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Natural Testosterone Boost



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test reload ReviewThe story behind Mike Chang is that he was just a regular guy who wanted to be big and ripped. But he didn’t have the genetic predisposition that he assumed most of the big guys at the gym had. It’s true that some people are more prone to bulkier muscle mass than others. Humans come in all shapes and sizes. Some have bigger frames that can support more muscle structure. Others have faster metabolisms and need to eat what seems like a ton just to gain a few pounds. When Mike Chang created his first SixPackShortCuts program and the supplements that go along with it, this is what he had in mind. He knew that there was a whole market of guys out there that wanted to fix in themselves what they think genetics got wrong. So when we started looking at his natural testosterone booster called Test Reload, we weren’t surprised that this is the approach he took.


Test Reload is designed to pick up where natural left off when it comes to your testosterone levels. Whether you’re young and your levels trend low, or your a little older and you’ve started to notice the inevitable drop, Test Reload claims to be able to recharge and reset your T levels and get you the results you deserve in the gym.


Test Reload Benefits


test reload Review 4Test Reload claims to have an advantages over both actual juicing and taking other natural testosterone boosters. The problem with taking actual synthetic testosterone is mainly in the side effects. Things like acne, breasts, anger, and irritability just aren’t what you bargain for when you decide you want to get big at the gym. The problem with taking most testosterone boosters is that the excess testosterone will convert to estrogen, and you’ll be stuck with side effects anyway, just different side effects like water retention.



The main draw of Test Reload is that you get the best of both worlds. You get the benefits of increased testosterone, which include:


  • More energy.
  • Better muscle to fat ratio.
  • The ability to gain lean muscle mass more easily.
  • Better mood.
  • Better sex.


But you won’t be saddled with side effects either from straight testosterone or from conversion to estrogen. That’s because Test Reload is a special dual action formula that not only boosts your natural production of testosterone, but also blocks its natural tendency to convert to estrogen.


Test Reload Ingredients


The truth is in the ingredients, so let’s take a look at the 4 primary ones in Test Reload:

  • Fenugreek (1) which increases the body’s level of serum testosterone, but not allowing it to leave the body. This also has the effect of increasing free testosterone levels. There is some evidence that fenugreek may lead to increases in muscle size.
  • D-Aspartic Acid (2) which releases hormones and increases the sensitivity of the testosterone receptors, leading to greater muscle building efficiency. An important study showed that DAA increased testosterone by over 40% in just 12 days.
  • Maca Root which increases testosterone and sperm production as well as improving the health of your entire reproductive system.
  • White Button Mushroom Extract (3) which has been shown to support a healthy balance of estrogen levels in men. This is the key that keeps excess testosterone from becoming excess estrogen.


test reload Review 2




Additional ingredients include Beta Alanine for increased muscle endurance and Mucuna Pruriens which is an herbal aphrodisiac. Unfortunately, Test Reload does not list ingredients amounts which is a shame because at least with the DAA, there’s a specific amount that was used in the testing, and it would be nice to know if Test Reload uses that amount or significantly less.


Where to Buy Test Reload


The primary way to order Test Reload is through one of Mike Chang’s websites. You can find him if you look for Mike Chang or Six Pack Short Cuts. Once there, there are a few different ways you can go. The one their pushing is the autoshipment plan. You get your first bottle for the discounted price of $67, and by doing so, you agree to be signed up for Mike’s monthly autoship program. The good news is that you’ll be getting the discounted price month after month for as long as you want. The bad news is that you’re automatically signed up and if you don’t want it, you have to call and cancel.


You can also just buy a bottle outright. That will cost you $97, which if you ask me is pretty expensive. All orders that go through Mike’s website come with his 60 day money back guarantee, so it looks like if you go with the autoshipment plan to get the discount, you should be able to cancel and get your money back.


Test Reload has also recently shown up on Amazon.com, so you can get it there also, for the middle ground price of $74.99.


test reload Review 3


Test Reload Pros


  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • There’s a money back guarantee.
  • Test Reload is backed up by Mike Chang, a guy who’s business relies on his good reputation, so he has to be somewhat reputable.


Test Reload Cons


  • The formula doesn’t look that strong in the first place, and the ingredient amounts are not listed in the second place. It’s impossible to tell how effective ingredients in a supplement will be when you don’t know how much there is.
  • The autoshipment policy is somewhat more upfront than most. They don’t use the free trial scam. But I’m certain some guys will still be caught off guard by the ongoing payments.
  • They claim to be the only testosterone booster with estrogen blocking capabilities, but that’s just not true. They’re fairly common these days.


Our Test Reload Conclusion


With so many natural testosterone boosting choices, there’s really no compelling reason to go with Test Reload. The formula is nothing to write home about. It’s expensive if you don’t want to sign up for shipments every month. And it makes a claim about estrogen that just isn’t true. Finding a better product is easy. I suggest you do so.




(1) Fenugreek Extract Supplementation Has No effect on the Hormonal Profile of Resitance-Trained Males. Brandon Bushey, Lem W. Taylor,Colin W. Wilborn, Chris Poole, Cliffa A. Foster, Bill Campbell, Richard B. Kreider, Darryn S. Willoughby. Inernational Journal of Exercise Science. Volume 2, Issue 1 (2009).


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(3) White Button Mushroom Phytochemicals Inhibit Aromatase Activity and Breast Cancer Cell ProliferationBaiba J GrubeElizabeth T. Eng,Yeh-Chih Kao,Annette Kwon, and Shiuan Chen. The Journal of Nutrition. vol. 131 no. 12 3288-3293. December 1, 2001.


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  • Hi Ian,
    I just read your review of Mike Chang\’s \’Test Reload\’ supplement.

    I agree, the dang thing is pretty costly.

    Can you personally recommend any other equally effective, but lower priced alternatives for a testosterone booster/estrogen blocker supplement, please, Sir?

    I\’m curious with so many \’claims\’ out there, and don\’t want to waste money on crap products….Only on quality shtuff that works.

    Please advise. Thank You, Ian!

    • Hi Alan,

      Thanks, Mike Chang advertises alot, and that is part of his marketing. TestoFuel is a little bit cheaper, but it has more D-aspartic acid and it packs more of a punch with the oyster. Both have fenugreek. And it has other stuff too. TestoFuel is one of the few products that boost testosterone in a healthy way so you do not need a PCT. Unlike Prohormones where you have to constantly have a counter to each ingredient, Testofuel boost is naturally so you do not have to worry about side effects. I have used it and I would say its not like being juiced up, but I felt really healthy. Its hard to explain but I hope it makes sense. I have a screaming 5 month old driving me nuts so check out the Testofuel review and compare for yourself. I think their guarantee is 90 days. I would suggest 2 months minimum because it took about a week to notice it. Good luck.

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