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Does Prolongz AMI work?


Note:  This is a review.  To order visit the Prolongz website.


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Prolongz is a male enhancement product that deals explicitly with the problem of premature ejaculation. They try boost legitimacy by Sure, it’s also an all-around sexual performance enhancement supplement, but its main claim to fame is that it helps you last longer. Well, that may not be entirely true. Prolongz is gaining quite a reputation for billing and shipping problems too. So let’s dive in, talk about what Prolongz is, what it isn’t, how it works, and whether or not you should do business with the company behind it.


So What is This “Advance Men’s Institute”

This clever marketing tactic would suggest there are men walking into a building and getting help for their sexual health problems and walking out with a smile.  This could not be further from the truth.  Aside from the name on the box, Prolongz just slaps the “Advance Mens Institute” on their boxes and thats where it ends.  Even worse, Ripoff Report had logged several complaints and even worse the Syndey Morning Herald called them “predatory”. See see the Consumer Affairs article, click here.



Prolongz Benefits


Most of the promises Prolongz makes are what you’ll see with most male enhancement products. Using it will:


  • Increase your stamina.
  • Boost your libido.
  • Help your erection last longer.
  • Give you more control over when you finish.


The biggest focus, of course, is put on the ejaculation control that Prolongz gives. So let’s find out just what’s in this stuff that has the power to delay your orgasm.


How Prolongz Works


Prolongz isn’t a pill or even a cream or lotion. It comes in the form of strips you place under your tongue. They dissolve in 30 seconds, sending the ingredients straight to your blood stream instead of having to go through the digestive system. Oral strips are convenient to take with you anywhere, and you don’t need water. The recommended dose is 1 strip taken twice a day, plus 1 strip about 30 minutes before sexual activity.


Most of the products you’ll find for premature ejaculation are lotions, sprays, and creams you apply directly to your penis before having sex. Basically what they do is numb your penis, so you’ve got diminished sensitivity. It works, but there are several drawbacks. With less sensation, there’s less enjoyment. Also, the creams and sprays can be messy and they may even transfer to your partner, causing her to feel less too, which is clearly not what you want.


Prolongz claims to use homeopathic medicines to work with your mind to help control certain aspects of sexual excitement. It’s actually registered with the FDA as an over-the-counter homeopathic drug that effects brain chemistry in such a way as to prolong erections.


Prolongz Ingredients


Prolongz Review 2There are only 2 active ingredients in Prolongz. They are:


  • Damiana Extract (1) which is an aphrodisiac plant found primarily in Mexico, Texas, and the Caribbean. It’s been used for centuries to boost men’s libidos.
  • Ginseng Extract (2) which improves energy and sex drive.



It appears that the formula may formerly have included Fenugreek because it’s listed as an ingredient in several of the review websites I’ve seen. But it’s not mentioned on the Prolongz website, so we have to assume that it’s no longer in the formula.


Damiana and Ginseng are both popular components in sexual performance enhancement supplements, but neither one is particularly known for increasing control over ejaculation.


Prolongz Reviews

When you look purely at reviews regarding Prolongz quality and whether or not it works, there’s a definite “love it or hate it” dynamic going on. There’s nothing but 5 star and 1 star reviews. Either it’s magic under my tongue or its a worthless piece of tape. This always makes it hard to make an assessment of it effectiveness.

Here are some of the negative Prolonz AMI testimonials we found on Ripoff Report:


“I promptly got charged $9.95 and received the product a couple days later. my husband took them they didnt work. so he told me that they would be charging tme again if i didnt cancel. i called the next day 6-21-2014 to customer service and the girl said no problem she would cancel my order. 2 days later $89.95 was deducted from my account”



But when it comes to billing and customer service practices, Prolongz has garnered a lot of hate. One of the ways you can order Prolongz is through a “free trial offer.” We talk about these offers quite a bit. They can be very tricky, and a lot of guys have been caught up in monthly payments they never wanted as a result. We’ll talk about that more a little later). There are several Better Business Bureau and Ripoff Report complaints about how they didn’t honor their side of the agreement.


“after all this money was taken from my account i NEVER received any product. They said no as a matter of fact you haven’t received anything but yet still no refund just more money taken. I have called the better bussiness bureau and filed a complaint. I’m also filing a complaint with the attorney general and anyone else I can find! They have ripped me off for the last time!!!!”


“The same thing happened to me. Called and was told no more charges would be taken and I will get a refund. No refund ever was applied and after 2 months of nothing taken from my account another charge was taken from my account. I called again and got the run around. Needless to say the woman named ‘Rose’ lied from the beginning. We have changed our account to be sure nothing more is charged. This is a total ripoff, they steal from you!”


Where to Buy Prolongz


Prolongz Review 4


The free trial offer is not the only way to buy Prolongz. You’ll also find it available at GNC for $45.99 for a one month supply. But if you do decide to go with the free trial, here’s how it works. You order a one month supply and pay only shipping. If you don’t cancel within 15 days of your order date, they’ll charge you $89.95 for the supply you already have, and they’ll sign you up to receive a new supply each month at a cost of $69.95. The terms say to call customer service to cancel, but from the complaints I’ve read, they also require you to send a written cancellation and send the unused product back to them before you can cancel or even think about a refund.


Prolongz Pros

  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • The sublingual delivery method is innovative.
  • It’s available at GNC.


Prolongz Cons

  • The free trial offer looks like it might end up becoming a billing and customer service nightmare.
  • There’s no evidence that the ingredients in Prolongz work to delay ejaculation.
  • It’s very expensive for what it is.


Prolongz AMI vs. VigRx Plus vs. Prosolution Plus

Prolongz AMI and VigRx Plus both have Damiana, but VigRx plus has a quantity that exceeds Prolongz AMI.  Yes, Prolongz is sublingual, but it also delivers substandard results.  Our vote goes to VigRx Plus that has 7 active ingredients instead of Prolongz two.  Also, the reviews for VigRx Plus are MUCH better.  There are also studies and clinical trials to back VigRX Plus up. To check out the VigRx Plus Review, Click Here.


ProSolution Plus also kicks the crap out of Prolongz AMI with 7 active ingredients.  It is also a pill, but with independent clinical studies, ProSolution Plus boasts reduction of premature ejaculation by 64% and improved erectile quality by 67%.  The proof is in the pudding.  To check out ProSolution Plus and the studies, Click Here.



Our Prolongz Conclusion

We don’t see much reason to try Prolongz, but if you’re one who struggles with premature ejaculation, it may be worth a go. If you do decide to try it, I recommend you get it at a GNC store or through GNC online. It works out cheaper, and you don’t have to worry about what might potentially go wrong like you would if you used the free trial offer.


vigrx plus review

Prolongz AMI start to lose its appeal after you do the research.  VigRx Plus has been kicking butt for a few years and there are doctors, studies, and users that have elevated it to our top male enhancement position.  To check out our VigRx Plus review, Click Here







(1)  Damiana (Turnera diffusa Willd.) – a traditionally used aphrodisiac as modern PDE-5 inhibitor Bjoern Feistel, Bernd Walbroel, Birgit Benedek. 58th International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research, 29. August – 2. September 2010, Berlin – Germany.

(2)  Ginseng, Sex Behavior, and Nitric Oxide. LAURA L. MURPHY and TONY JER-FU LEEAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Volume 962, NITRIC OXIDE: NOVEL ACTIONS, DELETERIOUS EFFECTS, AND CLINICAL POTENTIAL. pages 372–377, May 2002.

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