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Feel like you are getting old after cycling 30 miles or a Crossfit workout? This supplement is not you grandmothers Glucosamine.


Provailen Overview – Does your back and joints hurt after working out?

ProvailenBack and joint pain is often associated with arthritis and old age.  But the reality is that there are tons of other causes, and people of all ages can be effected.  Athletes know that old sports injuries never really go away.  They can sometimes leave behind a lifetime of nagging pain and discomfort.  And if you’re a hardcore fitness enthusiast, if you do CrossFit, TRX, or P90X, your body and joints can get stiff and sore on a regular basis.

Trouble is, you don’t want to be taking pain meds all the time.  That kind of solution can cause a whole slew of other problems, ranging from building up a tolerance, through stomach problems, all the way to full blown dependence in the case of some prescription pain medications.  I used to take what seemed like handfuls of NSAIDs in attempt to feel better.

After a while, I knew there had to be a better way, so I looked for a natural, more holistic alternative.  I came across Provailen and instantly knew I wanted to find out more about it.

How Provailen Works

The difference between Provailen and typical joint or back pain medications is that Provailen is a daily supplement that works at the root cause of the pain, not the symptoms.  It reduces inflammation in and around painful joints by balance the immune system.  You see, it’s the inflammation that causes the pain, and the inflammation is likely the result of an auto-immune response that’s out of whack.  Your body is in a way, attacking itself in attempt to protect itself.  Provailen helps bring back the balance so this doesn’t have to happen anymore.  Along the way, it also addresses some of the other causes and symptoms, so you’ve got a multi-pronged attack on pain.

Provailen Ingredients

The Provailen formula relies on three key active ingredients:

  • The flagship ingredient, the base of the formula, is Reishi. This Chinese fungus belongs to the same family as the fungus used in penicillin. Provailen uses an extract that’s 75 times stronger than the original form.  Its purpose is to balance the immune systems so that it ceases its painful attack on your joints. Once that attack is quieted, the aching and inflexibility begins to subside.  Reishi also has several other beneficial functions.  It reduces pain and inflammation directly, it helps detoxify the blood, and it fights free radicals.
  • Next on the list is highly concentrated Tongkat Ali.  This herb has been used for centuries in all kinds of healing processes.  Basically what it does is help strengthen muscles, because the stronger your muscles, the less pain you experience from their use and overuse.  It’s mechanism of action is through hormones.  Tongkat Ali increases the amount of free testosterone in the body, which increases strength, energy, and endurance.  It also provides the added benefit of increasing bone density, which helps improve joint strength.
  • The last key component in the Provailen formula is Capsaicin, again in a highly concentrated form.  This hot pepper extract’s job is to increase the effectiveness of the other two actives.  It improves and increases blood flow, so that the other ingredients are sure to be delivered and better absorbed where they are needed.

So as you can see, Provailen is not ordinary pain medication, and doesn’t pretend to be.  It works in a whole different way to get to the root of your problem so you can live a lifestyle where back pain and joint pain just aren’t an issue. Take 1 Provailen tablet in the morning, 1 at midday, and 1 at night, and you’ll be able to break the habit of dose after dose of Tylenol or ibuprofen.

Provailen joint suppement review


How Long Does Provailen Take To Work

The answer to this is that it varies.  Some people feel a difference within one week.  For some people, it takes several weeks.  But almost everyone ends up feeling relief in the end.  In fact, according to the website, over 87% of clients have experienced up to a 90% reduction in pain.

Here are some comments from people who’ve used it:

  • “If you’d have told me 4 months ago that I’d be as active as I am now I’d have laughed at you.” -Jack M.
  • “Finally something that works.” -Catherine J.

The Benefits of Provailen

Pain Pathways Provailen

Provailen was featured in Pain Pathways magazine

  • It’s all natural.
  • It works on the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.
  • There are no reported side effects caused by Provailen.
  • You can continue to take your pain medications if you find you need to.
  • Featured in Pain Pathways magazine

The Drawbacks of Provailen

  • There probably is, but I could not find the money back guarantee.
  • We couldn’t find any Provailen reviews or discussions on joint pain forums.

Provailen Review 2Where To Purchase Provailen

You can buy Provailen by visiting their website.  A single bottle sells for $49.95, and there are a number of different packages you can buy to save money.  It pays of to by 3 bottle and get 1 FREE.

Visit site now


As hardcore fitness guys, we know the benefit that good, effective dietary supplements can have on our lives.  They can help us get a better workout, have more energy, and make better food choices.  With Provailen, they can also help us live more pain-free lives.  If you’ve got chronic pain in your joints or your back, and it’s keeping you from going as far as you want to go, try Provailen.  It’s helping lots of athletes and trainers break their painkiller habits and replace them with pain-free lifestyles.

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