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Fat Burning on the Edge


Does Lipodrene Hardcore Work?

Note: This is a review. To order visit the Lipodrene Hardcore website.


Lipodrene Hardcore Review 1If you’re looking to incinerate fat, there are some hardcore fat burners available to help. They come loaded with stimulants ready to keep you energized, moving, burning, and shredding. But how much is too much? Because that’s really a personal decision, supplement companies will keep pushing boundaries toward the more and more extreme. Sometimes, they push so far they get banned. Lipodrene Hardcore is one supplement doing the pushing, but it hasn’t stepped over the line so far. We took a close look at the formula and how it works. So, does it work? Is it safe? And is it the fat burner you should be using?


Lipodrene Hardcore Review 3Lipodrene Hardcore Benefits


Lipodrene Hardcore is made by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. It is an update of their Lipodrene product, adding both rapid and extended release technologies, allowing it to get right to work, last in your system for hours and hours, and not cause the dreaded crash you get from so many stimulant based supplements. With its dual primary focus on weight loss and energy enhancement, Hi-Tech calls Lipodrene Hardcore its “most densely-dose, jam-packed, jacked-up, hardcore diet aid and stimulant energizer yet!”


Lipodrene Hardcore Ingredients


If you look at the Lipodrene Hardcore formula, you’ll see that they are clearly not messing around or using the word “hardcore” lightly. They make a recommendation that this stuff is only for the experienced fat burner user, and judging by the ingredient list, I’d have to agree. Here’s a list of the key ingredients:


  • Lipodrene Hardcore Review 2Acacia Rigidula Extract(1) which has been compared to ephedrine for effectiveness. It increases Beta-2 androgenic receptors which leads to an increased metabolic rate and fat burning. Studies have shown the effect lasting longer than with other ingredients.
  • DMAA (2) which burst onto the scene to replace ephedrine when it got banned. It’s a powerful central nervous system stimulant that also improves alpha and beta androreceptors for increased thermogenics. The FDA has banned DMAA but you can still find it in some supplements like this one at least until the FDA cracks down and enforces the ban.
  • Caffeine for energy, focus, fat burning, and appetite suppression.
  • Green Tea Extract to provide antioxidant protection for cells and to increase fat burning, especially when used with caffeine.
  • Yerba Mate (3) which is similar to caffeine in its stimulant and fat burning effects.
  • Yohimbine which is a central nervous system stimulant that also helps stored fat to be used as energy. Yohimbine has not been banned, but the FDA recommends against its use due to the potential for serious side effects, most notably a dangerous drop in blood pressure. Less serious, yet still uncomfortable sides from Yohimbine include dizziness, headaches, and a racing heartbeat.
  • Theobromine which is a stimulant fat burner found in chocolate.
  • Citrus Aurantium aka Synephrine aka Bitter Orange which is a powerful stimulant that somewhat took the place of Ephedrine when it was banned.
  • Methylsynephrine (4) which is an additional central nervous system stimulant.


How To Use Lipodrene Hardcore


The recommended dose is 1-2 Lipodrene Hardcore tablets in the morning followed by 1 tablet about 5 hours later, after lunch. It is strongly recommended that you do not exceed the recommended dose.


Lipodrene Hardcore Before and After Testimonials


The available Lipodrene Hardcore feedback is decidedly mixed. Either you love it, or you hate it, and people easily fall into both categories:


One user says, “Great Product, tons of energy even more sweat, weight came off faster then ever .”

Another says, “Instead of a pleasant alert feeling I get jitters, chills and an upset stomach. I can offset the stomach issues by taking with a ton of food but that sort of defeats the purpose of the appetite suppressant.”


And that’s pretty much how the reviews look. It’s either done a great job for you, or it’s made you feel sick.

The most scathing report is one we saw from this CBS News article  that notes that the FDA has serious warnings on Acacia rigidula, which has nearly banned it. However, Hi-tech pharmaceuticals continues to cash in on this product.


Lipodrene Hardcore Pros

  • It provides lots of energy, and attempts to stave off crash with advanced tablet technology.
  • Plenty of Lipodrene Hardcore reviews indicate that it works.


Lipodrene Hardcore Cons


  • It’s got 2 iffy stimulant ingredients: DMAA and Yohimbe. The FDA is currently fighting against companies using DMAA and they recommend against using Yohimbe. The potential for negative side effects from Lipodrene Hardcore is fairly high.
  • There are plenty of reviews indicating that some people are experiencing negative side effects.
  • Not the greatest return policy
  • Plenty of dirty looks from the FDA on Lipodrene.


Where to Buy Lipodrene Hardcore


Lipodrene Hardcore is available online through a few supplement retailers, including the Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals website. I’ve seen prices for the 90-count bottle ranging from $29.95 to $34.95, which puts in in the fairly inexpensive column.  You will not find Lipodrene Hardcore at GNC, Walmart, Vitamin Shoppe or online retailers like Bodybuilding.com or Amazon.com.


Our Lipodrene Hardcore Conclusion


Lipodrene Hardcore may work, but with not one, but 2 ingredients with questionable safety, and several other stimulant ingredients on top of that, there’s just too much risk for side effects. Choose something with a better balance of safety and effectiveness.


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  • Amazing product. If you are sensitive to stimulants stay away, but if you are looking for something strong this is it. Start off with just 1 a day and work your way up and don’t even think about taking it near bed time lol. 5 lbs in the 1st week.

  • 1 stars

    Worst side effects from this product. Heart racing, chills, dizziness. Should not be on the market.

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