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Vigor Labs Black Antler Review 1Note: This is a review. Click Here to visit the Vigor Labs Website.


Vigor Labs is a company that makes several athletic and sexual performance enhancing supplements, many of which come with interesting names like Ball Refill, Chainsaw, Cracked Energy, and Wrecking Balls. The one we’re taking a look at today has a much more simple and straight forward name. It’s called Vigor Labs Black Antler, after its key ingredient.

Dear antler velvet supplements are becoming more and more popular in recent years for their effect on muscle gain and athletic performance. It came to prominent attention when Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens was accused of using it to help him recover from a torn tricep muscle.  It’s banned by some, but not all doping agencies around the world, and that’s just making it more and more popular. So what is this stuff, and why should you care about Vigor Labs Black Antler?

The first problem we notices about Vigor Labs Black Antler is that there are so many fillers… Tribulus, Glucosamine, Maca, Wild Yam.  

What Is Deer Antler Velvet?

Each year, a young male deer’s antlers grow bigger. During that process, the antlers are covered with a soft velvety substance. It turns out this velvet contains important growth factors that when ingested by humans can help build muscle, resist fat, and make you feel more youthful. It’s harvested each year from the deer, and serves as the basis for supplements like Vigor Labs Black Antler. The primary beneficial substance in this velvet is IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor-1, which supports healthy levels of HGH in your system.

Vigor Labs Black Antler Ingredients

Vigor Labs Black Antler Review 2In addition to the Deer Antler Velvet (1), the formula also includes:

  • Glucosamine Sulfate which is commonly used to decrease joint pain. MORE INFO)
  • Chondroitin Sulfate which works in conjunction with the Glucosamine to create the most commonly used combination of ingredients to fight painful joints. (MORE INFO)
  • Wild Yam which is known to balance hormonal levels.
  • Tribulus Terrestris which may increase testosterone levels by increasing the amount of Luteinizing Hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. The LH then signals the testes to produce and release an increased amount of testosterone.
  • Rhodiola Rosea (2) which fights fatigue.
  • Maca which is an ancient Peruvian herbal aphrodisiac which can also have a positive effect on dopamine levels, for better mood and motivation.

Recommended Use and Warnings

Suggested use is 2 Vigor Labs Black Antler capsules taken daily. If it’s a workout day, take it prior to hitting the gym. If not, take it on an empty stomach to improve absorption rates.

The Vigor Labs Black Antler label cautions against using it if you have a number of conditions, including high blood pressure, heart or thyroid disease, diabetes, or an enlarged prostate. They also want you to be aware that this stuff’s been banned by professional sports.

Vigor Labs Black Antler Reviews

The reviews are mixed, but lean toward the positive side of things. One thing to note about the reviews, though, is that most of them are very vague. They don’t get real specific about how Vigor Labs Black Antler helped them:

A user from Florida says: “Been buying this product for 6 months. Real Deer Antler Velvet is very hard to come by, and is an expensive ingredient that works.”

Another user says: “I still gave it a 6 out of 10 because I feel and see some gains in strength and mass of my muscle.” (This guy bought it for joint help but didn’t get any relief on that end).

Several other users mentioned that Vigor Labs Black Antler works well when stacked with Vigor Labs Raw HGH, another growth hormone stimulating discussion.

Advantages of Vigor Labs Black Antler

  • Vigor Labs Black Antler comes in a pill instead of a liquid, which is convenient for some.
  • It provides joint support along with an increase in growth factors.
  • You can stack it with other Vigor Labs supplements.

Disadvantages of Vigor Labs Black Antler

  • There’s a lot of hype, but very little evidence that Black Antler that their combination of ingredients works, and that’s even before considering how much is used and at what concentrations.
  • Deer Anlter supplements is best taken at night to work with your body’s natural rhythms, but the instructions don’t mention this, which makes you wonder how committed to your health this company is.
  • The reviews, though positive, are very vague. It’s hard to tell what benefit people are getting from this stuff.
  • There are so many fillers in Vigor Lab Deer Antler that its hard to tell which ingredient works.  This is a common way companies save money on raw deer antler velvet by filling it with other ingredients like Tribulus and Glucosamine.
  • Black Antler does not disclose which part of the Antler they are harvesting the velvet from.  The tip has the most IGF and nutrients and the base of the antler has the least.

Where to Buy Vigor Labs Black Antler

Vigor Labs Black Antler is available through the Vigor Labs website. You can purchase a one month supply for $39.99. You can also order Vigor Labs Black Antler through other online supplement retailers, including Bodybuilding.com, for $34.95. It does not appear that you can get Vigor Labs at Walmart or GNC.

Our Vigor Labs Black Antler Conclusion

There may very well be some benefit to using a Deer Antler Velvet supplement, but you have to be careful about which one you choose. Vigor Labs Black Antler uses a proprietary formula with several fillers, so you just don’t know how much real quality stuff you’re getting. If you’re interested in trying an IGF-1 supplement, I’d recommend you look somewhere else.


Nutronics Deer Antler VelvetIf you are looking for JUST PURE DEER ANTLER VELVET which is harvested from the tip of the antler, consider Nutronics Labs IGF-1 Plus.  There are no fillers and their potencies are guaranteed. Check out the Nutronics Labs IGF-1 Plus by Clicking Here




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