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Restful Sleep Means for Greater Strength




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UPS Labs PowerFULL ReviewThere’s a lot of controversy about whether or not HGH supplements work. You’ll hear a lot of guys saying they don’t work and you shouldn’t buy into the hype. Then you’ll hear just as many raving about the great results they got with such and such HGH supplement. It’s true that so far, the science doesn’t really support the theory of how they work just yet. But it’s hard to ignore the anecdotal reports of so many successful bodybuilders. Maybe the answer is that they work, just not precisely in the way we would expect. USP Labs PowerFULL has been generating a lot of good buzz for quite a while. People say it helps them get great sleep and great recovery. There are no documented cases of increased HGH that I’m aware of, but if it’s getting you bigger and stronger, why care about that?


Benefits of USP Labs PowerFULL


By listening to the positive feedback and reading customer reviews of USP Labs PowerFULL, we can put together a list of positive benefits that includes:


  • Increased muscle mass.
  • Added strength.
  • Greater physical endurance.
  • Faster, more complete post workout recovery.
  • Decreased workout fatigue through lactic acid buffering.
  • Greater workload capacity.
  • Deeper, more restful sleep.


These benefits are said to come from the fact that USP Labs PowerFULL is a growth hormone releaser, a testosterone booster, and a sleep aid all rolled into one.


How USP Labs PowerFULL Works


L-Dopa has long been known by the bodybuilding community to stimulate the release of HGH. But it couldn’t be particularly effective because L-Dopa can’t cross the blood-brain barrier to get where it could be useful. USP Labs went looking for an alternative form of L-Dopa that could cross the blood-brain barrier, and instead found a whole new compound that works even better. This new compound has been shown to increase dopamine levels, which then stimulates HGH release,with an increase of over 200%.


USP Labs PowerFULL goes even further by adding a hormonal adaptagen to the formula. When your body faces stressful or challenging situations (like working out for instance), it release hormones in response. A hormonal adaptagen like the one in USP Labs PowerFULL will make sure your body strikes the right hormonal balance, which generally means more testosterone and less estrogen and cortisol.


USP Labs PowerFULL Ingredients


UPS Labs PowerFULL Review 3The compound USP Labs found to get around the bioavailability issues with L-Dopa is called 1-C (1-carboxy-2-amino-3-pyrobenzol (3,4 diol), or 1-C for short. It is also known as Mucunine Prurienine.


PurSap is the name of the hormonal adaptagen they added to help keep the right balance for any situation is called PurSap. PurSap is the proprietary name. It primarily consists of Stigmasterol (1), which is chemically very similar to testosterone, making it very likely to increase T levels as well.


USP Labs PowerFULL Reviews


There’s plenty of customer feedback available about how well USP Labs PowerFULL works. The vast majority of it talks mostly about how it affects sleep and recovery, and as far as those are concerned, the feedback is generally positive:


One user says: “Grow your muscles, sleep well, dream every night, and have a low fat body. That’s what I have to say about this product.”

Another says: “Let me start off by saying WOW, very vivid dreams. My muscles felt dense throughout the whole bottle. I highly recommend.”

Still another says, “Makes you sleep deep and wake up very active and powerful, but it doesn’t give any size, maybe some strength.”

A lot of the feedback focuses on the vivid dreams and the fact that you can sleep for 6 hours and feel like you’ve slept for 12.


USP Labs PowerFULL History and Where to Buy It


The USP Labs PowerFULL formula has gone through some changes over the years. When it first came out, you had to take 12-15 pills a day, which is an awful lot, especially when you consider most people stack this with something else. At some point, the ingredients got scarce and it was thought USP Labs PowerFULL would have to be discontinued. Not long after that, they found a new source, changed the formula some, and no you only need to take 2-3 capsules a day. At this point,, PowerFULL is not available on the USP Labs website, and there’s talk it may have been discontinued yet again. It is still available, however, through some online retailers for anywhere from $35 to $40.



UPS Labs PowerFULL Review 4

USP Labs PowerFULL Pros


  • The formula is all natural.
  • There’s a ton of great feedback from customers who use it to get great sleep and muscle recovery.
  • It’s made by USP Labs, a respected company, who’s updated the formula as necessary.


USP Labs PowerFULL Cons


  • Most customers see this as more of a sleep aid than anything else, so it may not be what you’re looking for.
  • The status of USP Labs PowerFULL as a product is unclear. It’s gone through a few formula changes, and now it’s not featured on the USP Labs website, so it may have been discontinued.


Our USP Labs PowerFULL Conclusion


USP Labs PowerFULL is a good product if you’re looking for something to help you get a deep, restful sleep. You’ll also be a fan if you like vivid dreams that you can remember when you wake up. Our only concern is that may have been discontinued. Your best option might be in looking for an alternative that can give you some of the same benefits, without the worry that it won’t be around when you need it next month. We suggest looking at something like HyperGh 14x… its available and it works.  To checkout the Hyper GH 14x Review, Click Here. 


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(1) Diet, nutrition intake, and metabolism in populations at high and low risk for colon cancer. Dietary cholesterol, beta-sitosterol, and stigmasterol. P P NairN TurjmanG KessieB CalkinsG T GoodmanH Davidovitz, and G Nimmagadda. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  October 1984. vol. 40 no. 4 927-930.


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  • 3 stars

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for your quick reply back. The HyperGH 14x sounds great but kind of expensive. Did you need to stay on it continually? How quickly did you see results? Would you mind if I contacted you in the future about advice on other supplements? I’m in great shape and have tried a number of different supplements but always curious to hear about what’s best in the market.

    Thanks again,

    • I would say I noticed the better sleep in a few days and physical gains in a week and a 1/2 or so. Sure, hit me up anytime

  • I understand that this supplement has been discontinued. Do you still have any in stock? It\’s a terrific product. Have been using it for the last couple years. Have had a great results. Can you recommend another supplement that could be substituted?

    • Hey Chris,

      I guess you are talking about the review of USP labs powerfull. I dont sell anything, I just review supplements and point you to the seller, but I think it is discontinued. As for a substitute, I think the products was successful because of bio availability of the proprietary ingredients that turned into L-dopa. That said, there are a few supplements that have ingredients that convert to L-dopa according to the manufacturer. Are they the same or will you get the results? Maybe, Maybe not, or maybe even better. But the two below are good and I have tried them and had good results. They also have money back guarantee, just read the return policy so you are informed. THe reviews are below

      HyperGH 14x review
      HGH.com 30000 nano spray

      The main difference is that they also have deer antler velvet which is supposed to release natural HGH. I loved it. You get the best sleep too. I hope that helps.

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