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Natural Testosterone Booster


Does Alphamax Testosterone Booster Work?


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Alphamax Testosterone Booster Review

Testosterone. It’s the male sex hormone, and we’d be lost without it. It keeps our energy up, our spare tires in check, are muscles pumping, and our sex drives and performance in high gear. But the older we get, the less of it our bodies make.


Remember when you were 17? You were always hungry, and you could eat whatever you wanted. You grew like a weed, and you were always up for anything… and by anything, I mean anything. Practically all you ever thought about was sex.


Well if you’re like most guys 35 or older, you’re starting to see those days in the rear view mirror, and you wish you could have a little of it back again. And that’s what Alphamax Testosterone Booster promises to do for you.

Alphamax Testosterone Booster Benefits


By taking a natural supplement like Alphamax Testosterone Booster, you’ll fuel your natural energy and get back your intrinsic drive. Fat will come off easier, and building lean muscle won’t be quite so hard anymore. You’ll be able to work out longer at the gym, and bring home better results. And still have the energy to please your lady after dark.


Who Makes Alphamax Testosterone Booster?


Alphamax Testosterone Booster is made and distributed by a company called Ultrachamp Fitness & Lifestyle. Their website is currently not operational, so we don’t know much about where they’re located and what they have to offer, but we do know they make their products in FDA GMP certified labs and sell them primarily through Amazon.


Alphamax Testosterone Booster IngredientsAlphamax Testosterone Booster Ingredients


Of course, the most important thing to understand is the Alphamax Testosterone Booster formula. It’s a 742 mg proprietary blend containing:


  • Horny Goat Weed (1) which boosts libido while it improves blood flow for better erections. It may have slight testosterone boosting capacity, but the research on this is not clear. Its benefit is more sexual-related than specifically testosterone related.
  • Tongkat Ali (2) which may increase free testosterone by interfering with the action of SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) which attaches itself to free testosterone molecules, rendering them unable to do their job and essentially useless.
  • Orchic Substance which may also increase testosterone levels.
  • Nettle Root Extract and Saw Palmetto which both support the health of your prostate, which is important when you’re attempting to boost testosterone levels.
  • Wild Yam Extract which can balance male and female hormone levels.
  • Sarsaparilla Extract which may have a positive effect on testosterone levels.
  • Boron which has been shown in studies to improve testosterone levels.


How To Use Alphamax Testosterone Booster?


Instructions are to take 1 Alphamax Testosterone Booster pill in the morning and another pill shortly before physical activity. If you engage in some sort of physical activity each day, a single bottle will last 30 days.


Alphamax Testosterone Booster Before and After Reviews


Alphamax Testosterone Booster Review 2Alphamax Testosterone Booster is sold through Amazon.com, we have access to Amazon customer feedback. Out of 139 reviews, the general consensus is pretty positive, though 15% of reviewers gave it 2 or fewer stars.


I sorted through and came up with a couple representative examples on both sides of the fence.


Happy customers tend to comment on their successes and some of the specific benefits they got:


Ben says: “This is a great product. I noticed a strength difference. Went from repping 245 for 6 reps to 275 for 6 reps on bench in a month. I would recommend this for anyone looking for muscle and strength gains! Very happy with this product!”


A woman writes: “This is for my husband. He sufferes low T due to a botched vasectomy. After trying several different brands, he says these have given him good energy through the day, he’s not exhausted when he gets home from work either. He is even losing weight. I think Alphamax does what it claims.”

When it comes to the less satisfied, I didn’t see any talk of side effects; they just didn’t see results like they wanted:


One user states: “This stuff is a complete waste of money! Took two bottles as directed and saw NO results. Can’t replace proper diet and exercise!”


Another states: “I’ve taken many test boosters, this one didn’t do anything for me, sorry. I recommend pure DAA.”


Where to Buy Alphamax Testosterone Booster


As we mentioned, Alphamax Testosterone Booster is sold through Amazon.com. At this time, it appears to be unavailable, but generally, the price is around $39.99 for a one month supply.


Alphamax Testosterone Booster Pros


  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • Amazon offers a money back guarantee.
  • Most of the reviews we’ve seen are pretty positive.


Alphamax Testosterone Booster Cons


  • The formula looks pretty weak.
  • There are plenty of customers who’ve found that it doesn’t work for them.
  • It’s currently not available at Amazon.com


Our Alphamax Testosterone Booster Conclusion


Boosting testosterone naturally is a great way to look and feel younger, stronger, and more vibrant. There are natural testosterone supplements that can help do that. It doesn’t appear as though Alphamax Testosterone Booster is one of those.


Like the customer above noted, better to find something with D Aspartic Acid.




(1) Effects of yang-restoring herb medicines on the levels of plasma corticosterone, testosterone and triiodothyronine. Kuang AKChen JL  Chen MD.


(2) Effect of Eurycoma longifolia Jack (Tongkat ali) extract on human spermatozoa in vitro. N. Erasmus, M. C. Solomon, K. A. Fortuin, R. R. Henkel. First International Journal of Andrologia, Volume 44, Issue 5. October 2012. Pages 308–314.

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