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Does BPI Sports A-HD Elite Work?


Note: This is a review. To order, visit the BPI Sports A-HD Elite website.


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Some testosterone boosting supplements focus on the bodybuilding benefits you can get, while others focus on the sexual benefits and male enhancement aspect. The truth is you get both. Testosterone is testosterone, and if you increase yours, you’ll be stronger, leaner, more vital, and your libido will increase. The distinction is really just a matter of marketing.


BPI Sports A-HD Elite is a natural testosterone booster that focuses on the bodybuilding benefits. It makes sense, since BPI Sports is a sports nutritional supplement company. They claim to have a unique formula, capable of helping you achieve gains you’re just not going to get with the competition.


BPI Sports A-HD Elite Benefits


By using BPI Sports A-HD Elite, you’ll reach a harder, more dry and shredded muscular look. It tries to accomplish this with both testosterone boosting and estrogen reducing components.


BPI Sports A-HD Elite Ingredients


The BPI Sports A-HD Elite is indeed unique among testosterone boosting supplements. The ingredient profile is very different than what we usually see. The proprietary blend totals 500mg per serving and includes:


  • BPI Sports A-HD Elite Review 2Zinc (1) which is essential for the natural production of testosterone in your body. There is a direct correlation between adequate zinc levels and adequate testosterone levels in men.
  • Montanoa Tomentosa (2) which is known to be an aphrodisiac and may also improve erection quality as well.
  • Chenopodium Album which can increase stamina and support a healthy anabolic state.
  • Caesalpinia Benthamiana (3) which has been shown to have an effect on vascularity and blood flow by increasing nitric oxide in the body.
  • Curcumin which may block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.
  • Trichopus Zeylanicus which may enhance athletic performance in the areas of endurance, especially under stressful conditions.


It’s certainly an unusual list. Most testosterone boosters use a much different ingredient profile. This uniqueness usually means that either it works really well… or not at all. After all, if it worked so well, wouldn’t we see a bunch of copycats?


Another thing we picked up on is that BPI Sports A-HD Elite claims that is is “Independent Third Party Laboratory Certified.”  But we tried to find out what this meant.  No saying that it is a scam, but does that mean the formula is tested by a third party to be effective? Does it mean the ingredients are tested to be consistent with the label?  Your guess is as good as ours.  The closest we could come up with is that BPI Sports uses raw material provided by Chromadex for its phytochemicals. Chromadex is a publicly traded company that for industry standard phytochemical testing (4).


How To Use BPI Sports A-HD Elite


The recommended dose of BPI Sports A-HD Elite is 1 capsule taken daily, preferably in the morning. It’s recommended that you take it with food and that you make sure to take it at the same time each day. This way, the ingredients build up in your system over time, and you maintain a consistent level. You should use it for 4 or 8 consecutive weeks, followed by a 4 week break before starting your cycle again.

BPI Sports A-HD Elite Before and After Results


A product like BPI Sports A-HD Elite gets a lot of customer feedback because it’s sold through a lot of different vendors, each with their own review mechanism. In this case, the before and after transformation leans toward the positive side, but there’s a lot of criticism as well. Take a look at these reviews to see what I mean:


That Guy says: “I’ve bought this product and used it for a month. Did I notice any change? Yes! My workouts are better. I have more energy and I notice my body looking better. Of course clean eating and exercise is required if you really want results! My sex drive is also good! I’m lasting longer and going more often! No more “one and done guy!” I’m going in like a pornstar! But on the serious note this stuff works. Im 40yrs old and feel like a 30 yr old!”



Chan says: “I have been working out regularly for past three years. I have an athletic build and wanted to use this product as a stimulant or energy source to gain muscle mass. All this product did was give me stomach aches every time I took it. I stopped using it after three days. Waste of money.”



Jason says: “I was looking for something to help me boost my strength, so on a recommendation I bought some A-HD. I have to say that I really was impressed with how good the product hit me.”



JT says: “I’ am 5 caps from finishing the one bottle I purchased, and so far I have noticed next to nothing. I take at the same time everyday like it says. I don’t know if I need a two month cycle to get anything out of it or something. I will not be buying again.”


So it’s tough to get a good read when it comes to customer feedback.


BPI Sports A-HD Elite Review 3


Where to Buy


One good thing about BPI Sports A-HD Elite is that you can pick it up at GNC if you don’t like ordering your supplements online. You can also get it at Amazon.com, Bodybuilding.com, and the BPI Sports website. At the website, the price is $39.95 for a one month 30-count bottle. At GNC, the price comes in much higher at $49.99 for members and $59.99 for non members. Amazon and Bodybuilding.com are the winners at $23.58 and $25.97 respectively.


BPI Sports A-HD Elite Pros


  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • It’s convenient to pick BPI Sports A-HD Elite up and can be pretty inexpensive if you choose the right retailer.
  • It seems to work pretty well for some guys who use it.


BPI Sports A-HD Elite Cons


  • The ingredients haven’t really been tested in humans which means that even if they are effective, it’s impossible to know what dosage levels are necessary.
  • It doesn’t contain any of the ingredients you expect in a testosterone booster.
  • There are lots of BPI Sports A-HD Elite reviews from guys who say it just didn’t work.


Our BPI Sports A-HD Elite Conclusion


It’s true that some guys are using BPI Sports A-HD Elite with success. But I just don’t see the value in using these very untested ingredients to maybe potentially get some kind of T boost when we have other products with tried and tested ingredients. Even if the ingredients can boost testosterone and reduce estrogen, the 500mg proprietary blend is likely too small to have much of an effect.


Testofuel Anabolic Support Complex Review


There are lots of testosterone boosters out there.  We like the ingredient profile in TestoFuel and think it is worth checking out.  To check out the TestoFuel review, including the ingredients, Click Here









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