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Sleep The Weight Off


Does Belly Blaster PM Work?


Note: This is a Belly Blaster PM review. To order, visit the Belly Blaster PM website.


Belly Blaster PM Review

Finding a supplement you can take at night to help lose weight isn’t easy. Most fat burners contain a hefty dose of stimulants because let’s face it, stimulants help you lose weight. But Belly Blaster PM is different. It’s a nighttime version of fat burning pill that allows you to continue to fight the fat, but still lets you get that much needed shuteye.




Benefits of Belly Blaster PM

It turns out that one of the most important factors helping you to reach your weight loss goals is getting a good night’s sleep. The idea is that if you’re sleepy during the day, your metabolism slows down and your defenses relax. Your mood drags. You’re more likely to skip meals. You grab unhealthy foods that are quick. You skip your workout. Basically, your whole system breaks down, and tips you toward losing your way.


Belly Blaster PM prevents that cycle before it starts by:


  • Controlling late night cravings
  • Promoting metabolism while you sleep.
  • Helping you get a good night’s sleep.


Belly Blaster PM Ingredients


A look at the formula is next up on the agenda. After all, that’s the best way to see what Belly Blaster PM might do and how it might do it.


Belly Blaster PM Review


The formula starts with Vitamin D which is important for general health and your immune system. A large percentage of American adults are Vitamin D deficient.


Next on the list is a blend of Tryptophan and Melatonin (1) . These are the ingredients that help you get a good night’s sleep. They’re both commonly found in herbal sleep remedy pills.


Then comes the Metabolism Support Blend. This is where the direct weight loss benefits come from:


  • Raspberry Ketones for regulating fat metabolism and blood sugar levels. They can also help suppress appetite. The third way Raspberry Ketones helps is by helping to release stored fat to be used for energy.
  • White Kidney Bean (2) which may block carbohydrates from being digested, so instead they are just passed through your body.
  • Green Coffee Bean with Chlorogenic Acid (3)  to help control appetite and maintain blood glucose levels. It may decrease the amount of sugar that’s absorbed into the bloodstream after a meal. This keeps insulin levels more even, promoting fat loss.
  • Saffron Flower which can help prevent overeating.
  • Lemon Balm which promotes a good night’s sleep and helps boost metabolism.


How To Use Belly Blaster PM


The recommended dose is 1 Belly Blaster PM capsule with a glass of water taken about 30 minutes before bedtime.


Belly Blaster PM Before and After Reviews


Because Belly Blaster PM is available on Amazon, there are tons of customer reviews. The majority are positive, but there are some detractors.


The positive feedback mainly supports the claims made by Belly Blaster PM:


“Belly blaster pm is good, I take it and lay down and in 30mins I be sleep and wake up feeling energized. I’ve been taking these along with belly blaster super thermogenic for almost a month and have lost 13lbs and 3inches off my tummy.”

“Better than hydroxycut, Where hydroxycut will keep you awake due to its mass amounts caffeine this product HELPS you get to sleep while offering all of the benefits that hydroxycut does and more. Worth the price time and time again.”

“I take this right before bed and this weight-loss pill during the day. Combined Ive lost 30lbs with doctor supervision, over the course of only 9 weeks!!!! I love the fact that i can burn fat during the day AND at night!”


The negative feedback is primarily about how it’s not effective, but there’s no real talk of side effects:


“I tried Belly Blaster PM for 1 month. I have seen no difference.”

“I have taken this for 3 wks and nothing has changed! Don’t waste your money with this weight loss product! If i volume give less than one star I would.”

“This did absolutely nothing. I ate a healthy diet, exercised, followed the instructions to a T. It did not even help with going to sleep, which is what ingredients like melatonin are for. Do not waste your money.”

Belly Blaster PM Review 3

Where to Buy Belly Blaster PM


Belly Blaster PM is on Amazon.com. A bottle contains a month’s supply of 30 capsules and costs $19.95.  We also saw it on Walmart and Jet.com.


Belly Blaster PM Pros


  • The ingredients are natural.
  • It takes a novel approach to weight loss by recognizing the importance of a good night’s sleep.
  • There are lots of favorable reviews.
  • It’s not expensive.


Belly Blaster PM Cons


  • The weight loss ingredients are somewhat weak. They’re all pretty fad based, and not in very effective doses.
  • For a lot of people, it just doesn’t work.


Our Belly Blaster PM Conclusion


It’s absolutely true that good sleep is important for lasting and effective weight loss. For that reason, Belly Blaster PM may not be a bad idea. But in the end, I think the formula could be better, and you’d get better results if it were.


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Instant Knockout is probably the opposite of sleeping away fat… It gives you energy and controls your appetite.  But, it has much better reviews. To check out Instant Knockout and its ingredients, Click Here



(1) Role of Melatonin in the Regulation of Human Circadian Rhythms and Sleep. C. Cajochen,K. Kräuchi and A. Wirz-Justice. Journal of Neuroendocrinology.Volume 15, Issue 4, pages 432–437, April 2003.




(3) The Effect of Chlorogenic Acid Enriched Coffee on Glucose Absorption in Healthy Volunteers and Its Effect on Body Mass When Used Long-term in Overweight and Obese People. E Thom. The Journal of International Medical Research.  November 2007 vol. 35 no. 6 900-908.

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