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Product Reviewed: Cellucor P6 Black

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Cellucor P6 Black Review- Testosterone Booster and Nootropics in One

I love being ahead of the curve. I first tried Cellucor P6 Extreme years ago when another police officer told me about it (back when Cellucor P6 came in a metal can). I saw amazing results with Cellucor P6 extreme and Cellucor M5. So I was very excited to try Cellucor P6 Black, the newest generation. So here is my Cellucor P6 Black Review from a real police officer.

Cellucor P6 Black Review Cellucor was kind enough to send me the Cellucor P6 Black as soon as it came out. Since I have not taken Cellucor P6 in awhile, I immediately noticed a more productive workout with the new Cellucor P6 Black. I do mostly at home workouts like P90x and Insanity, but lately I have been focusing on Crossfit workouts and mixing in some RUSHFIT. Cellucor P6 Black gave me the extra pump to finish out my WOD.

I am also training to do a mini triathlon. Its my first one. I only get to cycle on my Specialized cycle and swim about one morning a week. I am not surprised, but I definitely swam about 6-10 more laps.


What is Cellucor P6 Black


  • P6 Black increases your testosterone
  •  P6 Black uses nootropics to connect the drive in you mind to the strength in your muscles
  • P6 Black prevents DHT, or “bitch tits” from increasing your testosterone


Cellucor P6 Black boasts Nootropic Testosterone Technology, a powerful combination of innovative testosterone boosting ingredients and cutting edge nootropics that deliver a hardcore testosterone supplement with an unmatched ‘feel.’ you will see for yourself, but taking Cellucor P6 Black after a week, I actually felt great about the workouts I did a few days before, because I knew I really kicked butt.

Cellucor P6 Black also features Alpha-GPC, a natural Choline compound, and D-Serine, an amino acid derivative. This is improtant because both support elevated cognitive energy, clarity, motivation and focus. Choline has been around for awhile and available separately. These potent nootropics, when taken with pro-testosterone compounds help fully enable the body to push harder. Cellucor P6 Black allows you to increase your anabolic potential “connecting mind and muscle”. I know it sounds corny, but yeah, Cellucor P6 Black allows that.

What Cellucor P6 Black is not:

  •  is not a steroid

  •  is not an androstenodione

  • is not a Creatine

  • Cellucor P6 will not show up on most drug tests (but its on you to check because some organizations are stricter about supplements than others)

What can I stack Cellucor P6 Black with?

Here is my Cellucor P6 Black – Where is Yours??

You can pretty much stack Cellucor P6 Black with almost anything. I would suggest the stacking Cellucor P6 Black with the other newest product from Cellucor, Cellucor M5 reloaded. You can also stack Cellucor P6 Black with Cellucor Super HD, Cellucor CLK, to get ripped. I would just stay away with other testosterone boosters. Cellucor suggest cycling Cellucor P6 extreme after.

Where can you buy Cellucor P6 Black

Cellucor P6 Black may be difficult to locate at a GNC or Vitamin shop, but they can be purchased there. You can order Cellucor P6 Black at bodybuidling.com, but the BEST PRICE for Cellucor P6 Black can be found at Cellucor.com and using coupon code “intense” . Order Cellucor P6 Black at Cellucor.com and receive 20% off and free shipping when you use coupon code intense. As usual, Cellucor.com has a 60 money back guarentee. CLICK THE LINK BELOW AND USE COUPON CODE “INTENSE” AT CHECKOUT

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Cellucor P6 Black $89.99 90 count – 20% off & Free shipping with coupon code “intense” = $71.99 to your doorstep.

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