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Gain Muscle Mass


Does AnaBeta Elite Work?


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Anabeta Elite Review 1

It’s much more common to work out supplements to help you get ripped than ones to help you bulk up. Sure, there are mass gainers powders filled with protein and calories, but finding a supplement with ingredients to encourage your body to create more mass on its own is a more difficult proposition. But this is what’s promised by AnaBeta Elite from PES.


AnaBeta Elite is known as a mass supporter. It builds on the success of its predecessor, the original AnaBeta. By taking AnaBeta Elite with your biggest meals, along with consuming the correct amount of calories and protein, and lifting hard, you’ll be setting yourself up for your best gains yet.


That’s what PES promises. Now let’s drill down and see if they deliver.


AnaBeta Elite Ingredients


Anabeta Elite Review 2The AnaBeta Elite formula is 3,000 mg proprietary blend consisting of:


  • Lodhra Bark Extract (1) which acts as an anti-inflammatory to minimize pain and allow you to push through and lift harder.
  • Anacyclus Pyrethrum (2) which is an anabolic compound that comes from a plant. You get muscle growth, but because it’s not very androgenic, you don’t get any of the nasty sides you might get with a testosterone based compound.
  • Cistanche Deserticola which is also plant derived and plays a role in hormone regulation as well as fighting fatigue.
  • Coleus Forskohlii which supports testosterone levels and help maintain proper fat burning, so the mass you gain is muscle, not fat.


How to Use AnaBeta Elite


The recommended dose is 4 AnaBeta Elite capsules per day, taken 2 at a time with your 2 largest meals. It’s not recommended that you use more than 6 capsules per day.


AnaBeta Elite Reviews


There’s a lot of customer feedback for AnaBeta Elite on both retail sites and forums. With a few different versions over the years, PES has been working to perfect the formula and in the process has developed a significant following. Here’s are a few examples of what AnaBeta Elite users have to say:


“After using this my muscles felt a lot fuller, and when I look in the mirror I definitely look bigger. Over the month that I used this, I also saw some decent increases in my bench numbers and was able to set a new rep PR.”


“I used this during a bulk after i heard that it helped increase appetite, as my usual appetite sucks and WOW does this stuff work!!”


“Great product, works as advertised. Well researched ingredients and good synergy between them. I can handle more calories, I get visible muscle hardness. With the forskolin you can expect a few pounds of lean muscle. It is a true mass builder.”


One of the most commonly recurring themes in customer reviews is the way AnaBeta Elite increases your appetite so you take in more calories and gain weight.


Anabeta Elite Review 3


Where to Buy AnaBeta Elite


There’s a pretty wide availability for AnaBeta Elite, but it’s only through online retailers. You’ll find it on the PES website, Amazon, and Bodybuilding.com. On the PES website, a month’s supply goes for $65. ut you can find it for $48.90 at Bodybuilding.com and even cheaper at $40.64 at Amazon.com.


There’s a money back guarantee for purchases made through the PES website, but you may have to check with your particular retailer if you buy through a different avenue.


Stacking AnaBeta Elite


Some products really emphasize their stackability, and AnaBeta Elite falls into this category. It’s very common to see it stacked alongside Erase Pro to reduce the release of cortisol which will inhibit your efforts every step of the way if you let it.


AnaBeta Elite Pros


  • It’s all natural.
  • It provides anabolic properties usually only found in synthetic compounds.
  • It’s good alone or in a stack.
  • It gets good feedback from customers, especially in terms of increased appetite.


AnaBeta Elite Cons


  • It’s expensive.
  • It’s recommended that you stack it, which makes it effectively even more expensive.


Our AnaBeta Elite Conclusion

Truthfully, the listed formula doesn’t really seem to fit in with the high praise I see coming in from customers. But the reviews come from independent sources, so they are likely to be telling the truth. In the case of AnaBeta Elite, we’ll listen to the community and say that if you’re heading into a bulking stack and want something to push the process along, give AnaBeta Elite a go.




(1) Lodhra- A Single Remedy For Different Ailments. Pooja Singh, Rajeev Singh, L N Gupta, Neeraj Kumar. International Journal of Pharmaceutical & Biological Archives 2015; 6(1): 1 – 7.


(2) Anacyclus Pyrethrum Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects. Dr. Jagdev Singh. Medicinal Plants. April 13, 2015.



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