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Staying Young


Does StemEnhance S3 Work?


Note: This is a review. Click here to visit the StemEnhance S3 website.


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There’s a definite divide between conventional western medicine and the supplement industry which takes a more holistic view of health and healing. And while the prescription drugs offered by medical doctors go through rigorous scientific testing for safety and effectiveness, supplements exist in a much more freewheeling atmosphere. Customers put their faith in natural remedies that may have little more than a few good stories to demonstrate if and how well they work.


StemEnhance S3 is the cornerstone of a line of longevity and well-being supplements from a company called StemTech. They base their products on the benefits of increased adult stem cells coursing through your veins, reaching all kinds of bodily tissue. Embryonic stem cells have been known for about 2 decades to be extremely useful for potentially curing serious illnesses, but lately, it seems to be coming to light that adult stem cells (those present in the human body after birth and throughout life) may have real benefits as well.


StemEnhance S3 Benefits


The claims made by StemEnhance S3 are that if you use this supplement to increase the number of adult stem cells in your bloodstream:


  • You’ll be supporting your body’s natural renewal system.
  • You’ll be supporting the health of telomeres which protect the ends of chromosomes.
  • You’ll be promoting youthful health and slowed aging.
  • You’ll have a greater overall sense of well-being.


How StemEnhance S3 Works


The idea is that StemEnhance S3 supports cell renewal, and when you’ve got healthy cells being constantly renewed, you’ll be looking, feeling, and staying younger. While most supplements have the goal of providing nutrients to already existing cells, StemEnhance S3 increases the circulation of cells through your blood stream and to the tissue throughout your body. It does this by increasing the release of adult stem cells from within your bone marrow.


StemEnhance S3 Review 3StemEnhance S3 Ingredients


The key ingredient in StemEnhance S3 is called StemRelease which is a blend of the following three plant based components:


  • AFA (Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae) (1) which has been clinically shown to support the release of stem cells from bone marrow into the blood stream.
  • Aloe Macroclada which is used in Madagascar to improve longevity and well-being. There is also documentation that it supports stem cell release.
  • Undaria Pinnatifida (2) which has also been clinically shown to support the release of stem cells into the blood stream.


Additional ingredients include:


  • Astragalus Membranaceous Extract (3)  which has been shown to protect the health of telomeres.
  • Cordiceps Sinensis which increases stamina and longevity.
  • Turmeric which boosts your immune system.


The Science Behind StemEnhance S3


StemTech insists that there is scientific evidence to support their claims. In fact, they conduct studies on their own, which isn’t necessarily common practice for supplement companies.  The upshot of the studies is that ingesting AFA does lead to a significant increase in circulating stem cells for a short time after ingestion, approximately 2 hours.


Some doctors and promoters of other supplements have disputed the science, so we really are left not knowing whether or not StemEnhance S3 is truly backed up by objective scientific facts.


StemEnhance S3 Before and After Reviews


StemEnhance S3 is sold through Amazon.com so there is a ton of customer feedback you can find there. The vast majority of it is positive, with examples like:


Carolyn says: “I have been taking SE3 since it become available and all I know is that I feel better when i am taking it, I have a lot of stress in my life due to untimely death of son and my his shad cops and is on oxygen. I started taking SE2 about 10 months ago then switched to SE3 when it became available, I have lost 15 pounds and I feel good no aches or pains. Stem tech products work for me, it is expensive but so are medications and this is a good preventive supplement.”

Chrys says: “One of science greater product used for overall good health! The best vegetarian stem release product on the market that actually enables your own body to heal itself of virtually any disease. Came before expected time. Would recommend to anyone!”

On the other hand, it’s not hard to find examples of unsatisfied customers too:


One customer says: “It didn’t work for my knee spur pains.”

Another stated: “I did not notice any difference when taking this product faithfully for over two months consistently. After reading all the great reviews, I am quite disappointed. Especially for what it costs.”


Where to Buy StemEnhance S3


StemEnhance S3 Review 2


StemEnhance S3 is marketed and sold through a network of direct sales distributors. You can learn about how that works on their website, but basically, a seller joins the network of a another seller, and every sale that seller makes, the seller above also gets part of the commission. As you build your own network of sellers, you make more and more money from the sales made by your downstream team.


The price listed on the website for a 30 day supply is $69.95. The wholesale price is $58.95, so the seller get’s an $11 commission on every bottle. You can also pick some up at Amazon.com. The price I saw was $57.


StemEnhance S3 Pros


  • There is scientific research that seems to support at least some of their claims.
  • The formula is all natural.
  • There are positive customer reviews written by people who’ve used it.


StemEnhance S3 Cons


  • The scientific evidence isn’t conclusive that it results in the benefits it claims.
  • It’s expensive, especially if you stack it with the other products StemTech sells (and they make sure you know they work better when used together.)
  • The fact that they us MLM marketing is a little sketchy. If this was truly a scientific breakthrough, it would be selling in a more mainstream environment.


Our StemEnhance S3 Conclusion


If you’ve got the money to spare and you’re curious, I wouldn’t discourage you from trying StemEnhance S3. I just wouldn’t recommend you go in with very high hopes. While it seems somewhat promising, it’s hard to believe this obscure supplement can do all that it claims.





(1) A blend of an extract from Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, fucoidan from Undaria pinnatifida and an extract from Polygonum multiflorum leads to a significant mobilization of bone marrow stem cells.


(2) Fucoidan ingestion increases the expression of CXCR4 on human CD34+ cells. Mohammad R. Irhimeh, J. Helen Fitton, Raymond M. Lowenthal. ISEH Experimental Hematology. Volume 35, Issue 6, June 2007, Pages 989–994.


(3)  The telomerase activator TA-65 elongates short telomeres and increases health span of adult/old mice without increasing cancer incidence. Bruno Bernardes de Jesus, Kerstin Schneeberger, Elsa VeraAgueda Tejera, Calvin B. Harley and Maria A. BlascoAging Cell. Volume 10, Issue 4, pages 604–621, August 2011.

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