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Does Leptigen Work?

Note: This is a review.  To order, visit the Leptigen website.


Leptigen Review

At some point in their lives, most Americans experience the desire to lose weight. At most point in their lives, most Americans start a weight loss program and lose weight. But it’s not that simple. Most people lose weight and gain it back again several times over. Some eventually take it off for good. Some stay on the seesaw forever.


Why does it have to be so hard? Lots of reasons really, but one of the biggest reasons is that significant weight loss happens slowly. It’s hard to maintain motivation when you’re not seeing success in the mirror. Sure, it’s not that hard to lose a few pounds at first. But to keep losing week after week takes serious commitment, and it’s hard to stay committed to something when you can’t see it working. That’s what Leptigen is for. Its ingredients have been clinically studied and shown to help users lose more weight, keeping them motivated to stick with the program and continue to lose.


Leptigen Benefits


According to the makers of Leptigen, this supplement will help you speed up your fat loss, boost your metabolism, and soar through plateaus with relative ease. By combining ingredients that burn fat and provide energy and antioxidants with compounds that suport appropriate blood sugar levels, Leptigen puts you on track to lose the extra pounds and to keep losing them until you’re at your goal weight.


Leptigen Ingredients

Leptigen Review 3The Leptigen formula is a proprietary blend of some common ingredients and some less common ingredients. The exciting part is that each of them has been clinically studied and shown to support healthy weight loss.


  • Meratrim (1) is a proprietary blend itself of flower extract Spaeranthus Indicus and fruit extract Garcinia Mangostana. Together they fight inflammation, combat free radical cell damage, and promote weight loss. One clinical study involved 100 subjects who took Meratrim for 8 weeks, while eating a 2,000 calorie per day diet and exercising 30 minutes a day five days a week. The result was that the participants lost weight and reduced their BMI.
  • ChromeMate is a particular form of chromium which can control glucose levels and cholesterol levels. It’s highly bioavailable so less is needed to achieve results. Chromium has been shown to regulate blood glucose levels to keep appetite in check, rather than the typical spikes and dips you otherwise see.
  • Green Tea Extract (2) is an antioxidant that also helps maintain blood sugar levels. It’s used in hundreds of weight loss products for its ability to help burn fat and control appetite.
  • Caffeine is a stimulant that also helps burn fat. That dual purposing is why you’ll find caffeine in more weight loss pills than any other ingredient. Caffeine has been shown to increase your metabolism, improve your athletic performance, improve your focus and concentration, and improve your mood. Leptigen doesn’t provide specifics on how much caffeine is included, but they do mention that it’s a moderate amount, not likely to give you the jitters.


How To Use Leptigen


Using Leptigen is very simple. It’s just one pill taken 2 times a day before meals. Because of the caffeine content, it’s probably best to take it before breakfast and lunch.


Leptigen Review 4Leptigen Before and After Testimonials


Because Leptigen is only available through its official website, we really didn’t find any independent customer reviews. There are testimonials on the website, but those tend to be less reliable than independently offered customer reviews. Companies will usually cherry pick the ones they like to display on the website.


Where to Buy Leptigen


Leptigen is not available on Amazon.com or any other online retailer. You can only get it through the official Leptigen website. A single bottle is a one month supply which you can get for $109.95. That’s pretty expensive. You can save money on your per bottle price if you buy more than one at a time. If purchasing 2 bottles, you’ll pay $99.95 each. If you buy 3 bottles, you’ll pay $89.95 each.


There’s also a free trial option you can access through some Leptigen review websites. It’s a typical online “free trial” offer where you pay for shipping, they send you a bottle, and you have 14 days to decide if you want to continue using it. If you do nothing, they’ll charge you the $89.95 price for the bottle you already received, and they’ll sign you up to receive monthly bottles at that same price until you cancel your subscription.


Leptigen Pros


  • The ingredients have been clinically tested and shown to be effective.
  • There’s a 120-day money back guarantee (but they can select which returns are acceptable)
  • There are no fillers in the formula.
  • Leptigen marketing doesn’t make outlandish promises about huge weight loss with minimal or no effort.


Leptigen Review 2Leptigen Cons


  • It’s expensive, like way to expensive for what you are getting.
  • The ingredient blend is proprietary, so there’s no way of knowing if the doses used are the correct doses according to the clinical studies.
  • There are no independent Leptigen reviews from customers who’ve used it and decided to review it outside the product website.
  • They offer a free trial that really isn’t free, and many customers will be caught off guard by the charges.
  • Leptigen will not take returns on “overly used products”, but if a there is a 120 day guarantee, and a bottle last you one month…. that makes no sense. 


Our Leptigen Conclusion

Leptigen has the potential to be a great weight loss supplement. They’ve chosen effective ingredients for their formula, and they’ve chosen to set reasonable expectations of success for their potential customers. That leaves us with just a few unknowns. We would prefer to know just how much of each ingredient is in the formula. And we’d like to see some independent customer reviews. That said, the 120-day money back guarantee makes Leptigen seems great, but their ambiguous return policy seems deceptive.


PhenQ Review 1

So basically Leptigen seems a little wishy washy with their return, but Phen Q offers a 67 money back guarantee.  PhenQ seem much less gimmicky, and more genuine.  To check out the PhenQ review, Click Here









(1) Efficacy and Toleration of an Herbal Formulation for Weight Management. Judith Stern, Jan Peerson, Adriana Mishra, Veskata Sadesiva.


(2) Efficacy of a green tea extract rich in catechin polyphenols and caffeine in increasing 24-h energy expenditure and fat oxidation in humans. Abdul G DullooClaudette DuretDorothée RohrerLucien GirardierNouri MensiMarc FathiPhilippe Chantre,andJacques Vandermander. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  December 1999
vol. 70 no. 6 1040-1045.


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    Stay away – Product dose not work and company is a scam.

    • Thanks Steven… You are totally right. We think Leptigen sucks too

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