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Product Reviewed: LG Sciences Form-XT

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Prevents male hormones like testosterone and DHT from converting into estrogen.


LG Sciences Form-XT – What Is It?

Note: This is just a review. To order, visit the official website.


LG Sciences makes lots of prohormones and other supplements designed to help you get the best results from your workout and bodybuilding efforts. They focus mainly on the serious bodybuilder, someone who knows how certain components help, which ones to prioritize, and which ones to avoid. And they take the time to explain how and why you should use their products to your best advantage.


LG Sciences ReviewLG Sciences Form-XT is an anti-estrogen aromatase inhibitor. What that means is that it prevents male hormones like testosterone and DHT from converting into estrogen, which results in unwanted effects like muscle loss, fat gain, and gyno. LG Sciences Form-XT is also what’s known as an anti-xenoestrogen, which basically means that it blocks outside estrogen sources from effecting your hormonal ratios. You see, LG Sciences is of the firm belief that the abundance of estrogen in today’s world is making guys soft, and sabotaging their efforts in the gym and the bedroom alike. And that either as a standalone product or post cycle, an anti-estrogen agent is necessary for possible all men. LG Sciences Form-XT is a Post Cycle Therapy worth looking at.



LG Sciences Form-XT Ingredients

What’s actually in LG Sciences Form-XT is the prohormone, Androsta-3,5-diene-7, 17-dione which is anti-estrogen prohormone, otherwise known as a dry prohormone (one that doesn’t promote the presence of estrogen). Added on to that base is a proprietary blend of herbal ingredients that can help prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. These include Calcium Lactate, Ginger Root, Quercetin, Phellodenron, and Piperine.


How To Use LG Sciences Form-XT

You would use LG Sciences Form-XT either as a standalone product to provide a steady defense against the onslaught estrogen has on your body, or as PCT. PCT is of course Post Cycle Therapy. If you use real gear or even legal prohormones, you want to follow up your cycle with a natural product that helps you hold you results longer. LG Sciences Form-XT does that by preventing estrogen from taking over and minimizing all your gains. This is how most guys use LG Sciences Form-XT.

Directions are to hold the LG Sciences Form-XT liquid under your tongue for 60 seconds before swishing it around and then swallowing it. The recommended usage is 3 times spread throughout each day, and you are urged not to take it more than once in a 20 minute time frame.


LG Sciences Form-XT Review 3LG Sciences Form-XT Reviews

Most of the LG Sciences Form-XT reviews I’ve seen are from guys who use it post cycle, and they all seem to think it does a great job:

  • “Form-XT flat out works. I’ve used it three times now and my gains continue all through my PCT and even after.”
  • “First time I used it when I was beginning to feel like environmental factors were taking its toll on my body. I ran this for 4 weeks and it got me back on track. No I use it whenever I run a cycle and it really helps get my system back on track helping me keep my gains at the same time. Best PCT I’ve used.”

Where to Buy LG Sciences Form-XT

LG Sciences Form-XT is available at the LG Sciences website. The 90 serving bottle lasts for about a month and sells for $43.99.  The problem is the LG Sciences is consistently out of stock!


LG Sciences in the News

In March 2006, FDA sent Warning Letters to four more manufacturers and distributors of synthetic steroid-containing products illegally marketed as dietary supplements.  One of these companies, LG Sciences (formerly Legal Gear), was the subject of an FDA seizure in April 2008 of nearly $1.3 million worth (23,300 bottles) of illegal synthetic steroid-containing body-building products labeled as dietary supplements.  To see the official FDA testimony, Click Here.


Our LG Sciences Form-XT Recommendation

It’s true that there’s just more estrogen in our environment than ever before. It’s in the water, it’s in the waste, it’s everywhere. There’s more and more evidence pointing to the fact that this estrogen presence is a contributing factor to the growing rate of obesity. LG sciences rides the fence of being legit.  They are always out of stock, which leave you out of luck.


Test Stack No. 17

LG sciences is always out of stock it seems.  Supply chain problems? The Prohormone ban?  We suggest you check out a supplement like Test Stack No 17.  The results speak for themselves.  To check out a review of Test Stack No 17, Click Here.





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