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Finally, a product that addresses the challenges of stomach problems in athletes


IBS Relief System Review – Working Out With Irritable Bowel Syndrome?


What Is IBS Relief System? Does your stomach hurt when you work out?

IBS Relief System ReviewI have to say, you don’t know frustration until you’ve dealt with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS. We’ve all had stomach aches, but this goes way beyond. My girlfriend has Celiac disease and gluten may trigger the cramps and frequent trips to the bathroom, but it did make inspire me to look for a reputable supplement to battle irritable bowel syndrome. When it comes to working out and IBS, cramps, diarrhea, and/or constipation 2 or 3 times a week is just the tip of the iceberg. When the food you eat isn’t being digested properly, you’re not getting the nutrients you need. Over time, this turns into a real problem. You get tired and you get sick. For Crossfitters or P90x enthusiasts like us, IBS can be a real progress killer. It’s tough to get motivated to go to the Box when you’re afraid to leave the bathroom. Does your stomach hurt after working out?

Maybe even more frustrating than the discomfort, is the fact that it’s nearly impossible to pinpoint a cause. You and your doctor might be able to identify some of your triggers, but the ultimate root of the problem remains unidentified. Perhaps if you are Celiac, that may trigger the stomach pains after working out. So while accepting that it’s all a big mystery, you have to figure out how to get your life back. I did find this IBS Relief System by Digestive Science.


Some of the Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms the IBS Relief System can help with include:Digestive Science IBS Relief

  • gas
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • abdominal pain
  • bloating
  • irregular bowel movements


Why do I get sick after a Crossfit workout?

Here are some of the culprits that could explain why you get sick after a workout. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or some other digestive issue, may to be blamed. The Digestive Science IBS Relief System claims to soothe some of these symptoms caused by:

  1. Lack of Stomach Acid – The digestive system can be a finicky creature. Too much hydrochloric acid can cause problems like acid reflux. Yet if there’s not enough acid in your stomach, a variety of problems occur, including food allergies, constipation and diarrhea and infections in the gastrointestinal tract.
  1. Inflammation of the GI Tract – Your digestive system is easily inflamed by factors including antibiotics, allergies, drugs and yeast infections. That’s not a pleasant place to visit, because inflammation of the GI tract is linked to food intolerances, fatigue, irritability, even poor skin condition. And of course, the constipation and gas and symptoms of IBS. Ditto if it is triggered by Celiac or allergies to gluten
  2. Imbalanced Bacteria in the Gut – Your digestive system likes balance, and the “friendly” bacteria of the gut synthesize vitamins, assist the immune system and eliminate dangerous bacteria like salmonella. And when the bad bacteria take over, problems ensue, ranging from IBS symptoms to weight gain, chronic pain and even cancer.

The IBS Relief System fixes: Diarrhea

The psyllium husk in the Colobalance IBS Support daily supplement is a natural alternative to laxatives and is often recommended to treat diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome. Psyllium husk has soothing properties and is even prescribed to treat hemorrhoids and patients after anal surgery.

The IBS Relief System fixes: Constipation

Magnesium, found in the Colobalance IBS Support supplement, may perform the same functions as traditional laxatives but without the adverse side effects. Magnesium is also linked to reduction in risk of heart attack and might even prevent osteoporosis.

The IBS Relief System fixes: Pain and Cramping

Probiotics, the “friendly bacteria” that occur naturally in the gut, restore balance to the intestinal microflora and reduce the “bad bacteria” that can cause infections, gas, constipation and abdominal pain. You can supplement your body with ten strains of probiotics with the Maximum Digestion Probiotic supplement in, you guessed it, IBS Relief System.

What Is The IBS Relief System?

While researchers try to pinpoint the origins of the problem, Digestive Sciences is helping you feel better now with The IBS Relief System. The IBS Releif System is a program breaks the potential causes and triggers down and addresses them with a 3 Step System, each step taking on one or more of the causes and symptoms and replacing them with the relief that will let you take your life back.

IBS Relief System Step 1: IBS Pain Relief with Digestive Enzyme Renewal

First things first, you can’t do handstand pushups when you’re doubled over in pain. IBS Digestive Enzyme Renewal IBS Support is formulated with enzymes that deliver fast yet gentle relief for your IBS symptoms. A healthy daily supplement, IBS Relief System replaces lost nutrients, gently encourages healthy and regular bowl elimination, and encourages the production of more hydrochloric acid to improve digestion. IBS Relief System also boosts serotonin production, increasing your resistance to stress as a trigger.

 IBS Relief System Step 2: Maximum Digestion Probiotic

This step is all about getting your guts in order. You need “good” bacteria to provide your digestive system with the balance it needs to perform all the functions it’s meant to. The 10 strains of probiotic “friendly bacteria” included in this step of the IBS Relief System help produce needed vitamins, eliminate bad bacteria, and enhance the immune system.

IBS Relief System Step 3: Daily Digestion Support with Superfood “Chia”

The third step is a daily nutrient and fiber supplement that works to keep your systems functioning properly. The main key ingredient is Chia which is one of the best sources of Omega-3s available. It’s also got antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber to keep your digestive and immune systems running properly. IBS Relief System uses psyllium husk as a gentle laxative and to give you that full feeling that’ll help keep you from eating the wrong foods or too much of them. IBS Relief System has proteins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and digestive enzymes to keep everything in working order.

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Does The IBS Relief System Work?

At this time, there is no cure for IBS. But much has been learned about the disease, the symptoms, and their triggers. You and your doctor can work together to try to identify many of your trigger foods and situations. By using the Digestive Science IBS Relief System along with avoiding triggers, you can have a real shot at getting back to your routine.

You can start looking for improvements in about 30 days with the Digestive Science IBS Relief System. You will get the full range of benefits will kick in after about 90 days after starting Digestive Science IBS Relief System. After that, you’ll want to continue using the IBS Relief System system to maintain your results over the long term.

Where To Buy IBS Relief System

You can purchase IBS Relief System from the Digestive Science website. They offer a one month package for $97.95, but they strongly recommend that you go with the 3 month package for $237.95. That’s a significant discount off the monthly price, and since you should stick with the program for at least 90 days, this seems like it would be the way to go. The IBS Relief System comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee that allows you to try it for the full 90 days before deciding whether or not you want to stick with it. If you know anything about Irritable Bowel Syndrome and working out with it, there is one size fits all solution. But with the Digestive Science IBS Relief system, you can try it risk free and I would be the first person to return it if it doesnt. My girlfriend seems was skeptical and while its not a cure, she did note some improvements and can work out and do her Zumba. The hardest part for her is remembering to take the IBS Relief System packets. CLICK HERE or at the end of the page to purchase the IBS Relief System directly from Digestive Science because it is not available in stores.

Our Recommendation for The IBS Relief System

When Irritable Bowel Syndrome takes over a Crossfitter’s life, you’ll do whatever it takes to get it back. Nothing’s worse than not being able to pursue your passion to get and stay fit and strong. The first thing to do, of course is consult with your doctor. To the best of your ability, find your triggers and try to eliminate them. Then, with the doctor’s blessing, get on the Digestive Science IBS Relief System. It can get order and balance back to your guts and get you back to the box. I hope this IBS System Relief System review was helpful because working out with stomach issues really can be a struggle and I feel for you.


If you’ve used The IBS Relief System, please leave a comment below!


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