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HCGenerate ES – What Is It?

Note: This is just a review. To order, visit the needtobuildmuscle website.


Have you ever really looked to see how many natural testosterone boosting supplements there are out there? I have, and I’m here to tell that the answer is “way too many to count!” Every time you think you’ve got a handle on what’s available, you find another source and realize you weren’t even close. But we’re here, plugging away at them one by one until you and we both can be satisfied that we’ve done all we can do to decide on the best testosterone booster at the very best value.


HCGenerate ES is an updated version of HCGenerate. (The ES stands for either “Extra Strength” or “Erectile Support” depending on where you look). Original HCGenerate is still around and has a decent following, but HCGenerate ES turns things up a notch and want you to believe it’s worth almost twice the already high price. Well, we’ll take a closer look to determine whether or not that’s true.


How HCGenerate ES Works

There are a couHCGenerate ES Review 1ple of different reasons someone would use a natural testosterone booster like HCGenerate ES. You might choose to use it as PCT when you’re through with a steroid cycle. If this is the case, you’re using it to get your body’s own natural testosterone producing mechanisms fired up and running again after relying on the synthetic stuff. Or you might choose it to boost up a system that’s been lagging because you’ve reached a certain age.


In either case, when your body isn’t making proper amounts of testosterone, you end up with a number of unwanted effects such as muscle loss, fat gain, lack of energy, low libido, and lack of strength and stamina. Taking HCGenerate ES promises to rev your systems back up and make you feel like a man again.


HCGenerate ES Ingredients

The HCGenerate ES formula is an improvement on the original HCGenerate formula in a couple of ways. First, they upped the amounts of some of the key existing ingredients. Second, they added several more. What they ended up with is:


  • HCGenerate ES Review 21200 mg Fadogia Agrestis- That’s an increase of 200 mg of this important libido booster to maintain your sex drive no matter what cycle you’re doing. (1)
  • 1200 mg Fenugreek- Also a 200 mg increase over original HCGenerate. Fenugreek has been shown in tests to increase natural testosterone production.
  • 600 mg Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris- This is an increase of 100 mg of the good stuff. It signals the release of more Luteinizing Hormone to then signal the release of more testosterone.
  • 125 mg Longjack–  A 25 mg increase of LongJack to increase the amount of free testosterone in your body. Also known as Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma Longfolia, Those are the upgraded amounts of the original formula.Often called the “Asian Viagra” Tongkat Ali is a tree that’s found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, and the Tongkat Ali root has been shown to have both testosterone-boosting and libido-raising properties.  A study of 13 active males supplementing Tongkat Ali showed an increase in free testosterone, most likely due to the decline in sex hormone-binding globulin concentrations. (2)


  • Epimedium which boosts libido and improves blood flow for better erections by increasing the production of the vasodilator nitric oxide
  • Mucuna Pruriens which improves mood through the use of L-Dopa which is a precursor to Dopamine. It may also increase testosterone levels.
  • Basella Alba which which is used in Asian countries to boost testosterone.
  • Ginseng which increases energy levels and may work as an anti-inflammatory to decrease post workout recovery time.
  • Indole-3-Carbinol which is an antioxidant that can help put off the cellular effects of aging. It’s also used for liver detox and to maintain a correct hormonal balance.

How To Use HCGenerate ES

The recommended dose is 5 HCGenerate ES tablets a day, and as we stated previously, you can use it regularly, say a 4 weeks on 1 week off cycle indefinitely, or you can use it for post cycle therapy to make sure you’ve got all systems back on track after using steroids or prohormones. The one stipulation given on the label is that you shouldn’t use HCGenerate ES for more than 12 continuous weeks.


Does HCGenerate ES have Side Effects

There are no major side effect with HCGenerate ES.  Since it is legal, there is not need to take a PCT either.  The biggest problem is the site being out of stock often.  But we do not think it is because it is a great seller, just a supply chain issue.


Where to Buy HCGenerate ES

HCGenerate ES is only available online, and it’s really quite expensive. The 150-count bottle represents a month’s supply and sells for $149.00. That price is the same whether you buy it directly from the manufacturer or through another retailer such as Amazon.


  • The HCGenerate ES formula is new and improved.
  • There are some favorable HCGenerate ES reviews from guys who’ve had success using it.


HCGenerate ES Downsides

  • It’s super expensive.
  • You’ll find plenty of reviews where customers are saying it just isn’t worth the price.
  • There is just way too many ingredients to have any real effect

Our HCGenerate ES Recommendation

HCGenerate ES isn’t bad, but it’s definitely not worth paying $150 for. We started out this article by saying that there are tons and tons of testosterone boosters to choose from. That’s still the case, and that means that it’s a buyers market, and no one needs to pay that much for a supplement of this quality.

Phytoserms 347x


Phytoserms 347X has most of the ingredients that HCGenerate ES does, but actually delivers quantities that will get you more swole, quickly.  To check out our review of Phytoserms 347x, Click Here





(1) Yakubu, Musa Toyin, Musbau Adewumi Akanji, and Adenike Temidayo Oladiji. “Effects of oral administration of aqueous extract of Fadogia agrestis (Schweinf. Ex Hiern) stem on some testicular function indices of male rats.” Journal of ethnopharmacology 115.2 (2008): 288-292.

(2Henkel, Ralf R., et al. “Tongkat Ali as a potential herbal supplement for physically active male and female seniors—a pilot study.” Phytotherapy Research 28.4 (2014): 544-550


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