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Fat Burning through Thyroid Support


BioRhythm UltraLean FX ReviewBioRhythm UltraLean FX – What Is It?

Losing fat is tough under any circumstances. Most people find a fat burner helps speed things up and keep up motivation, which is important because it never seems to come off fast enough. Every little bit helps. So once you decide to use a fat burner, then starts the difficult process of choosing one. This time, we’re looking at one from BioRhythm called BioRhythm UltraLean FX which we saw at GNC. 

BioRhythm UltraLean FX works by supporting the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland and promoting the activation of the enzymes that burn fat. By doing these two things, BioRhythm UltraLean FX increases your base metabolic rate, or BMR, which means that you’re burning more fat while you just sitting around or going about your day.


BioRhythm UltraLean FX Ingredients

The key primary ingredient found in BioRhythm UltraLean FX is FucoXanthin. According to the company’s website, BioRhythm UltraLean FX is the first product to use this powerhouse. It comes from brown algae, and it reduces stored body fat within adipose tissue by increasing the activity of thermogenin. In an independent trial, FucoXanthin was shown to increase fat loss by an average of 5 kg over a 3 month period.


The rest of the formula includes:

  • B-Vitamins which work in several different ways to increase energy and metabolism.
  • L-Tyrosine AKG which is a non-essential amino acid. It’s a precursor to several “feel-good” neurotransmitters which can help provide energy and mood elevation.
  • 7-Keto DHEA which builds up energy and muscle strength along with bolstering the immune system. It’s been shown to increase weight loss when other factors remain the same.
  • Ashwahandha Root which relieves fatigue, and is used for multiple purposes in Ayurvedic medicine. In preliminary studies, it’s been shown to kill fat cells, but more research is needed before you can count on that.
  • Ginger Root which improves the digestive process.
  • Cayenne which burns fat, provides energy, and boosts metabolism.
  • Cinnamon Extract which aids digestion and may lower blood glucose.
  • Choline which is an important neurotransmitter to help with a clear mind and focus.

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How BioRhythm UltraLean FX Works


What’s different about BioRhythm UltraLean FX is its approach. BioRhythm UltraLean FX turns up your thyroid function and releases fat burning enzymes. There are additional fat burners and energy providers, those are not the main focus, like they are in most other fat burning supplements.  What is uncommon however, is using DHEA as a fat burner, and that should be disclosed more openly.


The instructions are pretty simple. You just take 1 BioRhythm UltraLean FX capsule 3 times a day with water, prior to eating. They recommend that you start off with one capsule to make sure it sits well with you. Then you move on to 2 the next day. After a couple days of feeling comfortable with that schedule, move to the full schedule of 3 capsules per day.


BioRhythm UltraLean FX Testimonials

Reviews from customers that have actually used BioRhythm UltraLean FX are hard to find, and when you do finally track them down, they’re not very good. Seriously, there are like 3, and nobody says it works well. One guy says it’s:

  • “Good but not as effective for me as Inferno 2 was. I will go back to that product.”

Another says:

  • “I was tricked into buying this. It didn’t work whatsoever. It made me very sleepy.”

It’s not a good sign when you can’t find positive reviews about a product that’s widely available.


Where to Buy BioRhythm UltraLean FX


It’s pretty clear that BioRhythm UltraLean FX is on its way out. Most of the retailers that used to sell it don’t sell it anymore. You used to be able to buy it at GNC and Bodybuilding.com, along with a bunch of other supplement stores. At this point, it’s only available through the BioRhythm website, and it looks like it’s selling at a severely discounted price. BioRhythm products are known to be pretty expensive. They even use it as a selling point saying that their products use such expensive ingredients and they have to pass the cost through to the customer. But BioRhythm UltraLean FX is only $24.99 for 60 capsules.


BioRhythm UltraLean FX Benefits

  • It uses a unique approach to fat burning.

BioRhythm UltraLean FX Drawbacks

  • It doesn’t work and it looks like it won’t be on the market for long.
  • Although it specifically does not mention UltraLean FX, we uncovered a warning letter from the US Food and Drug Administration addressed to BioRhythm.  You can read the warning letter here. 

Our BioRhythm UltraLean FX Conclusion

You win some, and you lose some. BioRhythm makes some good products, and those products have a pretty large following. But they went out on a limb with BioRhythm UltraLean FX, and it just doesn’t work. In your search for your next great fat burner, skip right on over this one.

Instant Knockout Review 1


Want to cut weight?  Instead of BioRhythm UltraLean, check out Instant Knockout.  Its designed for wrestlers and MMA fighters trying to make weight. It does not have DHEA like Ultralean FX and is safe.  Ships worldwide too.

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