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Legal Steroids?


Does D.Bal.Max Work?


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The effect of steroids without actually taking steroids. That’s the goal, right? Well D.Bal.Max claims to get you there. They call it “Pure Bodybuilding Dynamite” that’ll make you explode with gains like you never thought possible.


What Is D.Bal.Max?


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D.Bal.Max is modeled after the illegal steroid Dianabol known to be one of the most powerful, muscle building anabolic steroids there is. Without the dreaded side effects, D.Bal.Max creates an incredible anabolic state so you’re getting the biggest bang for every workout buck you put out.






D.Bal.Max bolsters your muscle building efforts on three separate fronts:


  • It increases protein synthesis, which is at the core of it all. Protein is what builds new and rebuilds damaged, broken down muscle bringing it back stronger. After every workout breaks down your muscle, you need protein to build it back up bigger and stronger. D.Bal.Max stimulates protein synthesis for that purpose.
  • It keeps serotonin levels in check. When you work out, your brain releases an increased amount of serotonin. It keeps your mood and motivation up, and gives you a sense of calm To a point, the increase in serotonin is a good thing. But too much will make you hit that wall of fatigue.  D.Bal.Max reduces the increase of serotonin so that mental fatigue can be delayed. D.Bal.Max also increases ATP, the energy used directly by muscles, so your body’s fatigue is delayed as well.
  • It improves your anabolic hormone profile by increasing testosterone and IGF-1. Testosterone is the primary male hormone that keeps you feeling strong and driven. It also improve the environment in which your muscles grow. IGF-1 is involved in cellular growth, which helps increase muscle volume.


D.Bal.Max Ingredients


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The D.Bal.Max website list the 3 primary active ingredients as:


Pro BCAA Complex. (1)  Branched Chain Amino Acids are critical for post workout recovery. They have a huge effect on protein synthesis so your body gets right to work on its post workout repair process, and you experience less soreness in the process. They also reduce serotonin levels while you’re working out to delay mental fatigue, leaving you better able to work harder for longer. There’s some indication as well that they may improve metabolism and encourage fat burning.
20-Hydroxyecdysterone which is a plant with strong anabolic effects, like increasing protein synthesis, boosting nitrogen retention, and increasing muscle energy (ATP). One study in Russia concluded that 20- Hydroxyecdysterone may have an even greater effect on muscle protein than the real Dianabol.

Whey Protein Complex (2) which is the best kind of protein for achieving big muscle gains. It feeds your muscles with the building blocks they need to maximize growth.


D.Bal.Max Side Effects


Unlike Dianabol, no side effects have been reported when taking D.Bal.Max. The ingredients are all natural and generally well tolerated. Of course, because certain people may have sensitivities to particular substances, there’s always a potential for a reaction or side effect. But overall, the incidence of that with D.Bal.Max is low to none.


There’s no need to worry about acne, shrinking testicles, man boobs, or any of the issues commonly associated with taking steroids. And that’s because D.Bal.Max is not a steroid.


Where to Buy D.Bal.Max


D.Bal.Max Review 2At this time, D.Bal.Max is only available online through the official website. A one month supply is currently on sale for $68.95, but you can save a lot if you go with the 6 month supply for $279.85. That package also comes with a 2 month supply of Muscle Repair Tea.


D.Bal.Max offers a 67 day money back guarantee that applies to 2 empty bottles and all the unopened bottles you return. If you contact customer service after 60 days, they’ll give you instructions for enacting the guarantee.


D.Bal.Max Pros


  • It works like an anabolic steroid, yet it’s completely natural.
  • There are no known side effects.
  • You don’t need to cycle or take post cycle supplements.
  • There’s a money back guarantee.
  • D.Bal.Max is legal.


D.Bal.Max Cons


  • There are no independent customer reviews available yet, letting us hear how it’s working for real guys.


Our D.Bal.Max Conclusion


I’m very intrigued by D.Bal.Max. The fact that it approaches getting you in an anabolic state from three separate angles is a big plus. Feeding the protein synthesis process will help you build muscle. Add in the serotonin regulation and the the post workout repair, and D.Bal.Max may really be on to something.


The only real hesitation I have is that there’s no customer feedback to go on yet. But the money back guarantee means that there’s no risk. If you’re as intrigued as I am, I encourage you to give it a try. I know I will.



(1) Branched-chain amino acid supplementation does not enhance athletic performance but affects muscle recovery and the immune system. Negro, M; Giardina, S; Marzani, B; Marzatico, F. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness48.3 (Sep 2008): 347-51.


(2) The Effect of Whey Isolate and Resistance Training on Strength, Body Composition, and Plasma Glutamine Paul J. Cribb, Andrew D. Williams, Michael F. Carey, and Alan Hayes. International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, 2006, 16, 494-509 © 2006 Human Kinetics, Inc.

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