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Extreme Shredding


Does Taraxatone Work?

Note: This is a review.  Taraxatone unfortunately has been discontinued



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Taraxatone has a very specific use for competitive bodybuilders and athletes who need to drop water weight fast for an upcoming event. Excess water can mean added bulk and diminished definition, not what you want to present when you’re goal is to be at your best. You can’t let all your hard work and sacrifice come to nothing in the end because of water retention. So a hardcore diuretic like Taraxatone may be what you need.



Taraxatone Benefits


Taraxatone doesn’t help you get in shape all through the months leading up to a show, shoot, or competition. It comes into play right at the end, when you’ve got about a week to make sure you’re at your absolute best. And that means dry, lean muscles, not soft smooth ones. Taraxatone removes the water under your skin, and leaves you with just the lean, cut muscle you’ve been working on achieving. It allows you to show the true results of all your hard work.  To get to that point, you need something like Instant Knockout, which MMA fighters use to cut weight.


Additionally, Taraxatone provides a balance of nutrients and electrolytes so you not only look your best, but feel it as well.


Taraxatone Ingredients


Taraxatone Review 4The Taraxatone formula went through a change at one time, around 2009. The basic core of ingredients did stay the same however. The important ones to know about are:


  • Dandelion Root Extract (Taraxacum Officianale) (1) which is a powerful natural diuretic. As it removes water from your body, it also filters the blood and provides a significant amount of Potassium and Sodium to help maintain electrolyte balance. As a side benefit, Dandelion can also neutralize acids in the blood, allowing for greater stamina in your workouts.
  • Uva Ursi Leaf (2) which is another powerful herbal diuretic. It removes excess water while supporting the healthy functioning of the bladder and kidneys.


There are several other supporting herbs including: Horsetail Extract, Parsley Leaf Extract, Horse Chestnut, Withania Somnifera, Hibiscus Flower, Aerva Lanta, Artichoke Leaf, Green Tea, Juniper Fruit, and Cayenne Pepper Fruit.


Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in the formula include: L-Glutamine, Taurine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Nicotinate, Magnusium, Potassium, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin B6.


How To Use Taraxatone


It’s recommended that you start using Taraxatone about 5 days before your competition or shoot. For the first 3 days, take 3 capsules in the morning with a glass of water and 3 capsules in the afternoon, again with a glass of water. For the last 2 days, keep taking Taraxatone, but significantly reduce your water intake.


You should not take Taraxatone for more than 5 consecutive days, and you should take at least 7 days off before starting again.


Taraxatone Reviews


Taraxatone Review 2


Taraxatone was a huge favorite among competitive bodybuilders. It was all natural and it worked. For many, it was an integral part of their pre competition, show, or shoot routine. A few feedback examples:


“I lost approximately 10 lbs of water with this product. I really liked the result.”


“I don’t know what made Taraxatone so great but I know one thing for sure………….I’ve taken 3 products since it was taken off the market and not one of them could come close to Taraxatone.  “


Taraxatone Discontinued


That last review brings us to the disappointing news that Taraxatone has been discontinued. First, they updated the formula. Then it was gone altogether. I searched but found no explanation for the discontinuation. There’s no indication of a recall. There’s no indication of any reason at all.


One day it was a popular product loved by the competition crowd. The next day it was gone. It’s been gone for several years now. You can tell by the fact that no retailers at all are carrying it. It usually takes several months for the last remaining units to be bought up.  The only real water pill worth looking at is Cellucor L2 Extreme.


Our Taraxatone Conclusion


Taraxatone was one of those “great while it lasted” supplements. If only we had a way of knowing which of today’s powerhouses will be going away tomorrow. That way, we wouldn’t have to wish we had tried them when we had the chance.


Instant Knockout Review 1


Taraxatone is gone… Now what?  Instant Knockout is the choice of MMA fighters and wrestlers to cut weight.  To check out the Instant Knockout Review, including the ingredients. Click Here



(1) Evaluation of Dandelion for Diuretic Activity and Variation in Potassium Content. I. Hook, A. McGee & M. HenmanInternational Journal of Pharmacognosy. Volume 31, Issue 1, 1993.


(2) Effects of Herbal Supplements On the Kidney. Wendell Combest Marian Newton Austin Combest June Hannay Kosier . UROLOGIC NURSING / October 2005 / Volume 25 Number 5.

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