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Product Reviewed: LG Sciences Epic Liquid

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Works fast to give you the energy and focus you need.


What is LG Sciences Epic Liquid

Note: This is just a review. To order, visit the LG Sciences website


LG Sciences Epic Liquid Review 1If you think about everything you want in a pre workout, your list probably includes energy, focus, pump, muscle strength and muscle recovery. Lots of products, maybe most, have most of the things on that list. But the key is to find the one that has all those qualities, AND has them in just the right combination to deliver the best results. According to most of the customer reviews I’ve read, LG Sciences Epic Liquid is a strong contender for that honor. So we decided to take a closer look.


LG Sciences Epic Liquid is a liquid pre workout supplement you can mix with water or take alone, like a shot. As a liquid, it works fast to give you the energy and focus you want, and it also uses long established muscle building and recovery ingredients to give you that back end help you also want and need.


Unfortunately, LG Sciences does not even have this on their website.  Our guess is that things might not be going to well at LG Sciences because they are out of almost everything, and most resellers are out of stock too.


LG Sciences Epic Liquid Ingredients


The formula is both straight forward and pretty complete. It includes:


  • Glycerol which is a sugar alcohol that can hydrate the cells within your muscles so you maintain strength during workouts and improve recovery afterward.
  • DiCreatine Malate which is a creatine salt that contributes to the krebs cycle.
  • Creatine Monohydrate which provides energy and strength to you muscles.
  • Citruline Malate which is an amino acid that reduces muscle fatigue and promotes aerobic energy. (1)
  • Caffeine which works as a stimulant and increases focus.
  • Bitter Orange Extract which is a synephrine based stimulant that improves mood.
  • Dendrobium which is an herbal stimulant that boosts your energy.

LG Sciences Epic Liquid Review 2



How LG Sciences Epic Liquid Works


LG Sciences Epic Liquid comes in liquid form. You can either mix it with water for some increased hydration, or you can take it straight, like a shot. You’ll want to take it about 20 minutes before your workout. As a liquid, it acts fast. You should be at top form within 20 minutes with no jitters, no shakes, and no eventual crash.


LG Sciences Epic Liquid Reviews


There is quite a bit of customer feedback regarding LG Sciences Epic Liquid, and most of it can be classified as positive. Here are some examples of what I found:


  • “It does taste like candy and hits hard quicker than any other pre-wrokout I’ve tried. I have more time to hit the weights and less time waiting for my energy product to kick in.”
  • “This stuff definitely gets you amped up in a very short amount of time. It doesn’t have much of a crash and doesn’t keep you up all night either.
  • “Hands down the BEST pre workout I have ever taken in my life.”
  • “I have tried countless products, but have never been satisfied. Epic is the one pre-workout where I felt that extra push! Never felt tired and always felt like the last set was as easy as the first. Great tasting and must for any level of trainer.”

The most common negative before and after testimonial went something like this:

  • “the fruit punch tastes so bad I gagged trying to swallow it, I guess that’s why they call it and insanity does, keeping it in your mouth for 60 sec is painful to say the least. and id hardly call its effects epic, not a lot of pump, energy or focus on the recommended dose. Not a pre work out I would recommend.”

LG Sciences Epic Liquid Side Effects

Aside from the terrible taste, there are a ton of warning from users and forums about consuming enough water with LG Sciences Epic Liquid.  Lack of water could lead to cramping.  That is not a common side effect of most preworkout supplements we review.


LG Sciences bagged by the FDA

While researching LG Sciences, formerly called Legal Gear, we learned they had a pretty significant run in with the FDA.  To see the entire FDA testimony, Click Here. But below is an excerpt.

In March 2006, FDA sent Warning Letters to four more manufacturers and distributors of synthetic steroid-containing products illegally marketed as dietary supplements.  One of these companies, LG Sciences (formerly Legal Gear), was the subject of an FDA seizure in April 2008 of nearly $1.3 million worth (23,300 bottles) of illegal synthetic steroid-containing body-building products labeled as dietary supplements.


Where to Purchase LG Sciences Epic Liquid


You can purchase LG Sciences Epic Liquid from the LG Sciences website. It comes in Blue Raspberry and Fruit punch, and the 22 oz bottle sells for $44.99.  The problem is that LG Sciences is pretty much consistently out of stock, which is a huge red flag.  Other seller are also out of stock.


Our LG Sciences Epic Liquid Recommendation


Whether or not to recommend LG Sciences Epic Liquid is pretty much a no brainer. Between the negative reviews and a few guys who didn’t like the taste. Also with LG Sciences on even stocking it or having it on their website, we would steer clear.


NitroCut Stimulant Free Preworkout Supplement by Nitrocut


Want a preworkout supplement that has a great guarantee, is effective, and delivers incredible pumps and endurance? We suggest checking out Nitrocut. To read out review, click here. 





(1) Bendahan, D., et al. “Citrulline/malate promotes aerobic energy production in human exercising muscle.” British journal of sports medicine 36.4 (2002): 282-289.

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