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Does Ripped RX NO2 Blast Work?


Note: This is a review. Click here to visit the Ripped RX NO2 Blast website.


Ripped RX NO2 Blast Review 1

When you hit your mid 30s, you start to notice the effects of declining testosterone levels. You lack energy, you start putting on fat, muscle is harder to build, and you even start to lose interest in sex (something you thought would never happen!)


Sure, it’s natural, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it. If you’ve gone online and started looking for supplements to reverse this disturbing trend in your life, you may have come across Ripped RX NO2 Blast. It’s available online, and if you read about the benefits it promises, you may think you’ve found just what you’re looking for. Hopefully, you’re reading this before you buy it, because what we have to say may change your mind.


Ripped RX NO2 Blast Benefits


First, we’ll look at what Ripped RX NO2 Blast promises it can do for you. For that, we look at their official product website, which says that Ripped RX NO2 Blast is a natural Testosterone Booster. They say they use natural ingredients to boost your free testosterone and burn fat. As a result, you get bigger muscles, more energy, less fat, and better sex. It’s all very simple really. Ripped RX NO2 Blast boosts testosterone which then leads to all the benefits we described above.


Ripped RX NO2 Blast Review 2Ripped RX NO2 Blast Ingredients


Of course, once we establish what Ripped RX NO2 Blast says it can do for you, we want to take a look at how it works. For that, we look at the ingredients. The Ripped RX NO2 Blast website very helpfully provides a snapshot of the bottle label, so the ingredients are no secret.


Ripped RX NO2 Blast uses two proprietary blends:


The Triple Action Nitrix Oxide Matrix contains:


  • Arginine AKG
  • Arginine HCL
  • Argnine Ketoisocaproate


These are 3 forms of L-Arginine (1) , all of which work in slightly different ways to increase the amount of nitric oxide in your blood. What NO does is open up blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow through more easily. As a result, your muscles get more oxygen and nutrients during and after workouts, leading you to both push harder and recover quicker. L-Arginine, in all its forms, is a precursor to nitric oxide, so the more L-Arginine you have in your system, the more NO you have as well.


The Nano Delivery Matrix contains:


  • Dicalcium Phosphate which is actually just a binder used in supplements to help them maintain their form.
  • Dipotassium Phosphate which is used to improve post workout recovery.
  • L-Citrulline (2) which is a precursor to l-arginine, which means that in effect, it increase nitric oxide in the blood over a longer timeframe, kind of like time-release l-arginine.


It’s more than a little concerning that Ripped RX NO2 Blast lists Dicalcium Phosphate as an active ingredient in one of its proprietary blends. It’s a filler, and serves no nutritional purpose.


There’s something else concerning about the Ripped RX NO2 Blast formula. Throughout all their advertising and marketing, they call themselves a testosterone booster. But none of the ingredients are what you’d find in a testosterone boosting supplement. It’s a nitric oxide boosting supplement. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that. NO boosters are very valuable as pre workout supplements. But when Ripped RX NO2 Blast says it boosts testosterone, but really it boosts nitric oxide, why should you trust them at all?


Ripped RX NO2 Blast Review 3Where to Buy Ripped RX NO2 Blast


Speaking of trust, the only way to purchase Ripped RX NO2 Blast is to sign up for the free trial offered at their website. You pay just $4.95 for shipping, and they send you a “30-day trial supply.” If you don’t read the fine print, you might think it’s a great deal. But I urge you to read the fine print. What it says is that if you don’t call and cancel within 18 days of the day you order your free trial, they’ll charge you $86.51 for the “free” bottle, and start sending you a new bottle at that same price every 30 days.


If that’s not what you want, you need to call them at 1-888-276-1975 before your 18 days is up, tell them you don’t want to use Ripped RX NO2 Blast anymore, and return the “free” bottle. Unless you return the “free trial” bottle, you’ll be paying $86.51 for it!


Ripped RX NO2 Blast Pros


  • I got nothin’.


Ripped RX NO2 Blast Cons


  • They say it’s a testosterone booster, but the formula is clearly a nitric oxide pre workout supplement.
  • They list fillers as active ingredients.
  • It’s only available with the scammy free trial program.
  • It’s extremely expensive for what it is.


Our Ripped RX NO2 Blast Conclusion


There’s nothing good or trustworthy about Ripped RX NO2 Blast. A lot of supplements use the free trial scam to get your money, but Ripped RX NO2 Blast seems even a little worse than most of them. They’re so concerned with only one thing – getting your money – that they don’t even take the time to present their product correctly. Don’t be fooled.


(1) The L-arginine-nitric oxide pathway. Moncada S , Higgs A. The New England Journal of Medicine


(2) A novel citrulline-forming enzyme implicated in the formation of nitric oxide by vascular endothelial cells. Richard M.J. Palmer, Salvador Moncada. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.Volume 158, Issue 1, 16 January 1989, Pages 348-352.

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