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Improve Your Sexual Performance


Does Vigrax Work?


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Erectile Dysfunction is more common than you probably think. It happens to men of all ages for all kinds of reasons. Luckily, since the introduction of Viagra it’s become more and more acceptable to talk about it. And even more luckily, today we have hundred of natural supplements that can provide relief without having to go to your doctor and get a prescription.


Vigrax is a natural sexual performance enhancing supplement that promises to provide relief for this all too common situation. And according to its website, it’s been proven to work. This fact alone makes Vigrax standout among its competitors. Clinically tested male enhancements are very rare.


So let’s take a closer look at what Vigrax is, how it works, and whether or not it’s the right choice for you.


Vigrax Benefits


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Vigrax is meant to be taken every day. It’s not a magic pill that you take and Bam! Instant erection! When you take Vigrax every day, you’re more likely to respond stronger to sexual stimulation, and blood will flow more efficiently to your penis, giving you the hard, strong, long lasting erection that you want.


How Vigrax Works


The primary mechanism of action for Vigrax is an improvement in circulation. With better circulation, more blood is able to flood the penis during arousal. More blood means bigger, stronger, longer lasting erections. The secondary mechanism of action comes from the increased sensitivity of the Frenulum, on the underside of the penis. With heightened response, there’s an increase in arousal signals sent to the brain, again increasing the amount of blood in the penis for better erections.


Clinical Studies


Unlike most male enhancement supplements, Vigrax has been clinically studied, and the results were a success. 96% of participants taking Vigrax were able to achieve full erections faster and with more regularity than without it.


Vigrax Ingredients


We weren’t able to locate a complete ingredients list because Vigrax likes to keep it a secret from potential competitors, but we know that three of the active ingredients are:


  • Korean Ginseng (1) which can improve concentration and increase blood circulation. This will directly lead to better erections.
  • Guarana Extract (2) which is a natural form of caffeine that also has the effect of increasing testosterone.
  • Tribulus Terrestris (3) which is known to be an aphrodisiac and may also increase natural testosterone levels.


It’s a good start, but it would be nice to have a complete list.


How To Use Vigrax


As a daily supplement, it’s recommended that you take 2 Vigrax capsules per day, any time during the day. You should begin to see results within the first week, with improvements continuing through about 3 months. After that, you would need to continue taking it to maintain effectiveness.


Vigrax Before and After Testimonials


It’s always good to see what real customers have to say about a product. In the case of Vigrax, there are several testimonials available on the website:


Sal and Wendy say: “At first I thought he just didn’t think I was attractive anymore, but then he trusted me enough to tell me he was having issues with ED. I found Vigrax online and Sal agreed to try it. Within two weeks it was like he became ten years younger and his urge to have sex returned stranger than ever. Now he’s the same man he was when I first fell in love with him!”


Sheila and Ned say: “When Ned started taking Vigrax his performance in bed was amazing. We are both very happy with the results, and knowing it was only an ED issue gave us a lot of peace of mind beyond pure sexual satisfaction. To us, it’s our health that matters most. Thanks Vigrax!”


Where to Buy Vigrax


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You can’t buy Vigrax in stores or through online retailers like Amazon.com. It’s only available through its official website, though there are many versions in many different languages. That’s because it ships worldwide and they want to be able to reach out to as many of their international customers as they can.


A one month supply of Vigrax costs $45, but you’ll save by purchasing more than one box at a time. If you buy 2, you’ll get one free, giving you 3 months for $90. And if you buy 3, you’ll get 3 free, giving you 6 months for $135.


Vigrax offers a money back guarantee for all unopened packages.


Vigrax Side Effects and Cautions


There are no known side effects associated with Vigrax, but there are a few warnings provided by the manufacturer. Vigrax is not to be taken by women, and it’s not to be taken or handled by children. Without knowing the complete formula, I can’t say what ingredient may be the cause of the warnings, but nevertheless, I would heed them.


Vigrax Pros


  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • There’s a money back guarantee.
  • It’s been clinically proven to work.
  • It’s available internationally.


Vigrax Cons

  • The money back guarantee only applies to unopened packages.


Our Vigrax Conclusion


Clinical testing performed on a male enhancement supplement is rare. A 96% proven success rate is even more rare. Given that, the reasonable price, and the international availability, I can recommend you try Vigrax.




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(3) Aphrodisiac properties of Tribulus Terrestris extract (Protodioscin) in normal and castrated rats. K Gauthaman, P.G Adaikan, , R.N.V Prasad. Life Sciences. Volume 71, Issue 12, 9 August 2002, Pages 1385–1396.

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