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The Most Anabolic Natural Supplement


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USP Labs Prime Review 1When USP Labs Prime was introduced to the bodybuilding world, it was touted as being the best natural, non-steroid, non-prohormone anabolic product money could buy. It was supposed to be revolutionary in that without any banned substances or questionable ingredients, you could get the kind of results you never thought possible without juicing.

USP Labs Prime Benefits

We’re talking about:

  • Thick, dense, permanent muscle gains.
  • Massively improved recovery times.
  • Enormous strength gains.
  • Muscle fullness that lasts all day.
  • Incredible ability to train longer and harder.
  • Improved mood.

And all this without worrying about popping on a piss test, growing breasts, or watching your testicles shrink down to nothing.

How USP Labs Prime Works

USP Labs Prime Review Review 4The trick that USP Labs Prime claims to have mastered is how to create a product that’s highly anabolic without causing your body’s own production of testosterone to be suppressed. If you’ve ever taken steroids or prohormones, you know that once you stop, you need to take something to bring your natural systems back online because what you were taking actually shut them down.

According to the in-house studies that USP Labs conducted, week 3 of taking USP Labs Prime is magic time. That’s when you start sailing through your previous workouts like they’re nothing. Soon after that, you’ll be hitting personal bests and feeling your muscles full and hard.

Since USP Labs Prime is working with your body and not against it, you don’t technically need to cycle off, but it’s usually a good idea to take a break so you don’t build up a tolerance. Next we’ll take a look at what goes into the formula.

USP Labs Prime Ingredients

At the core, USP Labs Prime is a natural testosterone booster. To that end, the formula uses only two ingredients: Tribulus Aquaticaus and Chebulic Myrobalan.

  • USP Labs Prime Review 2Tribulus Aquaticus (1) is closely related to Tribulus Terrestris, but it contains steroidal glycosides as opposed to saponins. These steroidal glycosides work almost like the popular steroid D-Bol by allowing for nitrogen retention and minimizing the catabolic process of muscle breakdown. What you’re left with is improved protein and muscle synthesis.
  • Chebulic Myrobalan (2) is also known as CellMend. It provides both mental and physical balance during times of stress. It’s so prevalent in Ayurvedic medicine that it’s almost always listed first in the healing manuals, with the primary function being cell rejuventation. It contains antioxidants, it stimulates the health of the liver, and if improvs your digestion.

The recommended dose is 3 USP Labs Prime capsules taken twice a day with meals. You In order to prevent building a tolerance, you should take it with a schedule of 5 days on and 2 days off.

USP Labs Prime Reviews

Customer feedback regarding USP Labs Prime is very mixed. On the one hand, you see reviews like these:


“This is one of my new USP La bs favorites. Provides nice pumps and nice energy and also helps me increase my stamina.”

“This is my second week on this product and the effect that I have seen in my body is really fantastic. More muscle mass, more energy, clean workouts.”

And then you’ll see entries like this one:


“Useless. Do not waste your money. This raises testosterone like getting blind on beer every night of your life raises testosterone.”

and this one which is a little less dramatic, but still pretty negative:


“I didn’t feel or see much while on this product. Seemed more of a hassle at times to take it. I didn’t notice any difference in my workouts during or after I was done.”

Where to Buy USP Labs Prime

After bringing it to market with so much hype and fanfare, USP Labs Prime has since discontinued USP Labs Prime. That means that you can no longer find it for sale on the USP Labs website, and a lot of other retailers no longer have stock either. It’s still around, though, if you look hard enough. We found a one month supply selling on Amazon for $93.99. Yikes.


USP Labs Prime High Points

  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • It approaches muscle building and testosterone boosting from a slightly different angle than most products, which could potentially be revolutionary.
  • Some USP Labs Prime reviews from customers indicate that it’s working.

USP Labs Prime Low Points

  • The ingredient list is short, and pretty unimpressive.
  • There are plenty of negative reviews from customers who had no success with USP Labs Prime.
  • It’s been discontinued by the manufacturer.
  • At this point, if you can find it, it’s very expensive.

Our USP Labs Prime Conclusion

For whatever reason, the company decided to stop making USP Labs Prime. Sometimes, that happens because a product is so cutting edge and so effective that it draws the attention of the FDA, worried about potential side effects or dangers. In the case of USP Labs Prime, it was more about customers not finding it effective. Skip the USP Labs Prime. There are far better products out there for far less money.




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