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5 hour energy for you package?


    Note: This is just a review. Click here to visit the PHGH Liquid Steel website.   liquid steel review   Male performance enhancement supplements can be divided into 2 distinct categories: daily supplements and fast acting supplements. Liquid Steel claims to be a fast acting male performance enhancer. As the name implies, it comes in the form of a liquid. They call it a 2 ounce pre-sex shot that gets you ready and willing for anything. And guess where you see Liquid Steel drink advertised for men looking for fast acting sexual enhancement?  PORN SITES. *Sigh* According to the website, you’ll see:        

  • Harder, stronger, and thicker erections.
  • Increased testosterone.
  • Explosive libido.
  • Greater stamina.
  • Increased mental focus and concentration.
  • Boosted overall energy.
  • More intense orgasms.

  Admittedly, these effects are typically what you’d expect from a male enhancement supplement so it’s not the stated benefits that set Liquid Steel apart from the rest. We kept looking to see if we could find out what’s so special about this stuff.  Liquid Steel looks like the 5 hour energy bottle.  However, this type of packaging would have a tough time delivering adequate amounts of effective ingredients.  Looks cool though. By the way the actual name of the product is PHGH, but heaven knows what PHGH even stands for.  

How Liquid Steel Works

  Liquid Steel is a pre-sex shot. You take a 2 ounce dose about 20-30 minutes before your planned event, and since it’s in liquid form, it goes right to work in three key areas:  

  1. It stimulates key male arousal hormones (ie testosterone).
  2. It boosts your libido so you’re ready to go.
  3. It increases the flow of blood to your penis so you’re set with a huge, strong, erection.

  The makers of Liquid Steel recommend that in addition to Liquid Steel shots before sex, you should also take a daily male enhancement formula, just to make sure you’re in peak form whenever opportunity arises.


Liquid Steel Ingredients

  The Liquid Steel formula is a proprietary blend which basically means they tell you what’s in it, but they just don’t tell you how much. The list includes:

  • liquid steel review 2Muira Puama (1) which is an ancient Brazilian herbal aphrodisiac. They call it “potency wood” because it has long been used to increase erection size and hardness.
  • Fenugreek which is also a libido enhancer, but this time from the Middle East. An Australian study showed an increase in libido of 25%. The suspected reason Fenugreek has this effect is its ability to increase testosterone.
  • L-Arginine (2) which is the backbone of the Liquid Steel formula. It’s a pre cursor to nitric oxide which is a vasodilator. Taking L-Arginine increases your body’s production of Nitric Oxide, which opens up and relaxes your blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow into the penis during erections.
  • Forskohlii which comes from Nepal, Thailand, and India to signal your body to produce increased testosterone. A study from 2005 showed that taking 250 mg of Forskohlii twice daily led to a 33% increase in testosterone in 3 months.
  • Tribulus Terrestris (3) which has been used by men for centuries to increase their virility.
  • Maca which comes from the Andes Mountains in Peru to boost the male libido. A study in 2001 from the Asian Journal of Andrology showed that Maca increased semen volume, sperm count, and sperm motility. 
  • DHEA which is helps your body increase its natural testosterone, which of course leads to increased virility all around, including boosted libido, better erections, and more staying power. Liquid Steel uses the low dose of 25 mg of DHEA because it’s very potent, and you don’t want to use more than you need.
  • Tongkat Ali which comes from Southeast Asia where it was historically used to improve erections and maximize sex drive. It’s believed that the improvements stem from Tongkat Ali’s ability to increase natural testosterone levels.
  • Vitamin B12 which is an important nutrient for nearly every bodily function you’ve got. It helps maintain overall physical and mental energy, and it keeps fatigue at bay. A bigger B12 dose also boosts your sexual performance by supporting red blood cell health.
  • Grape Seed Extract which as an antioxidant increases the availability of testosterone. It also improves the effectiveness of L-Arginine. A study in 2010 showed that participants given the active compound in Grape Seed Extract showed significantly greater improvement for their E.D. Symptoms than those taking a placebo did.


Liquid Steel Side Effects

  No side effects have been reported in conjunction with using Liquid Steel, though the occasional headache or upset stomach wouldn’t be surprising. The manufacturer does state that it’s safe to take with alcohol, and he recommends using a daily male enhancement supplement as well to make sure you’re in tip top shape.  

Where to Buy Liquid Steel

  liquid steel review 3The only place we found where you can purchase Liquid Steel is the official website, and it’s only currently available to customers in the United States. An order of 12 bottles, which is equal to 12 servings, costs $39.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling. You can save money by buying in bulk. If you buy 24 bottles, that’s $69.95 plus the same shipping amount. 36 bottles is even more of a savings at $99.95, still with the same shipping cost. The company offers a money back guarantee. You return the bottles, full or empty, and you’ll receive a full refund for each bottle you return. No questions asked. At this time Liquid Steel is only available through the website. You can’t get it through other online retailers, and you won’t find it in stores.


Liquid Steel Pros


  • The fast acting liquid is convenient.
  • The ingredients are all natural, and some of them have undergone clinical testing.
  • There are positive testimonials from on the website.
  • There’s a money back guarantee.
  • You can use it with alcohol.
  • Advertised on all your favorite porn sites


Liquid Steel Cons


  • There are no independent Liquid Steel reviews to be found outside the official website. Website testimonials are nice, but independent reviews tend to be more inclusive of all opinions.
  • Fast acting supplements tend not to work very well because truly herbal ingredients need to build up in your system over time in order to get the best effect.
  • Its is advertised on porn sites, which should already raise red flags.


Our Liquid Steel Conclusion

  Given the fact that the founder of the company states you should use a daily supplement in addition to this, I don’t think Liquid Steel is necessary, or ultimately worth the cost. The trouble is, fast acting supplements usually aren’t strong enough to act quickly enough. You’re better off skipping the Liquid Steel and just going with a daily male enhancement supplement.   vigrx plus review

PHGH Liquid Steel is smart by targeting surfers of porn sites, and the slick bottle makes you think one bottle will work, but we are not buying it.  VigRx Plus has been vetted by experts and there is tons of data to back it up.  Its worth a look. To check out the real deal, Click Here for the VigRx Plus review.

        Sources:   (1) A Review of Plant-Derived and Herbal Approaches to the Treatment of Sexual Dysfunctions. PreviewDownload full text. Access options. DOI: 10.1080/00926230390155096. DAVID L. ROWLANDa & WENDI TAI. pages 185-205. Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy. Volume 29, Issue 3, 2003. (2) L-arginine is the physiological precursor for the formation of nitric oxide in endothelium-dependent relaxation. Richard M.J. Palmer, Daryl D. Rees, David S. Ashton, Salvador Moncada. The Wellcome Research Laboratories Langley Court, Beckenham, Kent BR3 3BS, U.K. Received 1 May 1988, Available online 4 May 2005. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. Volume 153, Issue 3, 30 June 1988, Pages 1251–1256. (3) Aphrodisiac properties of Tribulus Terrestris extract (Protodioscin) in normal and castrated rats. K Gauthaman, P.G Adaikan, , R.N.V Prasad, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, National University Hospital, National University of Singapore, Singapore 119074, Singapore. Received 15 November 2001, Accepted 1 May 2002, Available online 14 June 2002. Life Sciences. Volume 71, Issue 12, 9 August 2002, Pages 1385–1396.

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A: You should consult with your doctor and see if they approve of use PHGH with you blood pressure meds.

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