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Poison Your Fat


Does Blackstone Labs Cobra 6 Work?

Note: This is a review. To order, visit the Blackstone Labs Cobra P6 website


Blackstone Labs Cobra P6 Review 1

If you’re looking for a serious fat burner to amp up your weight loss or cutting regimen, your search can be a dizzying process. There are literally hundreds, thousands, of products, each making claims more wild than the last. These days, all you hear about are the good old days before the FDA banned everything that worked. Seems like all the manufacturers are putting together ingredient combinations, trying to find something to recreate those effective stacks we all wish we still had access to. Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P is one of the latest to try, and they claim it will make you forget all about the past, and only look to a future where you’re ripped and lean as you want to be.


Benefits of Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P


Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P claims not have a formula that doesn’t compete with other supplements, but rather it competes with prescription strength fat burners. It provides you the energy you need to nail your workout every time. It allows you to do so with fewer calories and cravings. And it keeps you in a constant thermogenic state where you’re burning calories 24 hours a day.


Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P Ingredients


Of course, those are the claims of every fat burner out there. So the first thing we need to do is break down the Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P formula to see if it has a chance of competing with the very crowded field of competitors. Here’s the list:


  • Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P Review 36-Paradol. (1) This is what’s referred to by the “6P” in the name. It comes from Ginger, and is currently being studied for its fat burning properties. What they’re finding is that it increases energy output and encourages the loss of brown adipose fat.
  • 3,3 Diiodothyronine (2) (aka T2) which breaks down into T3 to keep your thyroid functioning properly.
  • Capsaicin which can increase body temperature and speed up your metabolism, burning more calories even while at rest. It may also inhibit the digestion of some fats, leading to less storage and accumulation.
  • Theobromine which is a mild stimulant that also increases insulin sensitivity.
  • Achyranthes Aspera (3) which can reduce blood glucose levels and stimulate thyroid hormone production while suppressing appetite as well.
  • Caffeine (175 mg) for a boost of energy and focus that stays with you to keep you motivated for your workout, and keep you eating less throughout the day.


How To Use Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P


It’s recommended that you start with just one Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P a day, taken in the morning. Once you assess your tolerance, you can slowly build up to as many as 2 capsules 2 times a day, once in the morning and once about 6 hours later.



Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P Review 2


Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P Before and After Testimonials


The Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P before and after testimonials we’ve seen are very mixed. Some people really take to it, while others say it’s a real dud. Here are a couple examples to illustrate what I mean:

“This is my second round of using Cobra 6P. This product is absolutely amazing hands down!!! It gives me a tone of energy without the jitters… I also noticed it stops my cravings during the day.”

then there is this one:

“I would not buy this if you are used to stimulants. I am very tired using this product. It gives me zero energy.”


Lack of energy is the most commonly cited reason for low ratings given to Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P by reviewers.


Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P Pros


  • The formula isn’t jacked up with tons of stimulants.
  • There are plenty of reviews showing that users have had success.
  • It suppresses appetite pretty effectively, so if overeating is your issue, it may be more right for you.


Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P Cons


  • It may not have enough stimulants for some users. Reading some of the reviews, this seems to be the case.
  • It’s not recommended for anyone under 21 or with any known illnesses or conditions.
  • 14 day return policy + 10% restocking fee blows.


Where to Buy Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P


Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P Review 4


Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P is available online through the Blackstone Labs website and a few other retail site.  The official website has the 60-count bottle on sale right now for $44.99.  If you look around, you’ll find it for less. You will not find Cobra 6p at Walmart, GNC, or Vitamin Shoppe, but Amazon.com has it.  If you buy Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P from their website, be aware that if you return it, there is a 10% restocking fee plus return freight and you only have 14 days.


Our Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P Conclusion


For someone reasonably sensitive to caffeine, Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P could be a decent choice. But there are definitely a lot of users who wish it gave them more of a kick. Blackstone Labs makes an Extreme version of Cobra, which indicates that this version probably just doesn’t cut it for most people serious about losing weight.


Instant Knockout Review 1


Since Blackstone Labs Cobra 6p is so wishy-washy, we suggest looking at a top choice that many MMA fighters and wrestlers use to cut weight. That choice is Instant KnockOut.  To check out the Instant Knockout Review, including the ingredients, Click Here






(1) Extract of grains of paradise and its active principle 6-paradol trigger thermogenesis of brown adipose tissue in rats. Momoe Iwami, Fatma A. Mahmoud, Takahiko Shiina, Haruko Hirayama, Takeshi Shima, Jun Sugita, Yasutake Shimizu. Autonomic Neuroscience: Basic and Clinical. April 26, 2011Volume 161, Issues 1-2, Pages 63–67.


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(3) Assessment of Antiobesity Potential of Achyranthes asperaLinn. Seed. Neerja Rani, Surendra Kumar Sharma, and Neeru Vasudeva. Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology, Hisar, Haryana 125001, India. Received 9 February 2012; Revised 29 April 2012; Accepted 30 April 2012.


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