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The perfect prohormone stack, all set up and ready to go!


GK Prohormones Primobol Dex – What Is It?

It used to be that if you wanted serious gains in muscle mass, you’d turn to steroids. Then that got sticky, what with all the side effects and illegalities. So committed lifters and savvy marketers all scrambled around for alternatives, giving rise to the natural bodybuildng supplement craze we live in. Now, a gym rat can’t swing a bat without hitting a new supplement claiming to give you all the results and none of the side effects.

Prohormones have also become widely available, and the supplement we’re taking a look at today falls into that class. It’s called GK Prohormones Primobol Dex from Need To Build Muscle (or N2BM). Prohormones are basically precursor substances that convert to hormones. You get the benefits of anabolic steroids and the side effects too, but neither is as strong as with the real anabolic thing. The biggest difference is that these prohormones are legal.

What to Expect From GK Prohormones Primobol Dex

Most available prohormone supplements provide just one substance that mimics or converts to one particular steroid, but GK Prohormones Primobol Dex is more like a prohormone stack in one pill. It combines several complementary prohormones in one formulation to help you achieve your lifting and muscle gain goals without having to pick and choose which prohormones to stack.

The goal that GK Prohormones Primobol Dex claims to help you reach is recomposition, or simply recomp. It means you get cut and strong at the same time. It’s your best bet for losing fat and building muscle at the same time. These wouldn’t be huge gains or losses. It’s more about re-apportioning your body – a few pounds of fat off and a few pounds of muscle one. Think of it as getting your body beach-ready for summer.

GK Prohormones Primobol Dex Ingredients

Bear with me here. This gets a little technical at first, then we’ll do a little explaining in English. The GK Prohormones Primobol Dex formula contains:

  • 20 mb Methyldiaziminol for adding size.
  • 20 mg Trenavar which which is an analog of Trenbolone for incredible strength gains.
  • 20 mg Epistane which builds lean muscle gains and blocks estrogen conversion.
  • 100 mg Liver Maxx (TUDCA) for liver support.
  • 100 mg Bio-Sorb Carbopol which helps the absorption of the other ingredients.

A few comments about the formula. There are only dry prohormones, which is in some ways good and in other ways not so good. Dry means less conversion to estrogen so your muscles look “dry” and cut as opposed to big and bloated. On the other hand, dry means no joint lubrication so you may need to use something else to lessen joint pain. Also, while it’s nice to put a prohormone stack together, the doses are for the most part very low, so they won’t really give you the results you’re looking for without increasing the dose an awful lot.

GK Prohormones Primobol Dex Review 2GK Prohormones Primobol Dex Dosing and Cycling

The dose is 1 capsule two times a day, and they recommend a 4 to 5 week cycle. Post cycle therapy and in-cycle liver support is recommended.

GK Prohormones Primobol Dex Benefits

  • The convenience of a single pill prohormone stack is a great idea.
    The ingredients are listed along with amounts.

GK Prohormones Primobol Dex Drawbacks

  • The dosing is too low.
  • It’s a pretty new product so there’s not a lot of information out there.
  • We were not able to find one GK Prohormones Primobol Dex review from an actual guy who’s used it, despite seeing many requests on forums for guys willing to try it.
  • There’s a RipOff Report complaint listed for the company for removing negative comments from their forum.
  • With prohormones, there should be a lot of customer support and information about potential side effect, liver support, and PCT. There’s none of that.

Where to Buy

You can purchase GK Prohormones Primobol Dex online from N2BN for $78.

Our GK Prohormones Primobol Dex Recommendation

It seems like such a great idea, but it definitely lacks something in the execution. The ingredient profile is somewhat good, but the amounts are just too small to make an impact. Add that to the lack of guidance and information, and I just can’t get behind GK Prohormones Primobol Dex.

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