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Lose Water Weight Fast – Body Builders Depend on Cellucor L2 Extreme

Note: This is a review of Cellucor L2 Extreme. To visit the Cellucor Website, Click Here.


Lose water weight fast with Cellucor L2 ExtremeEven when you eat right and maintain your daily Insanity, P90x, or Crossfit workout schedules, there are going to be occasions where you’ll want a little something extra so you can look your absolute best and lose water weight fast. Maybe you’re meeting up with an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time, and you want him (or her) to notice how fit you look. Maybe it’s a vacation, and you know lots of pictures will be taken. If you want to know how to lose water weight, look no further. Cellucor L2 Extreme will help you lose water weight fast. 

Excess body weight can be either fat or water. Whether you’ve got yourself set up at home doing Rushfit or P90x, or you head down to the Box for your Crossfit workouts, you’ve been working on the fat part of the equation, and as you know, this process takes time and commitment. But you can lose water weight fast, and see visible, though temporary, improvements. Taken a week before a vacation or a competition, Cellucor L2 Extreme can help you lose water weight fast. If wedding day is fast approaching, Cellucor L2 Extreme can help you shed water weight.


So the question comes to mind: “How to lose water weight fast?” Well, we asked that question too and couldn’t be happier about where we found the answer. Cellucor, one of our most trusted sports nutrition companies, makes Cellucor L2 Extreme so you can lose water weight fast. Cellucor L2 Extreme promises to help you lose water weight fast by:


  • Tighten
  • Tone
  • Define
  • Lose water weight fast


How Cellucor L2 Extreme Works


Simply stated, Cellucor L2 Extreme is a diuretic, the best and safest diuretic to help you lose water weight fast according to the website. By taking as directed, you can lose 10 pounds of water weight in only 5 days. So it’s a quick and temporary fix to lose water weight fast. If you’ve got an event or competition coming up, you want to look your best. Cellucor L2 Extreme releases the water that’s trapped between muscle fibers and under the skin, making you look bloated. You’ll lose water weight fast,  be more defined and look  chiseled after using Cellucor L2 Extreme


There are lots of diuretics to help you lose water weight fast. The difference is that Cellucor L2 Extreme puts your health first. What sets it apart is that while Cellucor L2 Extreme is getting rid of excess water, it’s replacing lost minerals and electrolytes, and even antioxidants. So you don’t have to worry about negative consequences or effects like you do with other water pills. With natural herbal diuretics

cellucor L2 extreme ingredients

  • Dandelion
  • Prickly Chaff
  • Uvi Ursi
  • the mineral Potassium
  • the amino acid L-Taurine



What People are Saying About Cellucor L2 Extreme Water Pill


The word of mouth on Cellucor L2 Extreme is pretty good. Most Cellucor L2 Extreme reviews are from customers who’ve found some degree of success with the product to lose water weight fast. This review from a woman in San Francisco pretty much says it all:


“Great results, seeing definition in abs again. Killing myself at the gym, but this is making it worth the pain when you can see the difference.”


“This took me to my final cut before competition. I was pleasantly surprised with the results! You must try it to see for yourself.”

Another user wrote:

“I love this product! I noticed the tightness instantly!!”



I have used Cellucor L2 Extreme to lose water weight fast. I used it before I last went to Florida. It does work great as promised. I took it for four days prior to leaving for vacation to shed water weight fast. I did not take it while on vacation, because I did not want to take a diuretic while I was drinking alcohol. I would advise the same. And yes, be prepared to urinate a lot.


How Do You Take Cellucor L2 Extreme Water Pill?

The recommended dose is 4 capsules twice per day to lose water weight fast with 12-16 oz of water.  Cellucor suggest taking 4 Cellucor L2 capsules in the morning and 4 capsules in the afternoon.  You should drink plenty of water while using Cellucor L2 Extreme, and you should only take it for 4-5 days at a time. As a matter of fact, you should drink over a gallon of water when taking a water pill, which seems counterintuitive.  You need to drink more water to lose water weight.



The Benefits About Cellucor L2 Extreme


  • It replaces lost electrolytes and minerals.
  • Cellucor is a reputable company.
  • Lose water weight quickly
  • Stacks well with other Cellucor Products like Cellucor CLK and Cellucor T7
  • Better and safer than the old Taraxatone
  • Lose water weight fast


The Negatives About Cellucor L2 Extreme


  • It is more expensive than other diuretics
  • Water loss is not permanent
  • You will have to use the bathroom more frequently (hey, the water has to go somewhere!)


Cellucor L2 Extreme Special Offer

Save 25% off your Cellucor.com Order When you You use Discount Code “intense” at checkout

Free Shipping, No tax, 30 day Money Back Guarantee

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Where to Buy Cellucor L2 Extreme Water Pill to Lose Water Weight Fast


You can purchase Cellucor L2 Extreme wherever you find Cellucor products. They’re at GNC and online at the Bodybuilding.com, Amazon, and the Cellucor website. An 80-count bottle, which should last about 2 cycles, costs about $50. Cellcucor.com has Cellucor L2 Extreme for $52.99, but if you USE COUPON CODE “INTENSE” you will get 20% off and free shipping, bringing the total to $42.39. If you don’t lose water weight fast, Cellucor has a 60 day no-hassle return policy.

 Our Conclusions about Cellucor L2 Extreme

A diuretic is not a long term fitness or weight loss solution. If you practice good eating habits, and you work out regularly, you’ll be fit and healthy, and you’ll look good. Cellucor L2 can help you lose water weight fast for:

  • weddings
  • vacations
  • competition
  • day at the beach
  • social eventsCellucor L2 Extreme helps you lose water weight fast

Can you take Cellucor L2 Extreme Stacked With Other Products?


Yes!  Cellucor L2 Extreme Water Pill can be taken with other products, just watch out to make sure you do not overdo it with caffeine or or Diuretics.  To get in Peak shape, try NitroCuts or HyperGh14x.  Women love HerSolution Gel too!

When you want to know how to lose water weight fast, the answer is to pull out all the stops with Cellucor L2 Extreme. As far as water pills go, we think it’s a good choice because it’s safe and it works. If you are reading this, you probably have vacation coming up. Do not delay, Check out Cellucor L2 Extreme now and order Cellucor L2 Extreme before summer gets here. Use coupon code “intense” to save 20% and get free shipping.  If you are interested in the best water pill around, Click Here

  If you’ve used Cellucor L2 Extreme to lose water weight fast? Have tips or want to leave some tips on how to shed water weight? Leave a message or question!!


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  • Can you take L2 Exyreme with DPNX II

    • It seems like you could, since DPNX II says not to take with any other caffeine products. But I would play it safe and stop the DPNX II (if thats the thermogenic you want to take) right before you take Cellucor L2 extreme to cut the water weight.

  • I really enjoyed using L2 when I was cutting out my water weight.

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