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Blackwolf Hunter Stack Pack ReviewOne of the newer workout supplement lines on the market is called Blackwolf Workout. But while the supplements are new, the company isn’t new at all. They are Wolfson Berg Limited from Cyprus, and they’ve been successfully making supplements for over a decade now for other labels. Only now, they’ve decided to use their experience in the science of research and development to branch out making and selling this Blackwolf line.


The cornerstones of Blackwolf Workout supplements are their stacks – Hunter for Men and Huntress for Women. We’re taking a look at both, but today, our focus is on the Blackwolf Hunter Pack Stack for Men.


What is The Blackwolf Hunter Pack Stack?


The Blackwolf Hunter Pack Stack is a combination of three products: a pre workout supplement, an intra-workout supplement, and a post workout supplement. Some of the ingredients in each overlap, but many others branch out to provide their own specific benefits.


Let’s take them one by one and lay out the benefits and the ingredients used to provide them.


Blackwolf Track ImageTrack Pre Workout


This is the men’s version of Blackwolf’s Pre Workout Supplement. It provides you with energy, focus, and stamina. It also sets you up to be in the best condition as you begin your workout. You can take it up to 3 times a day because in addition to being a pre workout, it’s also just plain healthy. But make sure you at least take it about 30 minutes before your workout.


All three of the products in the Blackwolf Hunter Pack Stack contain the Blackwolf Power Blend of Whey Protein and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), crucial to anyone who wants to build muscle, whether it be for mass gains or lean strength.


Additional components of the Track Pre Workout include Creatine (1) for muscle energy, as well as B and C vitamins for energy and support of crucial bodily functions.


Blackwolf Hunt ImageHunt Intra Workout


The Blackwolf Hunter Pack Stack takes the unusual step of providing an intra workout component to its stack. Many overlook the value of an in intra workout drink that can actually replenish and invigorate you as you move through your workout.


Besides the Blackwolf Power Blend, the Hunt formula uses carbohydrates for energy, Vitamins C and E for antioxidant protection, Creatine for muscle energy, minerals and electrolytes to replace fluid balance, and L-Taurine (2) for calm energy to sustain you through to the end.


Blackwolf Eliminate ImageEliminate Post Workout

The post workout component of the Blackwolf Hunter Pack Stack is called Eliminate and provides the proper nutrients and environment so that your muscle can optimally recovery when your workout is done.


The Blackwolf Power Blend is key to Eliminate because protein and BCAAs are just what the doctor ordered to rebuild muscle tissue after workouts. Additional ingredients include Carbohydrates for replenishing lost energy and to fee starving muscles, as well as vitamins and minerals to create a healthy environment for your body’s recovery.


How To Use the Blackwolf Hunter Pack Stack


Each of the supplements included in the Blackwolf Hunter Pack Stack come in a 450 gram tub, representing 15 30-gram servings. It’s recommended that you take up to 3 servings of each supplement each day, with one serving aligned with its specific purpose.

That means taking Track 30 minutes before workout, Hunt while you’re working out, and Eliminate within 30 minutes after you work out.


In each case, you mix a 30 gram scoop into your favorite beverage or smoothie as appropriate.


Blackwolf Hunter Pack Stack Before and After Reviews


At this point the Blackwolf Hunter Pack Stack is so new that there isn’t any customer feedback posted online. As that begins to change, we’ll come back and update you on the latest reviews.


Where to Buy


Blackwolf Banner Image


Blackwolf Hunter Pack Stack is not sold in stores or at big online retailers like Amazon. The only place you can purchase it is at the official Blackwolf Workout website. A 450 gram tub of each product, 3 products in all, costs $82.95 and comes with a few bonuses.


You’ll receive free shipping and a 700 ml shaker cup making it easy and convenient to use Blackwolf Hunter Stack Pack Giftsyour stack supplements and take them on the go. You’ll also get 5 Essential Guides to help you on your journey including:


  1. The Introduction
  2. The Workout Guide
  3. The Nutrition Guide
  4. The Supplement Guide
  5. The Maintenance Guide


Blackwolf Hunter Pack Stack Highlights


  • It combines 3 important supplements needed at specific points throughout your workout and your day.
  • Every order comes with a shaker cup and several helpful guides.
  • Shipping is free.
  • The formulas are well-rounded and at the same time complementary.
  • You get three products for the price of one.


Blackwolf Hunter Pack Stack Drawbacks


  • The money back guarantee only applies to unopened orders and is good for only 14 days.
  • There are currently no customer reviews, but that should change when it’s been on the market longer.


Our Blackwolf Hunter Pack Stack Conclusion

Blackwolf Hunter Pack Stack is a great value for any guy wanting to take his bodybuilding game to the next level. Between the three supplements, the free shaker cup, and the comprehensive guides, you’ll be all set with everything you need to put in some of your best workouts ever. And when you’re done, your body has everything it needs to best capitalize on your efforts.




(1) Scientific basis and practical aspects of creatine supplementation for athletes. Jeff SVolekPhD, RD. Eric SRawsonPhD. Nutrition. Volume 20, Issues 7–8, July–August 2004, Pages 609-614.


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