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Meta Boost Testosterone Booster ReviewIt happens for most guys when they hit around 35. All of a sudden, you start noticing things you never noticed before. You used to be able to eat however much you wanted without gaining an ounce of fat. Not anymore. Now those extra slices are starting to show up around your waste. You used to be about to workout for 2 hours at the gym without even once looking at the clock wishing it was over. Not anymore. Now you start checking the time 45 minutes in. You used to be ready for sex literally anytime anywhere. Not anymore. Now, sometimes you’d just rather watch the game in your big comfy recliner. It’s time to face it. Your testosterone levels are dropping to a noticeable degree, and it may be time to do something about it. Meta Boost knows this.


Decreasing T levels is a natural part of aging, so it’s not technically a disease or condition that requires medication. For some guys, levels go so low they need a doctor and a prescription to reverse the trend. But for most guys, a natural testosterone booster will do. The one we’re talking about today is called Meta Boost Testosterone Booster.


Meta Boost Testosterone Booster promises to work with your body naturally to increase testosterone levels back up closer to where they were years ago. And if that’s true, you’ll see:


  • Increased energy.
  • Boosted libido.
  • Less stubborn fat.
  • Easier muscle growth.
  • More endurance.
  • Shorter recovery times.

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Those are the benefits of boosted testosterone levels, but that doesn’t mean Meta Boost Testosterone Booster is the product to get you there. We took a look at the formula and what customer feedback we could find, and we’re ready to share what we found out about whether or not you can count on Meta Boost Testosterone Booster to work for you.

Meta Boost Testosterone Booster Ingredients


The Meta Boost Testosterone Booster website provides full ingredient details, which is very helpful information to have. It really is the key component to knowing how well you can expect a supplement to work. The Meta Boost Testosterone Booster formula is made up of a proprietary blend they call FlowViv MAX-TEST Blend. It includes:


  • Horny Goat Weed which increases blood flow to the penis for better erections.
  • Tongkat Ali (1) which is thought to increase free testosterone by inhibiting the action of SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) which binds to testosterone, making it basically useless.
  • Saw Palmetto  (2) which supports prostate health.
  • Orchic Substance which may increase natural testosterone.
  • Wild Yam Extract which can balance hormone levels.
  • Sarsaparilla Root which increases mental focus and concentration.
  • Nettle Root Extract which may also inhibit the actions of SHBG.
  • Boron which supports healthy cell function.


The recommended dose is 2 Meta Boost Testosterone Booster capsules taken daily.


Where to Buy Meta Boost Testosterone Booster


The next important thing to talk about is how you purchase Meta Boost Testosterone Booster. This stuff is only available through an online free trial offer. What happens is you’ll come across what looks like a review for Meta Boost Testosterone Booster. They’ll talk about how awesome and revolutionary this stuff is, and they’ll provide a link where you can get it for free.


When you click that link, you are indeed taken to their official website where you can sign up for a free trial. But I’m here to warn you that the free trial ain’t free. In the very fine print that most guys miss, they tell you that by signing up for the free trial, you’re also signing up for their Recurring Monthly Subscription Program. Here’s how that works. When you sign up for the free trial, you pay a small amount for shipping and handling. This is how they get your credit card information. Then, if you don’t call and cancel this subscription service that you probably had no idea you signed up for within 14 days of the day you placed your order, you will be charged $89.95 for the “free trial” bottle, and you will receive a new bottle at that same $89.95 price every month until you do cancel.


It’s called a “negative option” and it basically means that if you don’t actively opt out, they will automatically opt you in. And they make this information as hard as possible for you to see before you place your order. It’s there, but you have to look really hard.


Meta Boost Testosterone Booster is not available for purchase anywhere else or any other way. It’s not for sale at Amazon.com, Bodybuilding.com, CVS, GNC, or anywhere.  If you want this stuff, you need to sign up to pay $89.95 every month.

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Meta Boost Testosterone Booster Pros

  • We don’t see any.

Meta Boost Testosterone Booster Cons


  • The formula is weak.  It contains several decent supporting ingredients, but no big guns.  Also, a proprietary blend doesn’t allow us to know how much of each ingredient is used.
  • You’ll notice there are no Meta Boost Testosterone Booster reviews from customer who’ve used it. This is never a good sign.
  • The “free trial” program is a scam.
  • They’re charging $90 for a practically useless, extremely under-dosed formula.
  • Ambiguous return policy

Our Meta Boost Testosterone Booster Conclusion


We don’t see one single reason why anyone should choose Meta Boost Testosterone Booster over hundreds of other natural testosterone booster supplements. The ingredient amounts are laughable and they still want to charge you almost $100 a month to use the stuff? Just say no.


Testofuel Anabolic Support Complex Review

We would be remiss if we did not suggest a better alternative to Meta Boost.  TestoFuel offers real doses of testosterone boosting ingredients.  And a 90 day moneyback guarantee.  Its not a free trial (scam), but they have tons of great reviews.  If you want to check out the TestoFuel Review, Click Here. 





(1) Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia Jack): A review on its ethnobotany and pharmacological importance. Rajeev Bhat, A.A. Karim,  Fitoterapia. Volume 81, Issue 7, October 2010, Pages 669–679.


(2) Saw Palmetto Extracts for Treatment of Benign Prostatic HyperplasiaA Systematic Review. Timothy J. Wilt, MD, MPH; Areef Ishani, MD; Gerold Stark, MD; Roderick MacDonald, MS; Joseph Lau, MD; Cynthia Mulrow, MD, MS. The Journal of the American Medical Association. November 11, 1998, Vol 280, No. 18 .


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