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Break Through Plateaus


Does Metadrol Work?


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Metadrol Review 1

Some bodybuilding supplements are clearly marketed to the guys who are new to the gym and the weekend warriors – guys who treat getting in shape like a hobby. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not how everyone views the process. Some guys are far more focused on the gym, their workouts, and ultimately their results. These are the ones who research and study diet plans, workout routines, and supplement ingredients until they find the one ultimate course of action that’ll take them soaring to new heights.


Metadrol is marketed to those guys. This stuff wants to part of a world class training regimen for guys who take muscle building seriously.


Metadrol Benefits


By using Metadrol, you’ll notice you can work out longer and harder, with less post workout soreness. That’s because it protects your muscle fibers and reduces the buildup of lactic acid. The idea is that if you can work harder and still recover faster, you’ll be able to push through plateaus like never before. Anything that works to increase the intensity of your workouts will get you the results you want faster and more efficiently.


Metadrol Review 2


Metadrol Ingredients


The Metadrol website does not provide a full ingredient list, but they do give a few hints we can go on. The formula is called their proprietary HGRX-3(2-Hydroxy-3-Methox OH2) Formula, said to significantly increase anabolic activity without suppressing your normal natural hormone production processes.


Also listed in general terms as being included in the formula are:


  • Amino Acids (1) to fuel your muscles with the building blocks they need to repair and grow. BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are particularly important to your post workout recovery in terms of both relieving soreness and building up strength and size.
  • Creatine (2) to provide the fast twitch muscle energy you need to push harder with each rep.
  • Nitric Oxide Boosters to increase your body’s natural stores of nitric oxide. NO is a vasodilator. It opens up blood vessels allowing an increase in the blood that flows through to muscles. This is so crucial because it means both more oxygen being delivered to your muscles for energy and pump during your workout, and more nutrients being delivered to your muscles for repair and recovery after your workout.
  • Catalytic Proteins to grow your muscle before, during, and after your workouts.


The idea is that these are the important components needed to work with your body to supplement your hard work so you end up with the best possible results.


How to Use Metadrol


The recommended dose is 2 capsules per day. A twelve week cycle is recommended. But this isn’t like a steroid cycle where you have to go off Metadrol and use PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) to get your hormones back to functioning like they should. Metadrol doesn’t affect your normal hormone production at all.


Clinical Studies


The Metadrol website indicates that it has been studied in a clinical environment, and that the group using Metadrol outperformed the groups that weren’t using it. They gained strength, reduced body fat, and improved their BMI 2.5 times faster than their counterparts.


Metadrol Review 3Metadrol Before and After Testimonials


There are several testimonials presented on the Metadrol website alongside before and after photos. Here’s what some users had to say:


“Metadrol helps me to be confident that when it really matters, I’ll be up to handle whatever challenges I face on the job… or at the gym.”


“I’ve been a body builder for a long time. I’ve spent so many hours in the gym to get the best results, but there was always something holding me back. I was always almost good enough but just short on the judges cards in competitions. Metadrol made a bid difference in my life. It’s helped me to become stronger, and in body building that means better results in the competitions. I recommend it to everyone, except the guys I compete against, because I like having that extra advantage.”


Where to Buy Metadrol


You can only purchase Metadrol through their official website, but they do ship all over the world, so it’s very widely available. One package contains a 4 week stack and costs $59. If you buy more than that at one time, you’ll get a discount. The recommended package provides you with a 12 week cycle, but you only have to pay $118, basically the cost of an 8-week cycle.


There’s a money back guarantee, but it only applies to unopened boxes, so if you use the bulk savings, you’ll be able to return the additional bottles for a refund.


Metadrol Pros


  • The ingredients are all natural and aren’t banned by sports doping agencies.
  • There’s a money back guarantee.
  • It’s recommended by doctors.
  • There are several before and after testimonials from happy customers who included photographic evidence of their transformations.


Metadrol Cons


  • The money back guarantee only applies to unopened packages.
  • The complete ingredient list is not available.


Our Metadrol Conclusion

Metadrol has the potential to help you get in great shape. By burning fat and encouraging the growth and repair of muscle, you’ll reach goal after goal faster and more efficiently than you could without it. And ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.




(1) Muscle amino acid metabolism at rest and during exercise: role in human physiology and metabolism. Wagenmakers AJ. Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews


(2) American College of Sports Medicine roundtable. The physiological and health effects of oral creatine supplementation. Terjung RL , Clarkson P , Eichner ER , Greenhaff PL , Hespel PJ , Israel RG , Kraemer WJ , Meyer RA , Spriet LL , Tarnopolsky MA, Wagenmakers AJ , Williams MH. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise



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