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Muscle Builder or Sleep Enhancer?




Note: This is a review. Click here to visit the Lecheek Nutrition Website.

Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH ReviewYou probably know about how testosterone affects your workout and bodybuilding efforts, but do you know about HGH. Just like testosterone, when you’re young, your body makes loads of Human Growth Hormone. It’s what makes human body tissue grow healthy and remain viable. It’s what pushes bone and muscle to grow to its fullest potential. And just like testosterone, as you get older, your body produces less and less of the stuff.


Doctors have prescribed HGH injections to children with growth disorders for years, and these days more and more doctors are also prescribing them off-label to adults who see HGH as the fountain of youth. But for a lot of reasons, HGH injections are not available to most people. For one thing, it’s not easy to find a doctor willing to prescribe it. For another thing, injections hurt. And last but not least, HGH injection therapy is extremely expensive. We’re talking about thousands of dollars each month. That’s why natural HGH supplements like Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH have become so popular in recent years.

How Does Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH Work

Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH is what’s called an HGH Secretagogue. There’s no actual or synthetic HGH in it. Instead, it stimulates your body to produce more of its own Human Growth Hormone naturally. So you get more HGH for a fraction of the price with no hassle, no prescription, no pain, and no thousand dollar monthly payments.


By using Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH, your getting nearly the same benefits as guys who juice, but you get the satisfaction of remaining natural, and you and I both know that’s a distinction worth sticking to. What Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH claims to achieve is the perfect environment for maximum muscle growth in the ultimate anabolic environment. Taking this natural supplement promises to:


  • Increase your testosterone levels.
  • Increase your body’s production of HGH.
  • Enhance protein synthesis.
  • Increase nitric oxide production.
  • Block the release of cortisol which would put you in a catabolic state.

Those are all the promises that Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH makes. Next, we took a look at the formula to see if there’s any truth to it.

Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH Ingredients

The Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH formula is proprietary, meaning that they don’t reveal how much of each component is included, but the do list what the actual components are:


  • Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH Review 2Chlorophytum Borivilianum (Safed Musli) (1) which is an adaptagenic and aphrodisiac.
  • Velvet Bean which has been shown to increase the release of Human Growth Hormone when used in conjunction with Chlorophytum Borivilianum.
  • 4-Aminobutanic Acid (GABA) which may improve mood, energy, and focus.
  • Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) (2) which is an Ayurvedic herb most often used to increase longevity.
  • Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice Root) which contains anti-depressant qualities that may be able to block the secretion of Cortisol, the main human stress hormone.
  • Catharantus Roseus (Madagascar Periwinkle) which has been used in herbal medicine for many purposes.
  • 4-Hydroxy-3-Methoxyphenyl (Ferulic Acid) which is known to be an antioxidant, though it is mainly used topically.
  • Valerian Root (3) which is commonly used to treat insomnia, as well as to treat muscle and joint pain.
  • Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha) which has traditionally been used in Ayurvedic medicine to fight fatigue.


Most natural HGH supplements use a specific grouping of amino acids to stimulate the release of HGH. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH. Instead, they use a collection of herbal and Ayurvedic medicines, each offering their own effects and benefits. This leads us to believe that rather than causing your body to release increased HGH, Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH attempts to mimic the effects of increased HGH without actually increasing HGH.

Who makes Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH?

Lecheek Nutrition started as a supplement store. They got the idea for a pre workout of their own and created Speed X3, which to this day is their flagship product. Today, they have sells dozens of products both online and in stores. The company is located in Harrison, Arkansas.

Where to Buy Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH

You can purchase Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH online through the Lecheek Nutrition webiste. The website also has a retail and online store locator, so if you prefer buying your supplements in person, you can find a location there. You can also find online retailers using this function as well. If you buy through the website, the one month supply costs $64.99.


You will not find Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH at GNC, but it seems like you can find it at Bodybuilding.com.  Some Lecheek Nutrition products are available at Amazon.com, but not this one


Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH Review 3

Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH Reviews

Because it’s available through several different retailers, there are a good number of Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH reviews available from customers who felt their feedback would be helpful. Most of the reviews I’ve seen are fairly positive, though not particularly glowing. The most common positive effect was a good night’s sleep. HGH supplements are generally taken at night because HGH products occurs while you sleep. Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH adds Valerian Root as a sleep aid to make their customers feel like they’re getting a good night’s rest.

Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH Pros

  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • The company provides full contact information.
  • Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH reviews are generally positive.


Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH Review 4

Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH Cons

  • The formula only contains one ingredient that boosts HGH production.
  • Most of the positive reviews refer to Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH helping with a good night’s sleep, not muscle building.
  • $65 is a lot to spend on an herbal sleep aid, especially considering that you still need to fit a muscle building supplement into your budget.
  • We search for Lecheek Nutrition’s Return Policy… And we could not find one. BUYER BEWARE.
  • We found a warning letter from the FDA regarding addressed to Lecheek Nutrition. This is never a good sign. If you want to read the FDA letter addressed to Lecheek Nutrition… Click Here.

Our Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH Conclusion

Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH presents itself as an anabolic supplement that helps you put on muscle. But what it really is is a sleep aid. There are HGH supplements that work, but they contain amino acids, not Valerian Root. Skip the Lecheek Nutrition Mass HGH in favor of a supplement that delivers what it promises.


HyperGH 14x


Lecheek Nutrition might have their fans, but we are not one of them.  If you are looking for a tried and trued HGH releaser, that also happens to offer great sleep to boot, we suggest you check out HyperGH 14x by clicking here. 





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