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Works like ephedrine, only it's legal.


HGH.Com Hydrox Slim – What Is It?


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HGH.com Hydrox Slim reviewDiet pills are probably the most frustrating kind of supplements to decide on. They all promise the moon – “Incredible fat loss in just days!” “Beach body by next Tuesday!” “Wake up with flat abs!”  Kind of ridiculous really. But they know that people who want to lose weight can be a little bit desperate. They’ve no doubt tried before, and probably lost some weight. But something happened, they gained it all back and then some. Now they just want something that works, and who can blame them?


In reality, the thing that has to work is you, but hopefully you can find a supplement that helps move you along in the right direction, reaching milestone after milestone till you finally get where you always knew you could and should be. Well guess what! HGH.com Hydrox Slim could be the one!


Hydrox Slim is from HGH.com, belongs to their line of weight loss products, and is pretty powerful. It’s been designed to take the place of the famed ephedrine/caffeine/aspirin (aka “ECA stack” that disappeared once ephedrine was banned. But the question is does it actually work? Plus, use coupon code “HGHTENOFF for 10% off your HGH.com order and coupon code “FREESHIPPING” for free shipping on US orders.  CLICK HERE to place your secure order.  By the way, HGH.com ships worldwide. So you can can get HGH.com Hydrox Slim in Australia, Europe, United Kingdom… wherever!!


HGH.com Hydrox Slim Benefits

HGH.com Hydrox Slim is a thermogenic appetite suppressant that can help you lose weight fast. Working on both the fat burning and the appetite suppressing sides of things, it gets you losing quickly so you stay motivated and on track. And that’s really what you need in a weight loss supplement more than anything else. And on top of fat burning and appetite suppression, HGH.com Hydrox Slim also helps prevent water retention, so you don’t keep that extra, bloating water weight on your body either.


HGH.com Hydrox Slim Ingredients

Hydrox Slim Review 5The HGH.com Hydrox Slim formula includes:

  • Garcinia Cambogia which is the latest weight loss ingredient touted by Dr. Oz. It works as an appetite suppressant and it blocks fat.  But it works even better when coupled with the other ingredients in HGH.com Hydrox Slim (1)
  • Guarana which is basically caffeine, used to raise body temperature, give you energy, and burn fat and works in conjunction with the other ingredients.
  • Citrus Aurantium which is a stimulant that burns fat, improves physical performance, and retains and builds lean muscle mass. (2)
  • White Willow Bark which is similar to an herbal form of aspirin. It converts in the body to a form of salicylate which is similar to aspirin. (3)
  • Dandelion Root which contains vitamins and minerals and helps with digestion.
  • Uva Ursi Leaves which is a diuretic that reduces water retention and drops water weight.
  • Green Tea Extract which contains antioxidants that may increase fat burning and conversion to energy. (4)
  • Cayenne Pepper which increases metabolic rate. (5)
  • Vitamin B-6 which facilitate most bodily functions.
  • Chromium which helps convert sugar to energy so it doesn’t end up being stored as fat.
  • L-Carnitine Base which helps the body convert fatty acids into energy.



Hydrox Slim Review 4

How HGH.com Hydrox Slim Works

The recommended dose is 2-4 HGH.com Hydrox Slim capsules taken about 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch or workout. You are advised to start off at the lower end of the dosage to assess your tolerance before building up if necessary.


HGH.com Hydrox Slim is touted as being part of a rapid 3 week weight loss plan, but you can use it for longer or severa times as it becomes necessary. And for even better results, you can stack HGH.com Hydrox Slim with either HGH.com Clen XDV or HGH.com HGF Max, both from HGH.com. The HGH.com Clen XDV will add an additional fat burning component, while the HGH.com HGF Max will add the benefits of additional HGH, like muscle tone and energy.

HGH.com Hydrox Slim Reviews

Customers are definitely getting results with HGH.com Hydrox Slim. One reviewer talked about having lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. Now this wouldn’t be possible (or healthy) to sustain long term, it’s a good way to provide yourself with motivation to build on.

HGH.com Hydrox Slim Side Effects

I haven’t seen any feedback about side effects, but Hydrox Slim is a stimulant weight loss pill, and that means you’ll have to start off slowly and see how it affects you. Citrus Aurantum and Guarana in particular could combine to cause jitters and/or anxiety in certain people. Again, I haven’t seen anything negative specifically relating to HGH.com Hydrox Slim Hydrox Slim, but it’s always good to use caution with stimulants. Also, you could start by taking a smaller dose of HGH.com Hydrox Slim and work your way up.


Hydrox Slim Review


Best price for HGH.com Hydrox Slim 79.99  $72 when you use coupon code “HGHTENOFF” for 10% off your HGH.com Order




Where to Buy HGH.com Hydrox Slim

Hydrox Slim is sold at HGH.com in their weight loss section. A bottle contains a 3 week supply and costs $79.99. Buying multiple bottles gets you a per bottle discount. For instance, a 6 week supply sells for $135.99, saving you about $25.00. You can place your secure order at HGH.com by CLICKING HERE

Our Hydrox Slim Recommendation

Of course we all know that the key to weight loss is diet and exercise. But who doesn’t need motivation to really get going on a program? That’s why HGH.com Hydrox Slim is such a good product. It helps you get real results right away, so you are more likely to stick with it.

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