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Does Tobin Farms Deer Antler Work?


Note: This is a review. To order, visit the Tobin Farms Deer Antler website.


tobin farms deer antler review

Deer Antler Velvet supplements have gotten a bit of play in the news recently because of a few athletes that have been caught using the banned substance. But actually it’s been around as a natural way to support health and strength for a very long time.


In fact, it’s use is ancient. For more than 2,000 years, Deer Antler Velvet has been used by the Koreans and the Chinese to improve conditions such as arthritis and blood disorders and to improve immune systems. Today, Tobin Farms Deer Antler attempts to carry on that proud tradition.


Tobin Farms Deer Antler Benefits


The scientific evidence isn’t really there yet, but there are people who swear by it for improving their overall health and in particular their athletic performance. Tobin Farms Deer Antler contains a growth factor called IGF-1. Its full name is Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1, and it’s structurally very similar to insulin. Here are some of the benefits:


  • It supports cellular division and growth for both muscles and organs.
  • It helps repair nerve damage, which can reverse some of the effects of aging.
  • It reduces muscle loss (another great anti-aging effect).


The main benefits come from the idea that IGF-1 helps with cellular repair and regeneration. If that’s true, Tobin Farms Deer Antler, and any supplement that increases IGF-1 levels in the body, can be very beneficial for a variety of reasons.


tobin farms deer antler review 4Tobin Farms Deer Antler Ingredients


There’s only one ingredient in Tobin Farms Deer Antler, and that’s antlers, specifically antler velvet. (1) They use Red Deer and Elk antlers, and the website goes into some amount of detail explaining how they process them.


In a nutshell, they harvest the antler during the growth period, before they harden and become rigid. Each year, deer shed their antlers and grow new ones. While they grow, they are covered with the velvet where all the good stuff is.


Tobin Farms Deer Antler prides itself on not separating the tips from the rest of the antler and on doing the entire processing job on site, without contracting it out. In their words, they dry, scrape, grind, encapsulate, and bottle all right there at their site.


They make a point of letting it be known that Tobin Farms Deer Antler is brownish in color. Others are more of a grayish color. The brown color is what they offer as evidence that they use the entire antler, without separating out the tip.


How To Use Tobin Farms Deer Antler


Tobin Farms Deer Antler supplements come in two forms. You can get the straight powder, or you can get it in 250 mg capsules. The capsules come in bottles with as low as a 90 count to as high as a 1,000 count. The powder comes in tubs of 60 grams, 120 grams, or 180 grams.


The recommended dose is basically that you use it as needed. For the average user, the starting dose will be 2 capsules (500mg) taken on an empty stomach. You can increase your dose to as many as 10 capsules per day or 1 capsules for every 25 pounds of your body weight. If you use the powder, you can convert accordingly. Since there’s only one ingredient, it’s a straight mg to mg comparison.


The main problem we find with Tobin Farms is that most Deer Antler Velvet potency is listed in nanograms.  By that, the listed nanograms in a supplement is the actual amount of IGF-1 (not the weight of the dose).   So it is not known exactly how much IGF-1 is contained in a capsule is not known, or even if it is the same amount of IGF-1 from pill to pill.  If you look at another brand, such as Nutronics Labs IGF-1 Plus or HGH.com Deer Antler Spray, the actual potency of IGF-1 is indicated by the dosage.


About Tobin Farms


The Tobin Farms Deer Antler website tells the story of how the Tobins got involved in the deer antler trade. After reading an article about a Red Deer Farm, they visited one in Canada, where they learned about the benefits of the deer antler velvet. At that time, there was no processing facility in North America. The Canadian farm had it shipped in.


Soon after, the Tobins started their own Red Deer Farm with 3 deer from the Canada Farm. It wasn’t until 2 years later though that they decided to process the antler velvet. They did, and that’s how Tobin Farms Deer Antler began. It’s still a family-run operation to this day.


Tobin Farms Deer Antler Before and After Reviews


At one point, Tobin Farms Deer Antler was available on Amazon.com, and it garnered a couple reviews. Unfortunately, they were mixed. The basic gist of one is that it just doesn’t work. The basic gist of the other is that it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. With reviews like that, it’s tough to tell how well it’s going to work.


Where to Buy Tobin Farms Deer Antler


tobin farms deer antler review 2


You can purchase Tobin Farms Deer Antler through their official website. The 90 count bottle of pills is $51, and while there’s a bit of a discount as you buy bigger bottles, it doesn’t amount to much of a break. If you end up taking 10 pills a day, which is within the realm of possibility, a $51 bottle will only last you 9 days. Ouch. That’s expensive.


Tobin Farms Deer Antler Pros


  • It’s all natural. You know exactly what’s in it.


Tobin Farms Deer Antler Cons


  • There are no clinical tests proving that it works.
  • Customer feedback is decidedly mixed.
  • It’s very expensive.


Our Tobin Farms Deer Antler Conclusion


While you may benefit from Tobin Farms Deer Antler, and we like their story, the most important factors are whether or not it works and whether or not it’s a good value. As for the first point, it’s very with the information we have, it’s very difficult to tell whether or not Tobin Farms Deer Antler works. As for the second point, that’s an easy one. At $51 for a bottle that may or may not work and may or may not last you more than 9 days, it’s not a good value.


Nutronics Labs deer antler velvet



We have tried many Deer Antler Products, and we still feel like Nutronics Labs IGF-1 Plus is the best contender.  The dosage is guaranteed and athletes have seen real results.  To check out the complete review on Nutronics Labs IGF-1, Click Here










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