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"Open the floodgates and let the caged beast out!"


Forged Methyl EAA – What Is It?

Boosting testosterone levels for gaining lean hard muscle is the obvious choice. The hard part is picking which product to use. There are literally hundreds of choices, and weeding through them all is next to impossible. But we try. I got a chance to look at a product called Forged Methyl EAA recently. I’d put it in the category of a “Testosterone Booster Plus” meaning that in addition to boosting T levels, Forged Methyl EAA also performs a few other functions that may be able to push your efforts and results forward.

Forged Methyl EAA is made by Transform Supplements and promises to uncover the ideal you that lives just under the surface, to “open the floodgates and let the caged beast out.” The idea here is that you work hard, and in order to achieve the most optimal results, you need the kind of help that Forged Methyl EAA provides.

Forged Methyl EAAHow Forged Methyl EAA Works

Forged Methyl EAA is not just a testosterone booster. It’s more of an all around workout supplement. In addition to the testosterone increase, it provides better muscle pumps through Nitric Oxide, antioxidant protection against free radical damage, neuro support, and the protection against the conversion of excess testosterone into estrogen.

Forged Methyl EAA Ingredients

Forged Methyl EAA Review 2The primary ingredient in Forged Methyl EAA is Methyl-EAA (N-Methyl-DL-Aspartic Acid) which has been proven to increase testosterone production through the pathway of increased Luteinizing Hormone and Growth Hormone.

The rest of the Forged Methyl EAA formula is broken down into a few different blends, each with its own benefits.

The Herbal Support Blend contains:

  • Stinging Nettle which deactivates Sex Hormone Binding Globulin which would otherwise bind itself to testosterone, making it unavailable for use by the body,
  • Tribulus Terrestris which increases the release of Luteinizing Hormone, signaling for an increase in testosterone production.
  • Icaritin which increases nitric oxide production which improves vasodilation for increased blood flow to both muscles and sexual organs.

The NeuroProtectant Blend contains:

  • Sarcosine which protects the brain against certain neurological disease.
  • Apocynin which is a phytonutrient providing antioxidant protection.
  • Agmapure which is an antioxidant that also increases nitric oxide.

The Aromatase Inhibitor contains:

  • Acacetin and Chrysin which are both known to help blok the conversion of androgenic hormones to estrogen.

The recommended dose is 4 Forged Methyl EAA tablets per day.

Forged Methyl EAA Benefits

Forged Methyl EAA Review 4According to the Forged Methyl EAA product page on the Transform Supplements website, by taking Forged Methyl EAA, you’ll find:

  • An increase in natural testosterone production by your body.
  • A boost in nitric oxide leading to better pumps in the gym as well as better erections in the bedroom.
  • A decrease in the amount of testosterone that’s converted to estrogen.
  • Added protection for your brain and nervous system function that other supplements simply don’t provide.

Forged Methyl EAA Drawbacks

  • Forged Methyl EAA is expensive.
  • It’s hard to find any Forged Methyl EAA reviews from customers who’ve used it.
  • It’s on the expensive side of the price range.

Where to Buy Forged Methyl EAA

The Transform Supplements website has a retailer locator function where you can find an opportunity to buy Forged Methyl EAA. Most, if not all, of these outlets are online retailers. 120 count bottle, which lasts a month, costs $89.99. This is more than most testosterone boosting supplements.

Forged Methyl EAA Review 3

Our Forged Methyl EAA Recommendation

Finding a bodybuilding supplement that “does it all” is tough, yet that’s what Forged Methyl EAA tries to be. It’s first and foremost a testosterone booster, but it doesn’t stop there. It also boosts nitric oxide like a pre workout supplement, it protects brain function like a nootropic, and it blocks estrogen conversion like an anti-aromatase.

The trouble with these all around supplements is that they rarely do all their jobs well. And in the case of Forged Methyl EAA, we just have no evidence that it works. No customer reviews. No clinical studies. No real tangible results anywhere. On top of that, Forged Methyl EAA is expensive. Given all these factors, it’s difficult to recommend you spend $80 on this product. There are products out there, even multi-function products, that have been clearly proven over an over to work. Try one of those instead of Forged Methyl EAA.

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