly with stamina, pump, and appetite – all important factors for a bulking stack. Unfortunately, it’s no longer widely available, and will probably only get worse, so I wouldn’t recommend getting too excited about BPI Sports Anabolic Elite.




(1) Hemagglutinating Substances for Human Cells in Various Plants. William C. Boyd and Rose M. Reguera. The Journal of ImmunologyJuly 1, 1949vol. 62 no. 3 333-339.


(2) Antioxidant Properties of Ficus Species – A Review N.Sirisha*, M.Sreenivasulu, K.Sangeeta, C.Madhusudhana Chetty Annamacharya College of Pharmacy, New Boyanpalli, Rajampet. International Journal of PharmTech Research CODEN (USA): IJPRIF ISSN : 0974-4304 Vol.2, No.4, pp 2174-2182, Oct-Dec 2010.

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