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muscle rev xtreme review


If you’ve ever done an online search for a workout supplement, you’re probably familiar with the social media advertising blitz that follows. It’s called targeted marketing. Once they know you’re interested in a particular type of product, they bombard you with advertisements of similar products all over your Facebook newsfeed, your Instagram account, and in the margins of just about every website you visit. It happens when you look at a cordless drill on Amazon, and it happens in spades from the instant you show online interest in a bodybuilding, fitness, or weight loss supplement.



One that started popping up on my radar again recently is called Muscle Rev X. They say it’s the fastest way to build muscle and get ripped. It was around several months to a year ago. Then it kind of disappeared. And now it’s back again, with a vengeance. They make it sound real tempting. I spend a lot of time researching supplements and I consider myself pretty familiar with how they work, but even I get a little caught up in the hype when I see the claims of “35% More Muscle Mass in Just 30 Days!” But ultimately I know better, and in the end, cooler heads prevail. So when I see something that looks and sounds too good to be true, I slow down, look more closely, pick apart the details, and come up with a decision based on reason in the end!


Muscle Rev X Benefits


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The first thing I like to nail down is what are the claims Muscle Rev X makes. What can it do for you? In this case, Muscle Rev X claims to do everything you could hope for in a muscle building supplement or stack. This stuff will:


  • Build Lean Muscle
  • Gain Massive Strength
  • Boost Power and Endurance
  • Maximize Muscle Pumps
  • Even Enhance Your Libido


It’s a great list. Next we’ll look at the ingredient profile to find out if it supports the stated benefits.


Muscle Rev X Ingredients

You’d be surprised at how many supplements available online don’t even tell you what’s in them. Luckily, that’s not the case with Muscle Rev X. But not so luckily, several of the ingredients go by trade names that don’t really mean anything. We dug a little deeper and found that advertisements for Muscle Rev X actually show two different labels with 2 different (but similar) ingredient lists, so we can’t really be sure what’s in this stuff. On top of that, we saw one Muscle Rev X review that showed an entirely different formula, completely unrelated to the other two. Whichever list is correct, it’s pretty clear that Muscle Rev X focuses on boosting Nitric Oxide levels, using ingredients that may or may not include:


  • L-Citrulline (1) which may increase nitric oxide levels even more than l-arginine.
  • L-Norvaline helps keep nitric oxide levels high by preventing them from dropping off.
  • Coenzyme Q-10 (2) which fuels muscle cellular energy in the form of ATP.


How Muscle Rev X Works


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The idea behind Muscle Rev X is that it boosts nitric oxide production. This is indeed important for getting best results when you work out. Increased NO opens up your blood vessels, allowing an increase in the amount of blood that flows to your muscles. More blood means better oxygen and nutrient delivery which means more muscle energy during and better muscle recovery after your toughest workouts.


Muscle Rev X Before And After Testimonials


Some alarming testimonials we found on Muscle Rev X were pretty eye opening.  Such As:

  • I’ve tried a lot of muscle builders and MuscleRev Extreme is the worst. I didn’t see any results even after 2 months its a waste of time and money. If I were you I wouldn’t buy this stuff if my life depended on it.
  • These RevLabs pills did not do anything to me at all. I look the same! If anybody are thinking about buying this just don’t because it does not work at all.
  • As an amateur body builder, these made me sick and very lethargic. Stopped after 5 days. Do not recommend.

Where to Buy Muscle Rev X


Here’s where things really fall apart. The primary way to buy Muscle Rev X is through a free trial offer you can find at their website. The way it works is that you sign up for what they call a 14-day free trial offer, you pay a small shipping fee ($5.90), and they send you a bottle containing a one-month supply. Most people think that’s the end of it, but it’s not. If you do nothing further, after 14 days, they’ll put a charge of $84.63 on the credit card you provided. That’s for the “free” bottle that you already received. They’ll also enroll you in their autoship program, which means they’ll send you a new bottle each month for $89.74. And they’ll continue to send and charge you for them every month until you call and cancel. Most guys don’t know these terms when they sign up, and that’s because it’s hidden in the fine print.

Muscle Rev X is also available on Amazon.com, where you can buy a 60-count bottle (a one month supply) for $23.98 with no further obligation.


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Muscle Rev X Pros


  • You can get it pretty cheap on Amazon.com


Muscle Rev X Cons


  • There are several different ingredient lists available so it’s nearly impossible to tell what’s actually in it.
  • The free trial program is designed to fool you into thinking you’re getting something for free. You’re not. In fact, Muscle Rev X is very expensive, and you’ll end up paying for it monthly if you’re not careful.


Our Muscle Rev X Conclusion


There are some really effective bodybuilding supplements out there, but Muscle Rev X gives them a bad name. With their careless labeling, free trial scam, and ridiculous monthly price point, it’s clear the only thing that matters to this company is their bottom line.

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(1) L-citrulline production from L-arginine by macrophage nitric oxide synthase. The ureido oxygen derives from dioxygen.  N S KwonC F NathanC GilkerO W GriffithD E Matthews and D J Stuehr. Beatrice and Samuel A. Seaver Laboratory, Department of Medicine, Cornell University Medical College, New York, New York 10021.

(2)  Effects of oral supplementation of coenzyme Q10 on 31P-NMR detected skeletal muscle energy metabolism in middle-aged post-polio subjects and normal volunteers. Masao Mizuno, Bjørn Quistorff, Henning Theorell, Magaretha Theorell, Britton ChanceMolecular Aspects of Medicine. Volume 18, Supplement 1, 1997, Pages 291–298.


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