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This is one of those products that if you dont know what you are doing, move onto something else. Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm is a SERIOUS Testosterone boosting get that you spray on. Amateur Hour is over, and they don't even hide it. It works so who knows how long it will be legal.


Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm Review- Test Booster on Steroids

Note:  This is just a review.  Click Here to visit the official Ruthless Supplements website.


So a lot of supplements claim to be “legal steroids” or “testosterone boosters”, and it seems to be getting played out.  Well I was approached by Ruthless Supplements and basically they seemed to claim that they are the real deal. What impressed me about Ruthless Supplements is that they only have two products, RS-Transaderm and Phytoserms 347.

Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm seems to get great reviews, not only on their website (duh), but on forums dedicated to bodybuilding.  Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm gets great reviews for several reasons.  If you have used Dermacrine, then you will get more mileage from Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm



What is Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm?

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Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm is a topical spray promises to increase male hormone levels resulting in increased pumps, a reduction in body fat, and an increase in lean hard muscle! The best part about Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm over the old Dermacrine is that with each bottle you get an 60-day supply.


Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm ReviewThe active ingredients in Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm are delivered via an advanced topical delivery system and are carried directly to the blood stream. Three pumps and the transdermal delivery system increases the absorption and efficacy of the testosterone boosting ingredients so you can smoke your personal records and WOD.


Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm has a ridiculous amount of hormone precursors, which causes your body to have a dramatically increased anabolic and androgenic capacity. This effect becomes noticeable within hours of application, fueling your body with freaky strength and increased pumps.


 What exactly are anabolic & androgenic hormones in Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm

Anabolic means stimulation of growth (aka muscle growth), while androgenic means the stimulation of male characteristics (i.e. libido, strength, and aggression). Testosterone is an excellent example of a hormone that encompasses both so not only will you get strength gains, but you will be horny as hell.


In addition to testosterone, there is a wealth of other unknown naturally occurring hormones that have strong anabolic & androgenic properties. Androstenediol and Androstenedione are two examples of ther hormones that support muscle development, fat loss, and muscular strength. RS-Transaderm doesn’t simply boost Testosterone, but Androstenediol and Androstenedione as well! If you want to take advantage or Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm, do it soon because products that boost Androstenediol and Androstenedione get banned once word gets out they, surprise surprise, WORK.


What are the ingredients to Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm? And how do they work?

The first ingredient in Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm is dehydroepiandrosterone (or DHEA). This is the precursor to all anabolic/androgenic hormones in the body.


DHEA has been around for years and can be found in many supplements, but because RS-Transaderm is applied as a RS-Transaderm ingredientstopical spay, DHEA can be absorbed up to 20x better than any oral legal steroids. When DHEA is applied topically, it is then absorbed through the skin and is forced to convert to more anabolic/androgenic hormones. What you probably did not know is that the skin is concentrated with steroid-converting enzymes that catalyze the conversion of DHEA to more powerful hormones, such as Androstenediol, Androstenedione, and Testosterone. This allows Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm with topical DHEA to not only shred body fat but also build lean muscle. This is because DHEA is also converted into powerful fat-burning hormones such as 7-oxo-DHEA and 7-beta-DHEA. Those hormones possess thermogenic qualities to help increase the rate of fat loss while you gain pounds of muscle!


With oral DHEA products simply you lose a lot of the anabolic effects, unlike Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm. The digestive track lacks the steroidogenic enzyme activity that the skin possesses, losing alot of the DHEA in the stomach and liver.


The second hormonal ingredient in  Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm is Pregnenolone. This ingredient was added in a strict ratio with the DHEA to help balance and control the conversion to DHT which causes hair loss, or androgenic alopecia. So if you are balding or afraid of legal steroids, Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm wont cost you that mop on your head. Pregnenolone also has nootropic qualities that increase focus and memory.


You need to be very careful with legal steroids, because cheap steroids risk converting to estrogen. Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm includes an anti-estrogen complex consisting of resveratrol, 7,8- Benzoflavone, and Chrysin. They are all natural plant-based compounds that help block, gyno and fat storage, which are effects of estrogen. In addition, these ingredients have been proven to have strong fertility stimulating properties which can help boost sexual desire and stamina.


Use this link to place your secure RS Transaderm order and to save. 


What Kind Of Results Can You Expect With Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm?

 According to reviews, within first couple of days of taking Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm you can Ruthless Supplements RS-Transadermexpect:

* Increased libido

* Improved sexual performance

* Increased feeling of motivation

* Improved focus

* Dries quickly

 Within 2-3 weeks of usage, users of Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm start to notice:

* Increased stamina in the gym

* Quicker muscle recovery

* Ravenous appetite

* Better sleep quality

* Nootropic effects

*Serious muscle gains

My Personal Results

I pretty much had the same result as most people that take it.  I got bigger and stronger and had great gains.  But you have to be pretty dedicated because I do not think I would have taken it if I was skipping the gym or not eating right.  I have heard that RS-Transaderm might be banned soon, and that is a shame because with so many lousy products, its great to have on that works.


