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Increase HGH Naturally


Does Somatrol Work?


Note: This is a review. Click here to visit the Somatrol website.
Somatrol Review 1There’s plenty of debate over whether or not you can increase your body’s natural production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) by taking supplements, but there’s little doubt that if you can, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor, especially as you get older.


Kids going through puberty make and use tons of HGH, and it helps them grow muscle, bone, and basically all human tissue needed for growth and development. But as is the case with a lot of things, the older you get, the less HGH your body makes, leading in this case to lots of “aging symptoms” like low energy, slow recovery times, weaker muscle, weight gain, decreased sexual function, sagging skin, you name it.


What Is Somatrol?


Somatrol is a homeopathic way to increase HGH naturally. Right on the bottle, they call it “Professional Grade HGH” which may be a little misleading, making potential customers think this may be the same stuff you’d pay thousands of dollars to a doctor to inject into you. But that’s not what it is at all.


Actually, it’s a homeopathic formulation meant to stimulate production.


What Is Homeopathy?


Somatrol Homeopathy Image

That’s the big question when it comes to the actually effectiveness of a supplement like Somatrol. Homeopathy is a practice whereby you introduce a very small amount of something into the body, with the expectation that it will turn on a switch, causing the body to produce more.


There’s plenty of controversy over whether or not there’s any real benefit to homeopathic medicine. Most in the medical community say there is not. (1)


That said, we looked a little deeper at Somatrol specifically to see if it’s likely to have any beneficial effect.


Somatrol Review 2Somatrol Ingredients


I haven’t studied homeopathic medicine or ingredients much at all, so most of what’s in this formula is not familiar to me. That said, it includes:


Abrotanum, Anacrad Or, Baryta Carb, Baryta Mur, Calc Carb, Calc Fluor, Calc Phos, Ferrum Met, Fucus, Hekla Lava, Hellebor, Nipper, Ignatia, Lycopodium, Nicotinamidum, Secale, Silicea, (see I told you they were unfamiliar).


And the specific Homeopathic ingredient: HGH (Somatropin) 10x, 30x &LM1 

How To Use Somatrol


Instructions for use require you to take 5 or 6 drops under your tongue 4 times a day. If you prefer, you can take fewer drops at a time, but more times per day, as long as it comes out to 20-24 drops each day in the end. You should use Somatrol for 25 days in a row before taking 5 days off and starting again. After you take the drops, you need to make sure not to eat of drink for 15 minutes.


How Somatrol Works


Information on Somatrol seems comprehensive because they have a website, they give you the ingredients, they tell you what benefits to expect, but they don’t really give any indication of how it works. And if they’re saying you can ingest an extremely minute amount of HGH orally and that will spur more, then as far as I can find, there is no proof that it will.


Somatrol Review 3Somatrol Before and After Reviews


Another big hole in the information about Somatrol is customer feedback. There simply isn’t any I could find online. Given the lack of clinical evidence, this is really a shame because it leaves us with very little idea of if and how well it works.


Where to Buy


Somatrol is sold through its official website. A single 1 ounce bottle costs $59.99, but there’s no indication on the bottle of how long this bottle can be expected to last. It’s not sold on Amazon or Bodybuilding.com, but I have seen it at Lucky Vitamin for a similar price. If you buy through the manufacturer’s website, you’re covered by a 30 day money back guarantee, though the details of it are vague.


Our Somatrol Conclusion


Of course, it’s tempting to want to increase Human Growth Hormone levels. The benefits of successfully doing so are enormous. People who receive HGH injections from their doctors report impressive benefits in terms of youthful feeling and appearance, energy, fat loss, muscle gain, even better skin, hair, and nails.


But unfortunately there’s no evidence or even indication that Somatrol can provide these benefits. If you remain curious, I recommend buying just one bottle and holding onto the customer service number, ready to enact the money back guarantee.




(1) Do homeopathic remedies really work? By JESSICA FIRGER CBS NEWS March 11, 2015, 2:45 PM.

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