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Bigger, Bulkier, and Stronger


Black Market Labs AdreNOLyn Bulk ReviewBlack Market Labs AdreNOLyn Bulk – What Is It?

One thing that you’ve probably learned if you’ve spent much time researching and/or testing out bodybuilding supplements is that it’s best to stack them. One supplement is good, so 2 or 3 or more must be better, within certain guidelines of course. You could choose to stack single ingredient bulk powders, or you can stack fully formed supplements. The idea is to find the right combination of benefits you need, and build a product or a stack from there.

If your goal is to put on muscle weight, Black Market Labs AdreNOLyn Bulk claims to have done all that work for you and put everything you need in one multi-purpose powder. In simplest terms, you get a pre workout, a testosterone booster, and creatine, all in this one supplement that fuels your efforts to get big, bulked up, and strong. That’s the goal, now let’s break it down and see just how close Black Market Labs AdreNOLyn Bulk gets to achieving it.

Black Market Labs AdreNOLyn Bulk Ingredients

Clearly, what goes into a formula is extremely important to know when judging its effectiveness. For Black Market Labs AdreNOLyn Bulk, the list includes:

  • Beta Alanine which helps prevent muscle fatigue when you’re working hard in the gym. What it does is decrease the build up of lactic acid which is what gives your muscles that feeling that they just can’t push any more. Less lactic acid mean longer, more productive workouts.
  • Agmatine Sulfate which increases vascularity through an increase in nitric oxide.
  • D-Aspartic Acid which has been clinically proven to increase testosterone levels in just 12 days. And more testosterone mean more muscle.
  • Creatine Monohydrate which is the most studied bodybuilding supplement in history. It gives your muscles the ability to push harder and move more weight.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous which increases energy and improves mental clarity and focus.
  • Mucuna Pruriens/L-Dopa which improves mood and focus so while you’re at the gym, your mind is right there with you.
  • Advantra Z which boosts metabolism and provides long term energy with no crash.
  • Betaine Anhydrous which helps you stay cut even while you’re bulking up.

It’s a pretty good formula in terms of its components, but they don’t say how much of each ingredient they use. That’s too bad because for a lot of these ingredients, specific amounts have been tested and proven effective. But we have no way of knowing whether or not that’s what we’re dealing with in Black Market Labs AdreNOLyn Bulk.

Black Market Labs AdreNOLyn Bulk Review 2How To Use Black Market Labs AdreNOLyn Bulk

As a preworkout supplement, the instructions for use are pretty simple and standard. You just mix a scoop with 6-8 ounces of water and drink it about 15-30 minutes before hitting the gym. It comes in Fruit Punch, Blue Razz, Watermelon, and Tiger’s Blood, and from what I’ve heard, the taste is pretty good, but also pretty strong.

Black Market Labs AdreNOLyn Bulk Reviews

The feedback I’ve seen is mostly pretty positive, and that’s the word that comes from retail sites like Amazon as well as the Black Market website and review sites. Here are some examples:

“I’ve taken a variety of pre workout supplements and none of them even come close to comparing with Bulk.”

“Big shout out to the best pre workout ever!”

“Awesome love this s*** great results tastes great!”

“This stuff is amazing. Breaking Prs eft and riht with this and able to recover quicker every set.”

The one negative I found was about the taste. They said:

“Taste sucks but who really cares! 5 stars for energy and body highs that are perfect for the gym.”

Benefits of Black Market Labs AdreNOLyn Bulk

  • It combines pre workout energy with bulking components so it’s like getting 2 supplements in one.
  • There are several flavors to choose from.
  • Most of the Black Market Labs AdreNOLyn Bulk reviews are from customers who’ve had great experiences with it.

Drawbacks of Black Market Labs AdreNOLyn Bulk

  • It seems lots of people think this stuff tastes pretty bad.
  • It’s not the cheapest choice. In fact it’s pretty expensive.
  • The formula is proprietary, meaning ingredient amounts aren’t disclosed.

Where to Buy Black Market Labs AdreNOLyn Bulk

You can find Black Market Labs AdreNOLyn Bulk online through the Black Market website or Amazon. At the website, a tub with 30 servings sells for $59.99. It’s cheaper at Amazon, coming in at $42.00.

Our Black Market Labs AdreNOLyn Bulk Conclusion

Black Market Labs AdreNOLyn Bulk isn’t bad – it’s got a pretty happy following. but there are definitely a few drawbacks. The formula looks good, but without knowing how much of each ingredient they use, it’s impossible to know if it’s enough. Add that to the high price and the questionable taste, and I’d say there are better products out there offering the same results.

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