 How long can I use Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm? Do I have to cycle off Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm?


Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm  should only be cycled for 4-8 weeks at a time, with at least 4 weeks off between each cycle. You do not want to mess with your body natural testosterone production so don’t go crazy.


How do I take it RS-Transaderm?

Dosage and Directions for RS-Transaderm:

1. Administer RS Transaderm every morning after a shower

2. Dispense 4 to 5 pumps and apply to your shoulders and upper-back for best conversion.

3. Only apply RS Transaderm to clean, dry skin.

4. Allow 4 to 5 minutes to absorb.


Precautions when taking RS-Transaderm:

1. Shaving the RS Transaderm application area is beneficial, but not required.

2. Avoid swimming, bathing or tanning for at least 6 hours after application.

3. Women and children should avoid contact with the area where RS Transaderm has been applied. If a woman or child makes contact with the RS Transaderm application area, this person should be washed well with soap and water right away.

4. RS Transaderm, like all medications, should be kept out of reach of children.


Are there any side-effects I should know about Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm?


As long as you take it as directed, you should be fine.  I probably would double check the labels so you are not taking any other DHEA supplements or Pro-Hormones.  And I would also be cognizant of what you are taking when you are cycling of Ruthless Supplements RS-Transderma.


RS Transaderm may cause increased aggression in men predisposed to aggression.


Uncommon but serious side effects include:

Priapism: An erection that won’t go away. If you get an erection lasting more than 4 hours, seek immediate medical help to avoid long-term injury.


Why should YOU choose Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm over any other pro-hormones?


Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm is far more effective than oral DHEA supplements because of its skin delivery. It bicespscould be the legal steroid that pushes the envelope. When delivering DHEA through the skin, more powerful anabolic & androgenic hormones are converted into testosterone.


In addition, Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm does not stress the liver, prostate, or cholesterol levels like oral methods because it is devoured throughout the skin. Ruthless Supplements. Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm will also not cause appetite suppression because of toxic effects. The hormones included Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm are non-toxic and naturally occurring in the human body.


How to take Ruthless Supplements RS-Transderm

First, take a shower. Then apply lotion every morning after showering. Apply 3-5 pumps worth to the skin. Allow 5 minutes to dry. For best conversion, apply to shoulders and upper-back. Avoid swimming, bathing, or tanning for at least 6 hours after application. Many reviews claim that Ruthless RS-Transaderm dries very quickly.


How much is Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm

Ruthless Supplements RT Transaderm is not cheap and only comes in a 2 month supply. In that regard, the pricing is not that bad. Even better, if you buy 3 bottles of RS-Transaderm, you get one free.  AND… There is a 110% guarantee.  By the way, Ruthless Supplements will send RS-Transaderm internationally for $19.94 USD.  Even Better… When you click the link below, YOU CAN USE YOUR AMAZON CHECKOUT LOGIN, WHICH IS THE MOST TRUSTWORTHY REASON WHY TO BUY RS-TRANSADERM


Click Here Now to visit the official Ruthless Supplements website.


110-guaranteeDoes Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm Work?

This could be one of the most legit products that work. I think the 100% guarantee seals the deal.  Like most things that work, they seem to get banned.  So I would take advantage while you can and stock up. Also, the cool thing is that Ruthless Supplements SHIPS WORLDWIDE for $19.95 no matter how many you order.

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Q: Smell like rubbing alcohol for a few minutes and then its gone Where can I order Ruthless Supplements RS-Trasaderm and how much does it cost? -ZzdayInfo

A: Unfortunately, You can not get it anymore. Phytoserms is off the market too.  TestStack No17 is the only thing that has similar ingredients.

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  • We have compiled the opinions of 3 of our readers that have each placed orders of Ruthless Supplements, RS Transaderm, and Phytoserms-347.

  • Is there a similar transdermal cream to the RLS Transderm? Or is there a true testosterone cream on the market?

  • What is going on with ruthless supplements .com the website is not there anymore.

    • Looks like they got shut down.

  • 5 stars

    I\’m after a few bottles of RS-Transderm but can\’t find it anywhere
    Have you any or have you an idea where I can get some

    Kindest Regards

    p.s. I live in the UK

    • Hi Phil,

      I just looked and it seems like they sold out. And I believe its kind of banned so they probably wont get anymore. Have you check out their other product Phytoserms 347x They have a 110% money back guarantee too.

  • when RS Transaderm is coming back for sale guys??

    • Soon I heard… But when those sell out, that is it FOREVER!! Dont forget to check out Phytoserms 347x, because that is the only supplement Ruthless Supplements will be allowed to make!

      • Back in stock as of Now!

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