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Plant Based Protein


Does Vega Proteins and Greens Work?


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We don’t talk a lot about protein supplements here, but that’s not to say they’re not important. Protein shakes may even be the most important supplementation you use. In a lot of cases, however, the one you choose is based primarily on personal preference, ie taste.


Another important consideration, however, is the source. Most protein shakes use whey isolates or concentrates. Whey, of course, is a dairy product, so if you’re vegan, you need to find an alternative, plant based source. Of course, you don’t have to be vegan to prefer plant based protein. You could be one of the millions of lactose intolerant people who just can’t handle the dairy based powders.


If you are, Vega Proteins and Greens is one of your plant-based protein product options. We’re about to break it down and figure out if it’s a good choice or one you should leave on the shelf.


Vega Proteins and Greens Benefits


If you’re living a vegan lifestyle or you’re lactose intolerant, you need to look to plant-based sources of protein. Trying to get it all from whole foods can be tough, especially when you’re involved with a training routine that has you needed a post workout protein boost. That’s where Vega Proteins and Greens comes in. It provides 20 grams and multi-source protein per serving, and it adds 2 servings of green vegetables per scoop as well.


But Vega Proteins and Greens isn’t the only vegan protein out there, so why choose this one? The answer is in the taste. By most accounts, vegan protein supplements taste like crap. It’s the biggest complaint about protein powders based on ingredients other than whey. According to most of the customer feedback I’ve seen, Vega Proteins and Greens has figured out that problem because they all say it tastes great. Given that, once you decide you need or want plant-based protein, Vega Proteins and Greens so far seems like a good choice.


Vega protein and greens Review 2Vega Proteins and Greens Ingredients


The difficult part about getting your protein from plant sources is making sure you end up with complete proteins. That’s why Vega Proteins and Greens uses several sources, including Sprouted Whole Grain Brown Rice Protein, Pea Protein, Hemp Protein, and SaviSeed protein. Together they make up 20 grams of complete protein per serving.


In addition to the protein, Vega Proteins and Greens throws in 2 full servings of greens (think Kale, Spinach, Broccoli, and Alfalfa) to the mix. This is a huge help if you’re trying to get or stay healthy while you train.


Lastly, Vega Proteins and Greens adds Papaya extract to the formula because of its wealth of digestive enzymes (1). This way, your body extracts the most nutrients possible from Vega Proteins and Greens and the other food you eat.


The recommended dose is one scoop mixed with water or other non-dairy beverage, like Almond or Coconut Milk, in a shaker. Or you can add a scoop to your favorite blender smoothie for the boost in veggies and protein. It comes in 5 flavors: Berry, Chocolate, Natural, Tropical, and Vanilla.


Vega protein and greens Review 3


Vega Proteins and Greens Before and After Reviews


The customer feedback on this stuff is overwhelmingly positive. The biggest problem with plant-based protein is the taste and texture. It’s pretty unanimously stated that Vega Proteins and Greens knocked it out of the park on the taste, though there are still complaints about the texture.


Here’s review from Dhalo that sums it all up pretty well:


“This product is really good! I am lactose intolerant and have a problem finding non-crappy proteins that taste good. I normally don’t spend money like this on products. It’s a little gritty, but it’s vegan protein, it will not be creamy like whey protein. But it’s the best tasting vegan one I have found.”
One comment comment was that it’s very thick. Some see it as a drawback. Others see it as a benefit.


Adam says:


“I actually enjoyed the texture of this product once you can get all the powder dissolved. It mixes VERY thick, likely due to the gums they add, but it makes the result quite filling and if you blend it with fruits, etc., it’s a massive creamy shake.”


Where to Buy Vega Proteins and Greens


If you’re interested, there are several places you can buy. You can pick some up at GNC, or you can go online and order it through a bunch of different online retailers. You’ll also find it at Bodybuilding.com and Amazon.com. The price is pretty standard across the board at $29.99 for a 19 serving tub.


Vega Proteins and Greens Pros

  • It’s a complete source of vegan protein.
  • It adds 2 servings of greens along with the protein for a more complete nutritional supplement.
  • Most reviewers say it tastes great.
  • It comes in 5 flavors.


Vega Proteins and Greens Cons


  • It’s a little expensive compared with other options.
  • As is usually the case with vegan proteins, the texture can be gritty.


Our Vega Proteins and Greens Conclusion


Whether you’re lactose intolerant or just want to move toward a more plant-based lifestyle, switching to a vegan protein can sometimes be tough because the taste and texture can be difficult to get used to. Vega Proteins and Greens has you covered on the taste side, but sounds like it can still use some work on the texture side. All in all, though, it seems like a good option.




(1) Papaya Lysozyme. TERMINAL SEQUENCES AND ENZYMATIC PROPERTIES. James B. Howard and A. N. Glazer. The Journal of Biologic Chemistry. 244,1399-1409.

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