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Is No2 Maximus everything you need in a work out supplement?


No2 Maximus – What Is It?

No2 Maximus is a latest and greatest workout supplement that you may have seen feature in an article in Men’s Health magazine. In the article, and in all their other advertisements, they talk about how by using No2 Maximus, this revolutionary supplement with the power of nitric oxide, you’ll experience incredible gains in strength and endurance. You’ll start to see things like:

  • Your body becoming lean, hard, and sexy.
  • Your ability to lift heavy weight increase exponentially.
  • Your endurance shoot through the roof so you can keep working out for hours on end.
  • Ripped muscle definition like you see on Hollywood stars (helped along by their personal trainers).

No2 Maximus Review 4The Truth About “The Article”

Don’t be fooled into thinking that No2 Maximus is so great that they’re writing about it in Men’s Health Magazine. They’re not. If you look closely, you’ll see that the magazine is called something like “Men’s Life and Health,” and it’s not a real magazine. Just try clicking on any of the other pages. They don’t exist. If you look closely enough, you’ll see that the “article” is really called an “advertorial”. I guess that’s a mix of advertisement and editorial. Anyway, it’s not an article written be a journalist uncovering the truth about this latest and greatest product. Russell Crowe and Gerard Butler don’t use No2 Maximus. It’s nothing more than an ad.

No2 Maximus Ingredients

The advertising is pretty shady, but what about the formula? If it works it works, right? So let’s take a look. No2 Maximus includes only two active ingredients: L-Arginine and Citrulling Malate. They both work similarly to increase the amount of nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator. That means it opens up blood vessels so blood can flow more freely, delivering much needed oxygen and nutrients to your muscles during and after your workouts. L-Arginine is a great ingredient for a pre workout supplement, and one I definitely like to see. But it’s a disappointment that that’s all there is.

No2 Maximus Free Trial

No2 Maximus Review 2

So far we’ve got two strikes against No2 Maximus. The advertising is shady and misleading. And the formula is weak and incomplete. But can this product redeem itself? Well maybe a great price will do the trick. Or maybe not. On Amazon, a one month supply of No2 Maximus is selling for $120. All I can say to that is “wow”. But there is an alternative. You can sign up for a “free trial”, but if you ask me, that’s an even worse option than the straight out $120.

Let me explain to you how this works. You sign up for a free trial of No2 Maximus where you only pay a small shipping fee and you receive a full size bottle of the product. But what you don’t know (unless you scoured the fine print and found the relevant clause) is that you also signed up for the automatic monthly shipping and billing program, and if that’s not what you want, you need to call, cancel, and return the product within an insane 14 days from the date you originally signed up for the free trial. Not only that, but they’ll charge you $89.81 for that “free trial” bottle they sent you.

No2 Maximus isn’t alone in using this free trial scam. Dozens of workout products use the same scheme. In fact lately there are more and more of these products joining forces and being marketed as miracle stacks that if used together give you incredible results. So you end up getting hit with two monthly charges instead of one.

If you want to check out a Pre-workout supplement that works, Check Out NITROCUT NOW.  It might not be a free trial, but at least you will not have any surprises on you credit card bill.  I personally like it much better and I think you will too.

No2 Maximus Review 3Our No2 Maximus Recommendation

That is clearly 3 strikes, and No2 Maximus is out. Their formula is about as bare bones as it gets. Their advertising is sneaky and misleading. And their cost and billing procedure is an outrageous scam. There’s not one single reason to choose No2 Maximus.

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