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Great for Bulking and Cutting


What is LGD-4033?


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We talk about natural supplements here most of the time, but let’s not forget that there are plenty of guys out there making big gains with anabolic steroids. I know a lot of you don’t forget, and you may even be tempted to juice yourself to get similar gains. But if you don’t want to go all the way to steroids, there is a middle ground you can stop at. They’re called SARMS and they includes LGD-4033.




What Are SARMs?


SARM stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator(1). Basically what it means is that they bond to some Androgen receptors (those in muscle and bone tissue) but not to others (organ and glandular tissue). The result is steroid-like results without steroid-like damage. That’s the theory, and SARMs have been through lots of testing that supports the theory. So let’s look at a particular SARM that’s getting a lot of attention, called LGD-4033.


What is LGD-4033?

lgd-4033 Review 2LGD-4033, aka Ligandrol, is a relatively new SARM originally developed to treat the wasting of muscle tissue that comes with old age, cancer, or other illnesses. It’s strong. It’s got an Anabolic: Androgenic ratio of 10:1 (as opposed to testosterone which comes in at 1:1).


The basic idea is that it’s a very versatile supplement you can use for bulking cycles, cutting cycles, and recomposition cycles. Gains of 1-1.5 pounds per week are what’s generally expected when you use it. And the side effects are minimal when compared to anabolic steroids.


Is LGD-4033 Legal?


LGD-4033 is fully legal at this time, but it is a banned substance by the NCAA and some other sports agencies. If you are subject to testing, you would need to check with your administration to know whether or not you’re allowed to use it.


How LGD-4033 Works


As a SARM, LGD-4033 selectively binds to adrogen receptors in muscle tissue, providing an anabolic environment for muscles without interfering with the proper and healthy functioning of the prostate, or any other glands in the body.


It’s best suited for a bulking cycle when used with a good calorie surplus diet and heavy lifting routine. By taking 5-10 mg per day and following the right diet and workout protocol, it’s conceivable that you’ll put on 10 pounds during your 8 week cycle. But LGD-4033 is also appropriate for both cutting and recomposition cycles using slightly lower doses.


LGD-4033 Side Effects


Taking LGD-4033 will cause suppression of your body’s natural testosterone production, but no suppression of Luteining Hormone has been determined. That means that while Post Cycle Therapy is necessary after a LGD-4033 cycle, it can be relatively short compared with what you’d need after a steroid cycle.


Other side effects associated with testosterone and steroids do not occur. You won’t experience prostate issues, acne, oily skin, or aggression. No negative effects on the cardiovascular system or cholesterol levels has been noted either.
It is also stated that LGD-4033 doesn’t affect your liver or cause liver toxicity, but I’ve seen at least one account stating that it does. For that reason, and just to be on the safe side, I would recommend cycle support while using LGD-4033.


LGD-4033 Testing


Phase I testing of LGD-4033 has shown it to be safe up to 22 mg per day. (2) Effectiveness wasn’t explicitly part of the trial, but prelimary results look good. Additionally, there are several logs and informal tests demonstrating that LGD-4033 is effective for bulking, cutting, and recomp cycles.

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LGD-4033 Before and After Reviews


The LGD-4033 feedback I’ve found has all been positive, as it provides significant gains without side effects. Here’s what one reviewer had to say:


“The appearance of my physique increased in a matter of a week and dramatically changed after a few weeks with slow and steady gains. It’s a safe and healthy alternative to anabolic steroids”
Another says: “I’m on my 7th week of the cycle and have seen a solid 15 lbs of mass (back into my training after two years off). I stayed at 10mg per day. 5mg in morning and 5mg at night. I don’t think exact timing matters much just as long as you split the dosage. I believe the half life is 12hrs (might be incorrect)”


Where to Buy LGD-4033


There are quite a few online retailers that sell LGD-4033, though at this point it’s not available at the big retailers like Amazon.com. Prices vary, as do concentrations and forms. The most tried and true form up till now is the liquid, where you drop it on the back of your tongue with an eye dropper. Look for a 30ml bottle, which would be 30 days at a dose of 10mg per day.


LGD-4033 Pros


  • It shows real promise for gains without typical anabolics side effects.
  • Customer reviews are very positive.
  • It can be used for cutting, bulking, and recomposition cycles.
  • Clinical studies have shown that it’s safe up to 22 mg per day, at least in the short term.


LGD-4033 Cons


  • There haven’t been any long term studies yet.
  • It’s banned by the NCAA.


Our LGD-4033 Conclusion


If you want more than natural supplements have to offer, but don’t want to deal with all the side effects and other problems that come with using steroids, LGD-4033 is a promising option. Anabolic results without anabolic side effects. It’s a good deal. Our main concern is the that long term effects just aren’t yet known.




(1) Examining the SARM LGD-4033. Arnold, M. Iron Magazine. November 17, 2014.


(2) The Safety, Pharmacokinetics, and Effects of LGD-4033, a Novel Nonsteroidal Oral, Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, in Healthy Young Men. Shehzad BasariaLauren Collins1E. Lichar DillonKatie OrwollThomas W. StorerRenee Miciek, Jagadish Ulloor, Anqi Zhang, Richard EderHeather Zientek, Gilad GordonSyed KazmiMelinda Sheffield-Moore, and Shalender Bhasin. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci(2013) 68 (1): 87-95.

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User Questions and Answers

Q: I am 19 years old i been working out for 3 years now and i have a very good physics and i am pretty big. I want to know if should take LGD to get more mass on me? And why do i have to take a post cycle? And what are the side effects? -Diomar

A: You will get bigger on LGD, that is pretty definite.  However, its pretty new to market so the side effects could be pretty intense.  Technically LGD is legal, but alot of times it says "not for use on humans" knowing full well men use it.  While some of the minor side effects like oily skin and acne might not be observed, the major side effect could be suppressing your own testosterone production. And while a prohormone might help, there is no guarantee.  I would suggest sticking with something safer but more effective like Test Stack No 17.

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