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Become The Alpha Female


Does Blackwolf Huntress Pack Stack Work?


Note: This is a review. Click here to visit the Blackwolf Huntress Pack Stack website.


Blackwolf Huntress Pack Stack ReviewI have to admit it’s pretty rare to see a bodybuilding supplement stack geared specifically toward women. But Blackwolf Huntress Pack Stack is just that. It’s made by a well-established supplement company called Wolfson Berg Limited, who have just recently branched out by creating the Blackwolf line. Within this line, there’s a post workout supplement, an intraworkout supplement, and two pre workouts – one for men and one for women.


The Blackwolf Huntress Pack Stack combines the post, the ultra, and the women’s pre-workout supplements. All you need to create the best, most efficiently functioning body you have imagined.


If you’re a woman serious about working out – whatever form it takes – and wants to maximize your results every time you hit the gym, the court, the pool, the track, Blackwolf Huntress Pack Stack may be the way.


Let’s go through the three components of the Blackwolf Huntress Pack Stack, specifically noting what’s in them and how the ingredients work to better your particular situation.


Blackwolf Trail ImageTrail Pre Workout


Trail Pre Workout provides the energy and stamina – for both your overall body and your muscles in particular – to get you going and motivated to begin your workout and stay focused throughout.


All Blackwolf workout products start with the Blackwolf Power Blend of Whey Protein and BCAAs (1), and Trail is no different. These are both crucial as building blocks of the muscle you want to cultivate.


Other Trail ingredients include L-Taurine for energy, carbohydrates for sustenance, and Vitamins and minerals for immune system support and antioxidant protection, Creatine for increased muscle energy in the form of stored ATP, and Beta Alanine to stave off the build up of lactic acid so your workouts can go longer than you ever thought they could.


Blackwolf Hunt ImageHunt Intra Workout


The inclusion of the Hunt Intra Workout product is a nice touch. This aspect is often overlooked when it comes to workout stacks, forcing most people to drink just water or Gatorade. But this is a shame because it really is a missed opportunity for some benefit.


Yes, Hunt contain electrolytes like you’ll find in Gatorade, but additional ingredients include the Blackwolf Power Blend of Whey Protein and BCAAs, Creatine, Zinc and Selenium, and L-Taurine for the smooth, relaxed energy.


Blackwolf Eliminate ImageEliminate Post Workout


Eliminate is the post workout product in the stack, providing your muscles with the environment they need to repair, strengthen, and grow.


This is of course where the Blackwolf Power Blend is most important because BCAAs and protein are the crucial muscle building blocks needed for your most effective recovery. Additional ingredients of note are carbohydrates to replenish what you burned while working out, along with vitamins and minerals to provide antioxidant protection and support proper functioning of your immune system.


How To Use Blackwolf Huntress Pack Stack


Each of the 3 products in the stack comes in a 450 gram tub, which makes up 15 30-gram servings. The recommended dose for each is 30 grams taken up to 3 times daily. For the Trail Pre Workout, you’d make sure to take one of the servings about 30 minutes before you workout. For the Hunt Intra Workout, you’d drink a serving during your workout. And for the Eliminate, you’d take one serving within 30 minutes after your workout. If and when you take the other two servings per day would be up to you.


Blackwolf Huntress Pack Stack Before and After Reviews


At this point, the Blackwolf Huntress Pack Stack is so new there’s aren’t any user reviews posted online. For this reason, we don’t know what kind of feedback it will get. We’ll keep our eye out for reviews and update this review when they start showing up.


Where to Buy


Blackwolf Banner Image


Blackwolf Huntress Pack Stack is not available in stores or through Amazon.com. It can only be purchased through the official Blackwolf Workout website at a cost of $82.95. For that price, you’ll get the 15 serving tub of each supplement along with a shaker cup and 5 Essential Guides. The 5 guides include:


  1. Introduction
  2. Workout Guide
  3. Nutrition Guide
  4. Supplement Guide
  5. Maintenance Guide


The stack comes with a money back guarantee, but it’s only good for 14 days from your purchase date, and it only applies to unopened packages.


Blackwolf Huntress Pack Stack Highlights


  • It’s a comprehensive workout stack designed specifically for women.
  • The formulas are both comprehensive and complementary.
  • It comes with a shaker cup and guides to help you make the progress you want.
  • Shipping is free.
  • There are no known side effects.


Blackwolf Huntress benefits


Blackwolf Huntress Pack Stack Drawbacks


  • There’s no customer feedback yet.
  • The money back guarantee doesn’t allow you to try it out and return it if it doesn’t work as well as you want.


Our Blackwolf Huntress Pack Stack Conclusion


There aren’t very many bodybuilding workout stacks designed specifically for women, but Blackwolf Huntress Pack Stack is just that. With solid formulas, a good price, and free gifts to help you along, I see no reason why any woman wanting to up her bodybuilding game wouldn’t want to try Blackwolf Huntress Pack Stack.




(1) Nutraceutical Effects of Branched-Chain Amino Acids on Skeletal Muscle. Yoshiharu Shimomura, Yuko YamamotoGustavo BajottoJuichi SatoTaro MurakamiNoriko ShimomuraHisamine Kobayashi, and Kazunori MawatariJ. Nutr. February 2006 
vol. 136 no. 2 529S-532S.

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