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Get a combined feeling of euphoria and aggression while working out!


LG Sciences Epi Andro – What Is It?

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LG Sciences Epi Andro Review 1What if I told you there was a way to get a combined feeling of euphoria and aggression while working out, and that it’s completely safe and legal? Would you believe me? If you answered “probably not”, I admire your skepticism but think you should definitely read on. LG Science (the LG stands for Legal Gear) has come up with a prohormone product called Epi Andro that does just that. By using LG Sciences Epi Andro, a prohormone to DHT, you’ll get all that and more, including a notable increase in libido. LG Sciences Epi Andro also claims it is great for both cutting and bulking stacks because it’s focus is strength which is need no matter what cycle you’re currently in.  Sounds like LG Sciences EPI Andro is a nootropic and muscle builder in one bottle.  The problem is that between the Prohormone ban of 2014 and LG sciences always being out of stock, the wind might be out of their sails.


LG Sciences Epi Andro Review 2LG Sciences Epi Andro Ingredients


Like I mentioned above, LG Sciences Epi Andro is a prohormone. The key ingredient is : 25 mg of what is called 3b-Hydroxy-androstane-3b-ol,17-one, Beta-ecdysterone. It’s a prohormone that increases DHT levels while reducing estrogen at the same time. So you get the euphoria and aggression from the DHT, and the balance provided by the reduction of estrogen. LG Sciences Epi Andro works primarily on the central nervous system, signaling for an increase in neural output. It’s also anabolic, but it’s real strength is in its effect on your brain/muscle connection.


There might be some merits to their claims. Some common names for ecdysterone include ecdisten, ecdysone, isoinokosterone, 20-hdroxyecdysone and β-ecdysterone. Currently the only research supporting these claims has been conducted in animals where reports suggest ecdysterone’s lead to anabolic activity on skeletal muscles [1], cell proliferation and growth leading to increased mass from vitamin-like effects [2]. Despite these potential benefits, no research has supported these claims in human models.


LG Sciences Epi Andro Benefits:

  • Its a sublingual formula
  • fast acting
  • serious ingredients… not for pussies

LG Sciences Epi Andro Cons:

  • Lots of warnings on the label
  • Prohormones are not for everybody.
  • Nasty potential side effects
  • LG sciences is always out of stock, so maybe they closed their doors


How LG Sciences Epi Andro Works

LG Sciences Epi Andro comes with LG Sciences unique liquid delivery system. After you shake the bottle, fill the Adapta cap with 2 ml of liquid and hold it under your tongue for 60 seconds. Then swish it around your mouth and swallow it completely. The recommended usage is 3 times daily, spread out evenly throughout the day, and it is strongly recommended that you don’t take more than one dose within 30 minutes.


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LG Sciences Epi Andro Warnings


The warning label on LG Sciences Epi Andro is pretty serious. First of all, it’s not for anyone under 21, and it’s not recommended for use by women. You should talk to your doctor before using it, and you should avoid using it at all if you have almost any pre-existing medical condition. All this is on top of your fairly standard warnings about not taking if you’re pregnant or nursing, have high or low blood pressure, have had a stroke or heart disease, a psychiatric disorder, and the list goes on. Additionally, LG Sciences Epi Andro warns that you may experience hair loss due to the increased DHT levels. Basically, I’d say if you’re considering taking LG Sciences Epi Andro, check in with your doctor first.


LG Sciences Epi Andro Reviews

There aren’t a whole lot of customer reviews out there, but the ones there are tend to be pretty positive:

  • “Great product. The gym was fun to go to again and it was the easiest time for me to diet.”
  • “With Epi-Andro I take 3 times a day, and really can tell that during my focus is on the weights I am throwing around. Also seems to centralize all my strength into the training.”
  • “On about day 4 or 6 ml a day, I noticed increased vascularity, then sense of being swole all day, and increased libido.”

Where to Buy LG Sciences Epi Andro

You can find LG Sciences Epi Andro on the LG Sciences website. The 90 serving bottle is good for a 30-day supply, and costs $56.99. The problem is LG sciences is always out of stock, never a good sign. 


Our LG Sciences Epi Andro Recommendation

Serious efforts need serious supplements. LG Sciences Epi Andro is a serious supplement. Think about adding it to your next cycle because whether you’re bulking or cutting, you might want the strength that LG Sciences Epi Andro fosters.  But for 95% of of bodybuilders and athletes out there, this might not really be a good idea.  I personally think its better to steer clear of prohormones altogether and get a safer proven testosterone booster. Did I mention they sell this at Walmart.com… I’ll pass.


Test Stack No. 17


Test Stack No. 17 might be a better alternative that gets you safer and more consistent gains.  Plus they have a 100% money back guarantee. Check out the Test Stack No. 17 Review by Clicking Here. 




(1)Chermnykh N, Shimanovskii NL, Shutko GV, Syrov VN. The action of mehandrostenolone and ecysterone on the physical endurance of animals and on protein metabolism in the skeletal muscles. Farmakol Toksikol. 1988;51:57–60.

(2) Sláma KLR. Insect hormones – ecdysteroids: their presence and actions in vertebrates. Eur J Entoniol. 1995;92:355–37.

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