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We’re all looking for that edge. I know I look for it, and I’m sure you do to. It’s why I’m here writing this and it’s why you’re here reading it. Getting a great body is hard work, and the older you get the harder it gets. There’s a reason for that, and it’s called testosterone. More specifically falling testosterone levels. The older you get, the less testosterone your body naturally makes, and this causes all sorts of decline. You start to see little layers of fat where you never saw them before. The same workout that got you great results in the past just isn’t cutting it anymore. You’re not that interested in sex, in fact you just don’t get excited about things like you used to. These are all symptoms of decreased testosterone.


Testo XL is a supplement you may have come across on line. They’re advertising it pretty hard through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it sparked your interest. I used to see it all the time pushed as a stack with HGH XL, a human growth hormone supplement, but they must have had a parting of the ways because I haven’t seen the two of them advertised together in quite some time. They say Testo XL is a must have if you want to build mass, so we decided to take a closer look.


Benefits of Testo XL


As a natural testosterone boosting supplement, Testo XL makes a lot of claims about what it can do for you. You’ll see improvements like:

  • Increased energy and endurance during workouts, and in all areas of life.
  • Greater fat burning due to the increase in muscle mass.
  • Improved sexual performance including an increase in desire as well as stronger erections.
  • An over feeling of pride in your virile, youthful body.


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Testo XL Ingredients


All supplements make claims, of course, but we need to look to the formula to see if the claims hold any weight. When it comes to Testo XL, that information is actually pretty hard to find. As sure as their advertising is that this stuff is incredible and works like a charm, they aren’t willing to talk about what’s in it. This is never a good sign.


Luckily, we found the information we needed through someone who had the actually bottle on hand. Here’s what’s on the list:


  • Vitamin B6 which regulates the production of androgen, which is a natural steroid hormone that acts as a precursor to testosterone.
  • Magnesium (1) which works well with exercise to help produce higher levels of HGH in men.
  • Zinc (2) which is widely known to be linked to athletic performance because of its central role in the body’s production of testosterone and human growth hormone, as well as insulin.
  • D-Aspartic Acid (3) which has been shown to increase the body’s natural production of testosterone by as much as 42% in just 12 days.
  • Tribulus Terrestris which is believed to increase testosterone by stimulating the release of luteinizing hormone which in turn stimulates the production of testosterone.


Unfortunately, there is no mention of how much of each ingredient is used. This is extremely important information, and without it, it’s impossible to tell if Testo XL can be effective. In the case of DAA for example, if the daily dose doesn’t approach 3 grams, it might as well not even be included. My guess is that there’s nowhere near 3 grams. Otherwise, they would say so.


Testo XL Reviews


When you don’t have ingredient amounts to go on, customer feedback becomes a very important factor. It provides a look into how a product is working for real guys in the real world. The reviews for Testo XL don’t look so hot. Here are some examples I found on Amazon.com:


“Not worth it. Doesn’t do anything.”

“For me personally it did nothing. Not sure if it’s even what it says on the label.”

“Rubbish and waste of money. My loss is your gain.”

“Lots of hype but no real results.”


and my personal favorite:


“Load of twaddle! Taken faithfully with no visible difference whatsoever.”


Where to Buy Testo XL


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We already don’t think Testo XL is worth your time, and then we find out it’s a “free trial” product on top of everything else. We see this a lot lately. You pay only shipping and handling and get what they call a 14 day free trial. They send you a full one month supply. But if you don’t call and cancel within 14 days, they will charge you full price for the bottle which is $89.95, and not only that but they also sign you up for monthly shipments each month, charging you $89.95 each time.


It might not be so bad except they don’t tell you this unless you go searching for the finest of the fine print in the terms and conditions document. And when you do call to cancel, I’ve heard nothing but horror stories about how difficult it is to get out of the contract.


On the other hand, if you want to try it outright without the scammy trial, you can buy it on Amazon.com, but you’ll also have to buy that HGH XL we were talking about earlier.  This is so questionable, GNC, Walmart or Vitamin Shoppe will not carry it.


Testo XL Pros


  • None


Testo XL Cons


  • The free trial program is a scam.
  • The ingredient amounts aren’t listed, so we don’t know if there’s enough of each.
  • The Testo XL reviews are really very negative.


Our Testo XL Conclusion


I can’t find any reason why you should buy Testo XL. It’s basically nothing but a hyped up scam to get you locked into monthly billing that you never intended to get involved with in the first place. There are good supplements you can use. Testo XL just isn’t one of them.


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Want a Test booster that actually works? There are several, but we like TestoFuel.  It is priced right, has a guarantee, and actually works.  To check out the complete review of TestoFuel, Click Here. 







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