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Boost Testosterone Naturally


Note: This is a review. We actually could not find a reliable website for Testinate 250 that was not an ad for something else!

It’s pretty much a given these days that if you start looking for a supplement to help you put on muscle and get ripped, you’re going to come across a product that offers a free trial package. They look very sleek, they make all sorts of promises about what your body can become, and they appear to let you try them for free. Well, things aren’t always what they appear. Testinate 250 is one of these free trial products, and it’s the one we’re going to break down today so you know exactly what you’re getting into if you choose to give this stuff a try.


If you look for Testinate 250 on the internet, you’ll find all kinds of “review” websites. They’re set up like they’re just educated customers wanting to share their latest greatest discovery with you, and they happily share a link where you can get a Testinate 250 Free Trial. At that official website, Testinate 250 will tell you all about the potential and “guaranteed” results you’ll get by using it.


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How Testinate 250 Works

It’s the perfect list that every guy gitting the gym wants to achieve. By taking Testinate 250, the CLAIM you’ll:

  • Increase testosterone.
  • Incinerate fat.
  • Get lean and ripped.
  • Get massive muscle gains.
  • Have unyielding stamina.
  • Perform like an animal in the sack.


They don’t get too specific, but the key seems to be the testosterone. Boosting testosterone levels, particularly free testosterone levels, can have these effects. Testosterone is basically the hormone that makes us men. As we age, our bodies produce less and less of the stuff, and we can start to feel soft and weak. Increasing our supply gives us power and strength, in pretty much every area of life.


So now that we know Testinate 250 is designed to work by increasing testosterone levels in your body, we’ll move on to look at what kind of customer feedback this stuff is getting.

Testinate 250 Reviews


The review websites we mentioned earlier don’t usually represent real customers. The closest thing we get to real feedback from real people are the the testimonials on the official Testinate 250 website. This is disappointing because you can never really trust that these are real. They’re just as often placed there by the marketing department. But we don’t know that for sure, so to be fair, we’ll share what some of them have to say:


John Goodson is 42. He says that Testinate 250 has given him the power to enjoy his life again. After years of working out regularly at the gym, his gains have never been better.

Joseph Carter is 37. After taking Testinate 250, he can now have sex with multiple women and pump more weight than he ever though possible.

David Allan is 51. His sex drive was really minimal until he started taking Testinate 250. Now he’s astounded with how easily and naturally he gets hard.

OK Now Let’s Look at the REAL Testinate 250 Testimonials


Here are some of the REAL Testinate 250 reviews we have found on different forums. They tell a different story of being scammed and given the run around.


“I ordered this product & cancelled 2 minutes later on the 08/08/14 after reading the terms & conditions. I still recievd order confirmation. I then emailed the support team 3 times, had no reply or no product. But today I checked my bank account & 89.99 was taken out of my account & no reply from this company. THIS IS A MAJOR SCAM.”

“This is a complete scam, paid my £2.99 and receieved nothing. Then they took £89.99 from my account even though i cancelled on the cancelation page and stopped any future card payments. The £89.99 is taken under a slightly different name with a different merchant id than the original £2.99 so it bypasses the block from the bank. BE WARNED!!!”

“I bought this product from their website and they have been withdrawing close to £95 a month from my account. I have contacted my bank and changed my card yet they have still managed to withdraw money from my account. Do not buy from this company as this is a scam and they should be reported to someone for fraud”

Testinate 250 Ingredients

All this talk of what it can do is great, but if you really want to know if something can work, you need to know what it’s made of. Unfortunately, the Testinate 250 website doesn’t provide that information. They talk about scientists researching for 3 years in an ultra modern lab, and deciding on the 3 essential ingredients for great erections and huge muscles, but they never get around to mentioning what those 3 ingredients, or any ingredients, are. I guess we’re just supposed to take their word for it.

Where to Buy Testinate 250


We touched on it at the beginning of this article, but we’ll go into more detail about it now. In order to purchase Testinate 250, you need to sign up for their free trial offer. The Testinate 250 free trial is a little different from some of the others, but figuring out the details of the offer is actually pretty difficult. It looks like you get a 14 day supply for free, but you have to order a 46 day supply to go with it, at a cost of $160. Normally, I advise people to read and familiarize themselves with the “terms and conditions” before placing any of these free trial offers. But I have to say, even after reading these closely a few times, I’m still not entirely sure how this constitutes a “free” anything.

One other thing to note about ordering Testinate 250… Most of the review websites that claim to link to your free trial opportunity actually link to other products, not Testinate 250. I’ve seen this before, and it really highlights the scamminess of the whole setup. These products are basically just interchangeable cogs in a money-making machine.


testinate 250 Review 6

Testinate 250 Highpoints

  • None that I could find.

Testinate 250 Lowpoints

  • They don’t disclose an ingredient list.
  • There are no unbiased Testinate 250 reviews from customers.
  • Making a “free” trial purchase is confusing and definitely not free.
  • Links meant to send you to purchase a free Testinate 250 trial more often than not send you to a different product.

Our Testinate 250 Conclusion

Testinate 250 is pretty easy to see through. With the deceptive free trial offer and the lack of information about what goes into the formula, there’s absolutely no reason anyone should think about purchasing Testinate 250. Testinate says they are featured in Men’s Health, but they play with words like www.Menshealth&Fitness and crap like that.  Steer clear!


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